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  1. More details November 19th! Can't wait for more Jojo!!
  2. Lots of good memories with that game. 4 player co-op Extreme was an experience :'D Also Lost Planet is an awesome series, but I dislike how much LP3 generalised the franchise.
  3. Aight it looks like you already took care of mine and Adam's sign-ups, GoldenGhost (thank you!) Here's the last few details: Team name: Damned Fiddles Stage: Wily Castle (WiiU&3DS) And my favourite horror movie...does Cabin in the Woods count? That movie was cool...not very spoopy though.
  4. I gat so many PC compatible controllers now I'm past the point of caring hahaha. I try and use them all whenever I can, especially the arcade stick. If the Steam controller is good, then I'll probably pick one up at some point, too.
  5. r u avvin a giggle m8? Me and Adam will be joining this one too, so y'all better be ready for a thrashing. But it's getting late and stuff, so I'll post my sign-up details tomorrow.
  6. I beat MGSV the other day, after 80 long hours of play. I've gotta' go back and clean up 8 main missions, but I completed all the side-ops no problem along the way. I also tried out the PlaystationNow service using my 7-day trial earlier, and got all the trophies in Virtua Fighter 5 testing it. If I didn't know Jacky's moves from DOA5 it probably would have taken me a little longer to get them all. Shoutout to that one super-talented guy left playing ranked matches who helped me grab the online trophies.
  7. Second. I wouldn't say I hate it, but I don't like the repetition or cheap difficulty spikes near the end. That game had loads of potential, but didn't really deliver in the second half.
  8. If there's a time that works for you we can always reschedule. Its happened a lot before and we wanna have as many spooky contenders as possible Well that week I only have the 26th & 27th free. That means I could play either the Sunday or Monday night, which I realise isn't exactly ideal for most people here because of school and college and whatnot.
  9. I gatta' work that weekend, so I can't join. Looks like fun, though. Good luck, everyone!
  10. I'm excited for the One Punch man anime, but at the same time I dont think it can hold up to the god tier art the manga (second version anyways) has. I've stayed away from the manga since I found out Madhouse were doing the animation. It probably means I'll enjoy the anime more with nothing to compare it to. When the series ends I'll probably go back and read the manga though, like I usually do with anime I enjoy (...except JJBA. I can't finish PartV. I'm Jojoed out for now, I think).
  11. Yissss. Looking forward to replaying Castle Crashers for the first time in a while. Can't wait to see the shiny new textures & 60fps too!
  12. Chris

    Rock Band 4

    All of your PS3 controllers will work in Rock Band 4 on the PS4 I hate to sound advertisey or anything, but I wrote a review for the game on my website (link is in my signature). If you don't want to read it, I gave the game a 9/10. It's really amazing and maybe the best rhythm game I've ever played. Soundtrack is a tad weak without DLC though I switched from 360 to PS4 this gen so I'd have to buy an old PS3 one instead since all my old ones are 360 only. Although a quick look over on eBay tells me used PS3 guitar controllers are only about £30-40, so it might be worth looking into in future. I just read your review of the game and I have to say it's gotten me a little more interested. Although I'm disappointed in the removal of custom setlists, Shows mode does sound like a good alternative, especially when playing with friends or at parties. Also I went and googled some gameplay after reading and the game does look very impressive. So now I'll probably end up getting the game when it drops in price a bit. Although the new features sound cool, having less character customisation options, no online modes (wtf) and a kinda' lacklustre setlist (I can't pick out any reeeeally tough songs in there) mean I can't justify buying at full price. I definitely look forward to a price drop, though.
  13. One Punch Man tho
  14. I think the opposite is true for me. I like the RPG stuff, but the whole setting/story and visual style of the series (although very in-depth, pretty and technically impressive!) just turns me off. I can't deny that they're great games, though. Also I'm still playing GG:Xrd & MGSV:TPP. Neither game knows how to respect what little free time I have hahaha.
  15. Chris

    Rock Band 4

    I've beaten every Endless Setlist in these games on Expert with no fails/breaks on guitar (RB so easy, yo)...but I think I'm over peripheral games for now. If I get the urge to play again I can just break out my 360 and play around on GH3-6 or RB2/3. I already feel like I sank enough time/money into these when they were popular. If I wanted to play RB4 I'd have to shell out for a new PS4 guitar controller, too. I can't wait for some of my friends to pick this up though (and it's nice to know that the game is still as good as the originals). It's always satisfying showing off how good you are at these games when people have no idea how much time you've sank into them before.
  16. As long as you put eeeverything in spoiler tags. I'd totally join in but I'm still back at mission 33.

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      *Fireworks fly out of chest while singing*

  18. Hows this? Here's the full thing if you wanted that, too: And the Shia head render if anybody else wants to use it:
  19. You're thinking of the Bohrok: Those things were cooool. They looked great and even had that crazy head snapping feature. I had the fire and ice ones. Next to the Rahkshi they were probably my favourite villains of the series.
  20. What the heck are Mahri anyways? Do you even Toa Mata? (sssssh I know I used parts from the Toa Nuva shutup) I loved these things as a kid. Kopaka was the coolest (huehue because ice powers). I lost interest in about 2004 when I was about 11 years old though. I still have the Mask of Light comic book anthology hidden somewhere. Although I've moved on from these things, it's good to see LEGO revamping the line for a younger generation (again).
  21. Chris

    Mighty No. 9

    Yeah, oops. I mean, I wasn't worried when Comcept announced the game would be delayed. Heck, most good games that have released through KS have had pretty big release delays...but when a 'trial version' of the game (being released as an apology for all the delays) is delayed too (with no real announcement to backers), you know something has gone wrong. The past few months of this games development have been a PR nightmare. Comcept might be done before they even started...
  22. Emotions are weird.

    1. A C Cret

      A C Cret

      /Having/ emotions are weird...

  23. Work. MGSV. Sleep. Repeat. :)

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      A C Cret

      School. Homework. Sleep. Repeat :/

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      Schoo. Homework. No sleep. Repeat :y