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  1. Oh, well then that means I can update the first page then I always assumed it had a hyphon
  2. Yay, I made it in to the top ten. *Hugs* I would say, I had like over ten people quote me when I posted my word lol. Well technically its two words, but I've decided to accept hyphons Within reason of course
  3. The funny thing is, I already knew this one I figured it out whilst facing the big barbarian ram thingy with the cannons And yes, I'll remember to save the cheerleader
  4. Yeah, as some of you know, today is the day I finally get CC. TBH I thought I would be shunned from this area of the forums when I joined because I didn't have it, but you all welcomed me with open arms So thank you for that So, since I'm starting playing today I thought I'd ask some of you awesome guys here at Behemoth forums for anything I should take into account when starting Any tips?
  5. This thread can really cheer me up Thanks to everyone who has posted here so far!
  6. Prof. you've done it again! I love this style Its like, it looks messy but it gives an awesome effect to the whole picture P.S. Thanks for accepting my idea, if you need to know how anything looks (except the knight cuz' I can't draw them) then feel free to ask how it should look I guess
  7. Free art? Sweet, love what you're doing Prof. Is it okay if I could have this, you know, if its good with you? General Character Base: Normal Knight Colors: Like a Purple for the base colour and a Blue-ish for the trim? Normal grey/black colours for arms/legs/hands/feet Mood/Style: calm, relaxed, meditating (maybe floating?) Magic: Space (a really dark purple with dark black island-like sillouettes in background) If its no trouble that is (Edit: Love the pixel-style look ) (Edit, Edit: Love the messy look even more )
  8. Ok, I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to ask them
  9. That's pretty offensive you know You may want to stop with the insults or a Mod will have to take measures
  10. Definitely deserving of a space, Just for this Im updating to 10 words on the first page
  11. How many spaces are left? I have 3 friends that are interested in joining who all play CC but don't have an account here. Would it be okay if they joined? P.S. did I get accepted, my xbox is being funny
  12. Say whut?! I don't think so That is original and creative Not really that original, and I'd say more vulgar than creative, so its, sadly, a 'no'
  13. Spore Its either Spore or CC this weekend, its a shame I have to choose but CC is definitely FTW
  14. I really cant make out what the Brute is I always assumed he was a samurai with his helmet an' all, but the mohawk screams 'I'm an ancient war-soldier!' to me Very puzzling
  15. Dude, if Behemoth even attempted to make it look like Ragnarok I'd go crazy and stop playing the game SRSLY!
  16. It will be credit card I believe from what I can remember. They have paypal option too but its only credit card through paypal as well. But since it's through paypal it sort of like straight debit. But please correct me if I'm wrong; I'm going off of memory. P.S. Orange Knight and Barbarian Figs Rock! Hmmm, I'll go check it out now, if it is credit card only I'll wait until they come out in the nearest video-game store
  17. I kinda disagree with you. I mean, it'd feel more epic to be the king. Besides, only one necromancer can be in a party at a time. Yea but that's even worse. If you want the necromancer to be your main character.. and your doing quick matches, "EVERYONE" that likes the necromancers will be trying to choose theres first. I don't know, I think it's cool that he's being added as an unlockable.. but I cant see myself playing as him. It's like the katana in Halo 3. If you know what I mean. (Mainly little kids used the katana.) Know what you mean, Katana-n00bs sawk
  18. Sure you can, I don't consider 'Epic' to be at all creative, although CC certainly is Epic... its just not what I'm looking for Remember that this is about creative and imaginative words, just check the first post and take a look
  19. Are we forgetting the Giraffe? Don't people usually use it to level to 99 quickly and easily? I wouldn't know but isn't it supposed to work well?
  20. If I buy online do I have to use a credit card or can I use a debit card?
  21. Since when did '21 days' become a long time?! 21 MONTHS is a long time, but 21 days is nothing. Really, just take it easy. The Behemoth team are doing all they can and it's not as easy as you may think you know. Besides, you cant be bored with the game already can you? Its massive for an XB.L.A. game and theres plenty to do. Just have patience my friend...good things come to those who wait