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  1. What a poopy day. Hopefully nothing a good nights sleep won't fix.

  2. Im not sure you work for the behemoth because anyone who actually works there would have the Admin (NPC) Rank or at least fourm mod so I think you're just pretending.

    1. Chris


      "Powered by Chicken" was originally owned by an admin named Kelly. When she stopped working for The Behemoth and Christine took over, the user name was switched from Kelly to Christine. By the time I returned to the forums, Christine's account had been renamed to 'Powered by Chicken' and a new user, Megan, had become the new go-to admin. Hope this clears things up. ;)

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  3. There's 10,000 members right now, but how many of them are even active?

  4. Spent 3 hours today transferring Pokemon from SS & Black to Y. Worth it!