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  1. That's Johnny Sasaki! He shows up in MGS1&2 and is frequently seen/heard in various bathrooms of the franchise, suffering with an...unfortunate illness. He also has a pretty important role in MGS4.
  2. I got 100% on J Stars Victory Vs+ the other day. It wasn't too tough, just kinda' time consuming. Now I feel like I've seen everything the game has to offer I'll probably just trade it in, since the 2P modes in the game are kinda' lame. The framerate drops & each player is given just 25% of the screen to play on, which isn't great especially on my small monitor. Onto Xenoverse!
  3. I wasn't a huge fan of "Pit People" when I first heard it, but it's really grown on me since last night. It's super catchy and outlines the game well. heh, pee pee.
  4. How are JJBA: All Star Battle and J Stars Victory Vs+? I'm getting a PS3 soon and both of those games caught my interest. I've heard mixed things about both but I don't know too much about either of them, so what are your opinions on them? I wasn't going to write up much but I did anyway.
  5. I always try and beat the games I buy, though not necessarily complete them 100%. I have a dedicated category for games I haven't beaten yet on Steam and I have a list of everything else on paper. Although recently I haven't had too much time for games, so the list is at it's longest yet... Focusing on DBXenoverse, JJBA:All Star Battle, J Stars Victory Vs+, Pokemon OR & Fallout:New Vegas at the minute. Lots of 3D arena brawlers I can switch my brain off to on there lol.
  6. I have work in the morning so I'm gonna have to miss this stream too. </3 Will enjoy catching up again, though.
  7. WHAT!? THAT'S SO ASDLFJAHSDF;JKAHSDLFKAJ AWESOMEEEEEE I LOVED THAT SHOW AS A KID.Yep, and a lot of the classics have lost to som newcomers already sadly, even Nightmare. ;-; I still have a lot of the old Battlebots toys that I could post some pics of if I can find them and if you want. English Robot Wars poops on American BattleBots...but it didn't get a remake: I still have my old Robot Wars figures to hand, too. Hail Sir Killalot. In all seriousness though BattleBots looks way more violent (therefore more awesome) than Robot Wars ever was.
  8. I gat DB Xenoverse & Fallout New Vegas. £22.50 in total: the most I've ever spent in a summer sale. Both are good games. Xenoverse is mindless fun and New Vegas is much better than I expected (I've never played it before shhh).
  9. If anybody still wants it, DragonBall Xenoverse is 50% off in today's dailies!
  10. I'm playing JJBA:All Star Battle, Pokemon:OR & DOA5:Last Round. JJBA:ASB is okay. As fighting games go it really isn't the best, but I kinda' want an overview of the JJBA story post Part3 without having to read the manga (because that funk is long, yo). At least the moves are all flashy & OTT enough to keep the game entertaining. Not much to say about OR. I like it, but I still think I prefer Y. I feel OR doesn't deviate too much from the source and, as a result, tweaks to its gameplay were limited. Still a brilliant remake though. DOA5:LR is what DOA5 should have been. Unlike DOA5, LR has managed to keep my attention for much longer after finishing the Story and Arcade modes. I've never had as much fun online in a DOA game as I've had with LR. There are still plenty of good players to fight too, which is a good sign...don't buy the PC version though; it doesn't have online multiplayer yet and runs on the last gen (360/PS3) version of the game's engine.
  12. Gotta' say my highlight so far has been Fallout4. The Nintendo World Championships were cheesy, silly fun also. Microsoft's conference was hit and miss for me. After their conference last year I thought they were starting to get the hang of this, but there were a lot of segments this year that seemed to drag on too long (*cough* boring Gears4 gameplay *cough*). There were also segments I felt should have gotten more time. That Hololens Minecraft gameplay was pretty interesting and I definitely want to see more. I'm not the biggest Minecraft fan these days, but that technology has real potential (*cough* irl YuGiOh holograms plz *cough*).
  13. Nahh I missed the Saturn as a kid, and the only VF game I've played (very briefly) was VF5:FinalShowdown on a friend's PS3. I think it's kinda' funny how I recognise some of the VF characters more from cameo appearances rather than their main game appearances. Back on topic, this pic from Roy's page on the SmashBros site is my new favourite screenshot:
  14. Looks pretty fun. It seems the developers have had to compromise on some of the elements that made the original games the cultural icons they are today, but it still looks good. The game maybe looks a bit easier than the original games (judging by the short trailer and gameplay videos we've seen already), but it certainly looks like the new SnapMap level editor Bethesda were showing off might make up for that: I think this editor is going to be the biggest new addition that will be keeping fans playing new Doom for years. It's the best of both worlds, really. Newer fans might end up creating stuff more similar to new Doom's singleplayer campaign, and classic Doom fans will be busy coming up with fast-paced, butt-clenchingly tough levels inspired by the original titles. It's a win-win.
  15. Just spent the last couple hours catching up on Bethesda's conference from last night (because the Nintendo World Championships dragged on until 2AM) and I have to say I'm pretty damn impressed at what they had to show off: There's a lot to look forward to from them. I haven't played a Fallout game in years (I totally skipped New Vegas), but they even managed to get me excited for Fallout 4. Wow, just wow. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can top this with their conference later today.
  16. No sleep 'till E3 is over!

  17. Considering there hasn't been a main series Virtua Fighter game since 2010, I'm surprised we've gotten Mii costumes from the franchise. Akira & Jacky get around. They've made more cameo appearances in other games over the past few years than they have in actual Virtua Fighter titles. EDIT Not that I'm complaining^. Jacky kicks butt in Dead or Alive 5...Akira, not so much.
  18. I like Ryu. I like Roy. I look forward to this DLC.
  20. Whenever I haven't received packages and have gotten in contact with the company responsible I've always either been given a full refund or another product sent out. Either way it costs the company extra, but no-one ever actually checks whether the first package was received or not (at least not in my experience). Anyway, I don't think it matters whether you keep them or not. I guess the right thing to do would be to contact Gamestop and arrange to ship them back...but that seems like a lot of hassle you never really asked for. I guess in your situation I'd hang on to them and keep them in as good condition as possible in case Gamestop discover their error and get in touch, in which case you could just arrange to ship them back. You lucky devil, you.
  21. Daaamn I love me some Mega 64, but this starts @3AM British time so I won't be able to watch it live. Guess I'll catch up on it later. I look forward to it nonetheless!
  22. Hey Cyrus. I went ahead and merged your new thread with this old one. Ideally we don't need 2 threads on the same topic cluttering up the forums. If you'd like I could move this one over the 'Creationism' section if you wanted? Also I think it might be better if you posted any future updates in this thread. You're free to edit the first post of this thread with an update, and then reply to your thread in order to let other users know about it. Nice work so far on the animation too, by the way. I'm not sure if it's what you intended, but the art style and voice work come across as very childlike and 'cutesy' (for lack of a better word). It's actually pretty refreshing to see. For someone so young I think you've done a great job and I look forward to seeing more in future.