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  1. Will this thread still be up in a week?! Aww man, I gotta' get CC so bad
  2. Chris

    Idea.... <

    ....of my gun in H3 Wow. Um, H2 FTW. Bungie had a 'massive' PHail on H3. But back on topic? H3 is far too easy. H2 definitely FTW! But back to the topic...uhhh, I got nothin'
  3. Oooh, that's an awesome idea, what kind of shadowy level? We talking Final level of S.S.B.B. shadowy or Forest/ Woods at night shadowy?
  4. You all crack me up; Bwa ha ha ha! ...
  5. My dream level would be set in the air, you know, the whole 'Final Fantasy' airship thing? And there'd have to be someone called 'Cid' theres always someone called Cid related to the airships in Final Fantasy
  6. This is the kind of post that makes me want this thing more I can't believe I have to wait another week!
  7. Chris


    Uh, when people say DLC ideas, they don't actually mean that they want it or that it is going to be included in the first. So, if I said: I want there to be a Purple knight in the new DLC, it doesn't mean there will be one, its just my idea! This makes the views made in the first post sound terribly stupid. I mean, aren't people allowed to be creative just because they know it won't happen?! I know I'll never be able to fly, but I can dream about it right (P.S. You forgot The King in the DLC list )
  8. lol Crab Battle! Watched it years ago
  9. Nice choices Rebmob, especially the BiPolar Bear
  10. Trust me, nothing anyone says is going to stop me getting the game Its just so huge for an XBLA game too. But everything aside, back to the thread subject: Imperial
  11. I'd post a poll with this, but there are far too many Orbs to fit on one poll So I thought I'd make a full thread asking people their favourite Animal Orb, for example, mine is the Bitey Bat Mainly because of it's awesome ability, but also because it just looks amazing
  12. I was wondering how long it would take to find a critical word, not that its a bad thing; We welcome every type of word here Ahah. I'm just telling it like it is. I think they should have had some better beta testers to be honest. Isn't a beta tester (aka Q'uality' A'ssurance' Tester) supposed to play through a game multiple times trying to find glitches and bugs? I've played through the game over ten times now, but I found nearly a dozen "gameplay" glitches on my first run through. Well, since Ive only payed the trial, I wasn't expecting many glitches but this morning (whilst re-playing the trial...again ) I came across the first glitch I've seen So I totally agree with you
  13. Chris


    That's awesome That should totally be put in Fan art
  14. I was wondering how long it would take to find a critical word, not that its a bad thing; We welcome every type of word here
  15. Those are awesome, really Well done Red
  16. This is going great, so I thought I'd add another word: Preeminent (Also with definition)
  17. You deserve a definite 'lol' for that 'captivity' joke there
  18. This is definitely the best word we have had so far
  19. I guess so, but can you be more specific (Ive always wanted to use that question-mark emote for something )
  20. This would be quite a *ahem* 'daft' move for Behemoth (I assume) with all the pirate copies of DS games However it is a nice idea, but one with many flaws. And it will never happen, but it would be the most awesome game out there on DS
  21. I do like the Green knight for his awesome poison abilities But I like the Blue knight's ice magic more-so because he can keep many enemies at bay at once using this magic
  22. Hmmm, this thread is failing a little more than I would have liked. anyone have any tips for keeping it alive? (As well as their word, don't forget)
  23. I suggested a Brown one since it's kind of related to Rocks and Earth. What could Purple be related to, since posion's already taken. I remember when someone suggested Gravity for purple. A Space/ Time theme could work, I'm kinda' sitting on the fence with the Gravity idea... Though do you think that may make him overpowered?