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  1. Woah mods get a second count in! 2
  2. Oh damn, that's pretty great news for Toejam & Earl fans. I reckon the project will hit $500,000 no problem.
  3. Nice work on those awards, GoldenGhost. I especially like Scaler's "Lone Samurai" one.
  4. I can probably do the 4th @ 3PM PST. No promises yet, but I might as well sign-up for now: Friend Code: 0946-2724-5736 Skype: chris.the.ninjer Challonge: n/a If I can't make it to the tourney, we should play some Smash sometime anyways.
  5. We have a Devil May Cry thread already, but it's a super-old one I dedicated to the reboot. Since the franchise is going to be getting a bit more attention soon, I thought this thread would be a good idea. I really enjoy the Devil May Cry games, even including DmC (after I finally gave it a chance to impress me). I've heard that DmC: Definitive Edition fixes some of the technical stuff I didn't like about the original game too, so I'm hoping to play that eventually. But I love the original series a lot more, and this new trailer for DMC4: Special Edition has me super excited. Like, seriously excited. Vergil is back!
  6. Cyber-criminals, not really, but it is important to try and look at situations from a more objective perspective as a moderator. The rules for moderators aren't totally strict, but as Megan outlined in the OP: there are times when you'll have to take a step back and think about your posts and whether or not they're appropriate. Moderators set an example for other users, and setting a bad example can cause problems for everybody. EDIT I should also mention that setting a good example has the opposite effect, and (hopefully) makes the forums a much nicer place to be. I think trying to contribute to that is what keeps me here.
  7. You're missing out. MGR is great if you like Hack n' Slash titles. (but if you don't, you probably won't enjoy it)
  8. Basically, you run Expeditions from the World Map to unlock Guild Quests, which feature the monsters you hunt on Expeditions. Some monsters (like the Basarios/Ruby Basarios) only appear occasionally on Expeditions, so farming them for gear is tough. Unlocking a Guild Quest for that monster makes farming it easier, as they're essentially the same as regular hunting quests in which only that monster spawns (plus you can play them online to make life easier). After you've unlocked a Guild Quest, you have to register it to your Guild Quest List by going to the Start Menu > Guild Quests. You can also level up Guild Quests which will unlock Treasure Areas and give you better rusted gear from gathering points. More info. on Guild Quests here.
  9. MY GOD, I HAVE SPENT THE LAST DAY TRYING TO GET A GUILD QUEST FOR THE RUBY BASARIOS AND IT'S JUST NOT HAPPENING. *ahem* Anybody here got a Ruby Basarios Guild Quest they wouldn't mind sending my way? I've run countless expeditions trying to unlock one, but I just can't seem to get it. EDIT Yisssss. Got one first time out after posting this. I guess complaining does help. If anyone wants a Ruby Basarios Guild Quest without having to grind for it, let me know and I'll send it over.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up! Just spent my last 1600 Stars on LoZ: Link's Awakening DX. Sayonara, Club Nintendo.
  11. Oh man, that sucks that you were robbed. I also love collecting The Behemoth stuff...but shipping prices make me cry. It's a shame, because I really wanna' get a new Behemoth shirt since my 10 Year Anniversary one is now 2 sizes too big!
  12. Not according to Amazon UK. Also, Mr. Hatty, I went ahead and put that Ermac fatality .gif you posted earlier in a nsfw spoiler. I know that this is a Mortal Kombat thread (so that kind of content should be expected), but I thought it a bit gruesome to be left as was.
  13. Kenshi looks freaking sweet in that new outfit. I'm starting to feel the hype for this game. My friends all have it pre-ordered on PS4, and as soon as I've got the cash I'll be pre-ordering my 360 copy. Less than a month to go!
  14. I love that guy's animations. To be honest I hadn't heard of sleep bombing until that video. And since I reached HR5 the other day I've been burning through the 5* Gathering Hall quests. I finished off the remaining 3* and 4* quests as well. Now I'm about 3 pages through the 5* quests, I'm taking a short break to try and get the hang of using the Great Sword. It seems like a very hit & run kinda' weapon, but the super-high damage seems worth it. I'll probably have some time to play this week, so if anyone wants to play just send me a PM or look out for me on Skype.
  15. I've been following Road Redemption since the Kickstarter campaign. Early reviews and stuff for the game look pretty positive, and I'm excited for the final product. I kind of refuse to purchase anything Early Access though, so I haven't picked it up myself yet. At the minute I'm replaying Shovel Knight (again) and still playing Monster Hunter 4.
  16. BUMP FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Seriously, I have no idea how this flew under my radar, but damn does it get me excited: Even if Capcom doesn't currently have any plans to bring this game to the west, just knowing it exists makes me happy. The game will be released this year in Japan, and will be FreeToPlay (with microtransactions) on PS3, PS4 and PC. The game features an expanded combat system in which enemy monsters can become enraged (Monster Hunter much?), parties of up to 4 players (made up of either players or pawns) and online lobbies that can hold up to 100 players at a time. There's also a bunch of new monsters and stuff. Capcom would be crazy not to port this to the west eventually, especially considering how well received the first game was over here.
  17. The MMX series has so many memorable tracks. I think I've posted this remix before, but I never get tired of hearing it. Armored Armadillo has best music:
  18. Hah, this looks fun. It doesn't look like it has many new ideas, but the platforming looks solid and the combo system looks like it might even make the game a decent challenge.
  19. Extra Credits did a very informative series of videos on getting into game design. The series was sponsored by Unity, and I feel it could be useful to you if you want to start getting into game design.
  20. I really wanted to like SAO when it first started, but I think I was expecting too much from it. I felt that the first few episodes set-up a story that the rest of the series didn't live up to. I stopped watching after the first 8 episodes. Whilst the animation quality and action scenes were visually very impressive, the story just didn't hold my attention for very long. Attack on Titan is awesome though and I'm glad more people are watching it.
  21. Awesome, thanks man. Here's my sign-up info. NNID: ChrisTheNinjer Skype: chris.the.ninjer Challonge: n/a Teammate: Abz2141 Team name: Team Smash n' Slash I think any day that weekend around 5PM EST is fine for me.
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