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  1. Man these fourms are quite Your the only person roming around talkin to peeps mr/ms mod I think it's just a busy time of year for a lot of people. If the past couple of years are anything to go by, once Summer comes around the place will be a little more active. Anyways, looking forward to the animation, Cyrus.
  2. It states in the first post that blacklisting includes: Posting any gamertags or usernames of players to shame or avoid, especially in a list. Posting stories about scamming other players. Teaching other players to scam, or encouraging them to. In other words, people are free to scam (if that is what they so desire), as long as news of these exploits doesn't reach our precious, innocent ears here on the forums. If any scams are being shared here, it should be with the intention of protecting other players from the scam, not to brag about "totally ripping off that one loser" because he couldn't see through it. Hope this helped!
  3. I can't keep up with all this free stuff, Capcom: So who's still playing this game? I keep going back to it every now and again. Most recently I farmed the Akantor for its GS and armour set, which I then used to reach HR7. I'd be at G-Rank already if not for all this DLC getting in the way...which I probably shouldn't be complaining about.
  4. Hopefully I can pick up Dark Souls II in the sale this year, since it hadn't been released all that long before last years sale (and therefore not discounted enough for me to justify buying it). Also DBXenoverse. That game looks great...just not £40 great.
  5. It's been a while since I last updated my profile pic. Playing with something new!

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      Thanks man. I gotta' say I like your profile pic too. :)

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      Looking like Tomska a little?

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  6. I miss this show. :c
  7. That looks awesome. Get ready for the 3 year wait for MHX, guys.
  8. Gotta' update my info. Feel free to add me on whatever! PSN ID: ChrisTheNinjer NNID: ChrisTheNinjer Changed my PSN ID 'cause I recently got a PS4. SharePlay is brilliant.
  9. Softon is best poop ice-cream.
  10. Chris

    Best Pokemon

    Elekid is the best. He's not particularly strong, or tough (and he isn't all that useful), but I still dig the little guy. I think his design is my favourite thing about him. I could almost see him star in a game of his own. It could have circuit puzzles that you have to solve using that ridiculous electric-plug-head of his.
  11. I've never played an F-Zero title. I'd probably give the series a look if Nintendo gave one of the older games a HD remake or something. Even a reboot might be cool.
  12. Probably because it's another old piece by trunks24 on deviantART. I think this is the second time he's come up in this thread. That dude can draw: Also, to stay on topic, Chris the Hedgehog: So edgyyy
  13. Stamper plays "The Crazy Hand of God" role perfectly. Had me in stitches the entire 20 minutes.
  14. I feel like owning CC on Steam pretty much guarantees I'll always be able to play the game in all its glory whenever I feel like. But a few extra characters or levels or something would probably persuade me into buying it on a next gen. console or something. I love that game.
  15. I wish I was this good at Monster Hunter.
  16. 2 mods online at once?
  17. Chris


    I played a few games during the demo time, but I wasn't wholly impressed. I didn't hate the game, but nothing really blew me away about it. Straight out of the tutorial I went into a game with the Splattershot and scored a good 800 points, the highest of my team. We lost, but I had fun. Second game I used the Paint Roller. I scored about 1600 points and only died once. I had fun, but less so than when I was using the Splattershot. By the end of the third game I'd just gotten a little too bored to keep playing and went to go do something else instead. Great game, but after playing the demo I don't think it's the kind of game that would keep my attention for very long, so I probably won't be picking up Splatoon on release anymore. Also forcing players to use the motion-control camera in the tutorial was a dumb idea imo. I don't know anybody who didn't switch to using the right stick immediately after reaching the options menu.
  18. Pfffffffft, everyone knows the best tracks from that game are either Dante's "Devils Never Cry" remix, or the MvC2 "I Wanna' Take You For a Ride" remixes. nobut seriously all the tracks in this game are pretty great. I still wanna' pick up UMvC3 at some point. c:
  19. Another tiny issue I have with MKX is the final boss for both Story and Tower modes. I'll stick his name in tags because his name is kind of a spoiler for the story. Compared to Shao Kahn in MK9, he's a pretty weak final boss. Shao Kahn had moments you had to hang back and dodge his attacks. You couldn't just rush him because the dude would just swat you back. You had to dodge, wait for an opening, and counter with a decent combo. This new guy is easy-mode in comparison. The most reliable method I have of beating him so far is to rush him and mash in my longest combo repeatedly until I win (at least on Hard mode, I haven't tried Very Hard yet). He's still tough, just not as tough as Shao Kahn.
  20. Never played the full game, but I might pick it up after listening to this again. Would anybody recommend it or did everyone else skip it too?
  21. Hrmmm, sounds like next time I buy some PC parts I'll be getting a grounding bracelet, too. Thanks for the advice, guys.
  22. I always made sure to ground myself before fiddling about in my computer, but it didn't prevent me from shorting one of my RAM sticks while I was replacing my cooler a few months back. I'm considering buying one of those silly grounding bracelets for a few pounds, but I'm not sure if they even make a difference.