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  1. Completed! Going to move this topic over to Birds of a Feather for you, since its more focused around gaming communities than video-games itself, and that's where all our community-related stuff goes
  2. Going to move this topic over to Technical Issues for you
  3. Play all of them to the point where you can't dedicate enough time to get really good at any one of them individually, like me. You'll end up painfully average at everything, but at least you'll be able to beat your irl friends at anything they think they're good at. btw SFV has a free multiplayer beta going on this weekend if you have a PS4 & PS+ or a PC good enough to run it. Since its free, it might be worth a shot even if you don't enjoy it by the end. The DLC situation isn't as bad as the internet says it is. The costume DLC is overpriced, just like every other fighting game with costume DLC. Its expensive but you don't need it to play. The character DLC is fairly reasonably priced though imo, and even though I haven't spent any real money on SFV I've still managed to buy 4 of the 8 DLC characters released so far with in-game money, with enough to buy a 5th when I want to. (but KoFXIV & GGXrdRev are both awesome too so idk man, whatever you pick you'll probably enjoy)
  4. tbh if I weren't already a fan of the series I don't think I'd be playing it right now. I miss the linear, well designed encounters and tactical depth of the previous games, but running and gunning in the multiplayer horde mode is more engaging this time. Andromeda does have a lot of good content, but to get to that you have to put up with a lot of glitches.
  5. Mass Effect Andromeda. I don't think I've ever played a game so unpolished
  6. I never really thought about this until now, but the Switch is perfect for beat 'em ups like Castle Crashers. It really is the most social console I've played since the Wii, just for its portability and couch multiplayer. Combining that with some old school beat 'em up action would be perfect. Thinking about it, I would love Castle Crashers to re-release on Switch. I'd snap it up instantly ("snap", like the Joycons? hahaaaa)
  7. Even if it just turns out to be okay, that's probably good enough for me. Not sure if I could recommend it to others based on that, but at least I'll be satisfied with proof that Hollywood can produce a competent live-action anime adaptation when it wants to. Gundam is weird in that there's so much content and so many variations on the same designs that introducing new fans is tough, but with so much varied content there's something for everyone to enjoy somewhere. For example, I felt the mainline (Universal Century) story way too deep to just jump into somewhere, so I started with some of the more action-heavy series of the 90s instead that take place in their own timelines. Iron Blooded Orphans I feel is also a good starting point and provides a modern take on the story heavy Gundam formula; it also takes place in its own timeline and doesn't rely on previous knowledge of the series. Also the animation and mech designs are top.
  8. Sounds pretty interesting. I'll add to the list for the next time I'm in a sci-fi mood, which might be kinda soon considering that new Ghost in the Shell movie is just around the corner (which I'm still undecided on. I watch trailers and think maybe it won't suck, but then I think of all the live action anime adaptations that have failed spectacularly). The shows I'm watching at the moment are DragonBallSuper, Gintama & Gundam. DBS is great at the moment, it had a really rocky start re-telling the movies with worse quality, but has only gotten better with each arc since. If you like dumb comedy and well-animated fight scenes I definitely recommend watching the newest arc. Gintama just finished up its 2017 run, which was only 12 episodes. If you know Gintama, you'll know that its a comedy/action series known for its adult references and occasional 4th wall stuff, however this latest season (and the latter half of the previous season) have been more dramatic, story-heavy affairs. Jumping in now you won't find much to enjoy (except some good animation towards the end of the season), but if you've been watching the series for most of the last decade you will find a lot to enjoy. Watching mostly comic characters (that have had a lot of serious moments over the years) play in something as tragic and world-changing as the current arc is a treat. It's a shame the series will probably be coming to its end over the next couple years :c. And then there's Gundam. I thought it was high time I got into this series at the start of this year. I had no idea where to start, but since I had watched most of Gundam Wing a few years ago, I started with another Gundam series created around the same time, with similar animation and dubbing: G Fighter Gundam. Without going into a lot of detail about the show, I'll just say its definitely a product of the era it was created in. Lots of harsh stereotypes, flashy animation, and DBZ-esque fight scenes. Its dumb and you have to switch your brain off to get through most of it (it certainly isn't something I can recommend to everyone), but if you just want to watch a bunch of Gundams punching each other (in some well animated battles) I'd say give it a look. Since I finished that up I've been watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans and its much closer to what most people think of when they think of Gundam; lots of politics and deep story split up with large-scale mech battles. Good stuff.
  9. If I had a dollar for 'em. I'd have maybe 10 dollars?
  10. Sometimes I like it when a sub-boss is tougher/more memorable than the final boss. Not that I didn't enjoy either fight in CC, but I do like the final bits of the game the way they are. Maybe Necro knows he's strong enough to be at the top, but follows the Wizard anyway, because his abilities put him in a greater position to take over the kingdom than Necro's? Who knows? I like the idea of an extended Necro fight, though. That would be rad. Also I'm moving this thread over to the Castle Crashers section, because it makes more sense over there.
  11. Yeah, you can type [spoiler][/spoiler] to enter spoiler tags
  12. Hey friend, I see you're trying to submit a piece of art to The Behemoth's Valentine's Day Contest. You should be able to enter the contest by clicking the 'Reply to this topic' button found at the top right of the following topic page: If you're uploading from your PC, just click the 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files' button at the bottom of the reply window to post your image.
  13. I have yet to try VR because I don't know anyone who's shelled out for a headset yet, but I'm hoping I get to try it soon. Resident Evil 7 sounds like a great game but I'm really bad at first person horror games, even without VR. I'm fine going back to old RE and Silent Hill games (although I've only really played the first SH), but when it comes to first person I'm a total wuss. I only got about half way through Amneisa before I had to call it quits. If I had to play VR horror I think I'd end up having a heart attack or something.
  14. Not sure how long Super will run for but I've been enjoying the show since they finally finished re-capping the movies. I understand the writers wanted to expand on the movie content a little more, but the Battle of Gods and Golden Freiza arcs were unnecessarily long in comparison to their movie counterparts. Overal I think some episodes are hit and miss (same goes for the animation), but when Super gets everything right its fun to watch imo.
  15. I mean, you can get a bunch of PS1 classics and the old Monster Hunter games on Vita, which is how I got the most value out of mine... But you're right, the only Vita games I have that are Vita-specific software (not PS1/PSP classics) are DOA5 & Garou:MoW, both of which I own better versions of on PS4. This doesn't mean I don't love my Vita though; I still play it pretty often. Its a decent console, even if it is almost dead in the west.
  16. JJBA is a lot of fun to watch. Its crazy mix of serious battles and comedy moments is just what I look for in anime these days.
  17. Guys I'm so happy Gintama is back I didn't even know it was coming back so soon so that makes it even better
  18. Yessss. I have a ton of Pendulum tracks in my Spoofy gaming playlist. Saw them live when they were at their biggest years ago. Great stuff.
  19. Hot damn that's some funky beats. Bookmarked for some rad tunes later.
  20. MGR was easily my GOTY 2013 behind Pokemon Y. Is gooood This year my favourites have been Titanfall 2, Street Fighter V & Monster Hunter Generations. I highly recommend all 3
  21. Titanfall 2 is awesome here's an alien doggo jumping off of a building
  22. I finished up my first playthrough of Aragami (stealth action game, think Tenchu but with a shadow teleport gimmick) yesterday without killing a single enemy (rip PS4 framerate). It was tough but worth it in the end. Or it would have been, if my save file didn't mess up. After finishing my no kill run yesterday afternoon and spending a bit of time in multiplayer yesterday evening, I spent a couple hours this morning beating the first 3 chapters killing all enemies without detection (because its kind of tough doing both at once). But I just started the game back up this afternoon and the game has reverted my progress back to the second to last chapter of my no-kill run. I still have the trophies as proof of completion, but my cool skins and hard work just got thrown out the window. Now I'm scared to go back and finish up my all kills no detections run in case it messes up my save again.
  23. Technically Vin didn't post the number 1 so you guys wouldn't have had to restart. You have to now, though.