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  1. Congrats GoldenGhost and Vinchenzo, it's great to have you on the team!
  2. I haven't really used him online yet. I've only had a chance to play against some of brother's best characters, and he seemed to do a decent that's all the experience I have to go on. I think I should have said 'easy to use' instead of 'OP'. Also yeah he is kinda' floaty and easy to hit in the air, but I'd still say his recovery makes up for that.
  3. Sounds like my experience with my PC. I had mine built about 5 or 6 years back now, and I'm at the stage where hardware is starting to die and I have to keep replacing stuff to keep the thing running (let alone upgrade it). So far I've replaced the PSU, RAM & graphics card. I also had to re-apply the thermal paste on the CPU because the old one had pretty much turned to dust. I then had to replace that after I installed my aftermarket cooler. I regret not buying and installing that first, as it probably would have meant my old graphics card hadn't overheated and died. Usually, even budget aftermarket coolers are much much better than stock ones, so even a small investment can improve performance. I think over the next couple years I'll have to get another PC built from scratch though. Not only can this one not keep up anymore, it's getting expensive to keep replacing parts on it. It might just be cheaper to buy an all new PC. I'll miss this old thing, though.
  4. I don't want to clog up this thread talking about it, but it is amazing. Both technically and graphically, MKX is the best MK game ever made. Here's a link to the thread on it. Also I really like Mewtwo. He seems a little more OP than I remember (and he can recover from pretty much anywhere), but he's still fun to play. I don't think I'll be maining him, but I think I'll be going back and practising as him every now and again. What do other people think of him so far?
  5. Been playing MKX since I got home and totally forgot Mewtwo was released today. Gonna' download him on 3DS and play for half an hour before I get some sleep.
  6. Rant: EDIT Ignore all that^ because the Steam version is fixed now and it's amazing. Best Mortal Kombat to date, easily. Go buy it.
  7. Less than 24 hours left. Prepare for Kombat!
  8. At the minute I'm only really watching JJBA & Gintama (which I'm super glad is back). But I need to go and finish off the last few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul Season 2.
  9. A time will come when you have the money to build a decent gaming rig, I'll bet. You just gotta' be patient and save up those pennies.
  10. Hey sorry I had to leave so quickly after finishing the tourney last night. Might have been fun to stick around and get a few more games in afterward considering there was only a few of us playing in the end. Thanks to A C Cret for hosting, you did a great job even with all the drop-outs and delays. It's a shame your wi-fi didn't work out, GoldenGhost. Busy days get the better of us all at some point. Would love to do this again sometime.
  11. For some reason I read EST instead of PDT, so I'll definitely be able to make it hahaha. Looking forward to these custom rules; they're going to make for a crazy tournament.
  12. A Song of Ice & Fire is amazing. The TV adaptation, Game of Thrones, is almost as great. I've been reading the books whilst also watching the series because I wanted to see if the TV series did the books justice. Does it? Most definitely. The pacing of the books is much too slow for TV, so the writers tend to mash different chapters together and switch characters around to put fit them into more interesting scenes in the show. The TV series works as a TV series, but wouldn't work as a book. The books work as a series of books (except for maybe book 5, which drags on forever), but wouldn't work as a TV show. In my opinion, the books are definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of political fantasy fiction, and the TV series is worth checking out if you like story driven fantasy drama (and have a bunch of free time to catch up on episodes).
  13. My 10 year old self would have loved this. It's a shame that anything with the LEGO brand on it these days is ridiculously expensive. When I was a kid you could get at least a couple of small LEGO sets for around £10. Nowadays that probably wouldn't even cover the cost of a starter set. Anyways, Dimensions isn't in my price or age range, so I'll be giving it a miss. Looks like it could be a lot of fun for the rich kids, though.
  14. Chris

    Community Dragon

    I second the which I mean I'm totally voting for that when the poll goes up.
  15. Thanks for posting something here! I did PM everyone involved, but for anyone who hasn't signed up, THE TOURNAMENT HAS BEEN DELAYED FOR A WEEK.The tournament is now on this Saturday, April 11th, at 3:00pm PST That works for me (I think. I might be a few minutes late). I have the Sunday off work so I shouldn't have any issues staying up for the tourney Saturday night.
  16. Amazon UK finally listed PS3/360 versions of MKX as delayed, so I've preordered the Steam version instead (for just £22 on Amazon!). Just one week to go. Hype thrusters, engage!
  17. Double post because April's DLC pack is here! Palico not fast enough? It's time for SONIC SPEED: But seriously, I need to hurry up and reach HR7 so I can finish off the rest of the March DLC quests before I move onto the April bunch. So much awesome stuff to craft, so little time!!
  18. Chris

    Nintendo Direct

    I'm most looking forward to Mewtwo and 'dat 200cc Mario Kart mode. Mario Kart has needed a tougher difficulty mode since MKDS, and now it's finally getting one. Mute City 200cc plz. Also the new FE doesn't release until 2016, which probably still gives me just over a year to get and complete FE: A. The new trailer for that game looked sweet too.
  19. I use Internet Explorer all the time. I don't see how that's trash. It used to be trash. IE isn't a bad alternative anymore imo. I've been using IE as my alternate browser instead of Firefox since IE11 and I haven't had any issues with it. M$ just can't shake the negative stigma surrounding the program, which is why they're dropping IE for "Project Spartan", which will probably just be the same as IE11 but with a redesigned UI.
  20. I have the collection on xbox and totally agree with 1 and 2 being bad, I haven't finished 2 though so I haven't played 3 or 4 yet, but that's exciting. I need to get a new console soon! DMC1 wasn't bad back in 2001, but it certainly hasn't aged well. DMC2 is considered the worst of the series...which I kind of agree with, but I also have a soft spot for it considering it was the first game in the series which I personally owned (also Dante's outfit and Devil Trigger look the best in that game). IMO DMC3 is easily still the best in the series as far as content and story are concerned.
  21. I hate to post off-topic, but this is literally the first time I've seen the forums break like this: Does ICPM3's post look like that^ for anyone else? Also you should totally draw Vector because he's one cool croc.
  22. I've gotta' check out that Streets of Rage Remake. SoR2 was one of my favourite Mega Drive games as a kid.
  23. Chris

    Community Dragon

    Ahh yiss. Guess we should give the little guy a name. He's black and white like a penguin, so I suggest "Rockhopper".
  24. 4 EDIT Damn you, Abz. At least I beat you to it.