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  1. Hey Cultist Chicken. We've had "forum games" like this before that, although created with good intentions, simply allowed users to spam in order to boost their post count. Games that allow for one word/one smiley replies allow users to break the community rule we have about spamming, so I'm locking this thread up for that reason. If you have any questions or queries about this, feel free to send me a message!
  2. I turned reflex mode off although just as you said it's good for new players, it is extremely difficult to get S rank on missions if you have it turned on. Which is something I discovered in Ground Zeroes. What is everyone's Codename at the minute (if you have one other than chick)? Mine is Puma. You get it after the story mission "Honey Bee" Eh, I've been using Reflex Mode for missions because I'm a little rusty since GZ released. I'll probably turn it off now I've played the game a while, but maybe keep it on for Side Ops since they're not ranked like Story Missions and it just speeds things up a bit.Also I was codenamed Chick, then Octopus, then Bear, and currently Bat.
  3. I've played a lot of stealth games over the years, but (despite being open world) I think MGS:V beats every single one of them.
  4. I'm so jealous. Let us non-PAX losers know what you thought of the game!
  5. Hahahahaha, I win again, dear brother! Seriously though, the steelbook for this game looks amazing and I'm just happy to own it: I'll be holding off until Tuesday when I'm next off work to actually play the game, though. I want to have a lot of free time to really pace myself and enjoy the game as much as I can.
  6. I'd buy a Beck amiibo just to place it next to a MegaMan amiibo on my shelf. That would be sweet.
  7. I don't usually pre-order/order amiibos at all, but for Shovel Knight I'm making an exception. Mainly because I loved Shovel Knight on WiiU and SK himself has great character design. Having to wait those extra months for the UK console release of the game was totally worth it, and I still go back and replay it every now and again. I'm also getting the amiibo because it's an official Nintendo product of an indie game. That's craaazy.
  8. Have fun at PAX, guys (and anyone else lucky enough to be going!) Looking forward to seeing more stuff from CCR & Pit People soon!
  9. Yo I still need to go back and 100% that game. I was gonna' use it to get into the story after Part3, but I ended up just reading the manga instead...although I'm about halfway through reading Part5 and I'm starting to lose interest, so I might just go back and play the game for an overview of the newer parts instead. EDIT Also I recently beat Story & Arcade modes in GGXrd. Great game - one of the most complete 2D fighters I've ever played, although the limited character roster is a let-down. Massive shame the EU version has been abandoned by the devs too (no game balancing updates or DLC characters for us...). Just M.O.M. and the Challenge/Mission modes to go! After that I should probably go back and finish Toukiden...but that game gets pretty boring pretty fast. It would be a much better game if the fights were more dynamic or there were more than just a handful of Oni types. Still a good game, though.
  11. I beat Xenoverse, then I got 100% in Rocket League, then I beat Styx: Master of Shadows. Now I'm grinding through Toukiden: Kiwami. I probably won't be finishing it anytime soon though, since that game is like a Monster Hunter/Dynasty Warriors crossover and hence requires a lot of hours playtime. Also I'm really tempted to buy Guilty Gear Xrd whilst it's on sale for just £20...
  12. Did I post the new Trivium track yet? I didn't? Here it is, then.
  13. Always great to see a new face...or avatar, I guess. I look forward to seeing you around! My favourite memory has got to be playing through Castle Crashers for the first time with a friend. Good times!
  14. Windows 10 is very sketchy. Mainly the new browser. For me, all my other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) are super laggy, so Microsoft essentially forces you to use their new browser. And in actuality it's not new at all, it's just Explorer with a new coat of paint. Both apps sharing a similar icon proves as much. And my main complaint is that the taskbar takes up almost a fifth of the screen, and it gets worse when I want my bookmarks to be below the URL searchbar. Also, just trying to type a response right now, the browser crashed. Amazing stuff here, Gates. GG. BRB gonna drink some bleach Really? I haven't had any browser issues or any other performance problems. Nor have I, in fact I've experienced better performance across the board. I could do without all the apps that got auto-installed though.
  15. I think you have a month to decide whether you like it or not. If you don't revert back in that time you're stuck with Windows 10 forever. I'm about to start the upgrade before work. Hopefully it doesn't take too long so I can play around with 10 before I leave.
  16. Eh, I play Sonic Dash sometimes when I'm waiting around somewhere and don't have anything else to do. But I'm not a huge 'mobile/iOS' gamer. I understand the appeal of those types of games, though. I know plenty of people who enjoy F2P mobile games and haven't spent a single penny on them.
  17. Trying to beat Styx: Master of Shadows. After Mission 3 the game really starts to show its shortcomings imo. After this point you just replay earlier stages filled with a greater number of tougher enemies (with some arguably cheap enemy placements). I don't think I'd mind as much if the game didn't spend roughly a minute reloading the level after every death.
  18. Still not a huge SF fan, but I'm digging SFV's style already. Also, Ken totally stole his new look from DIO...