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  1. I know what you mean, but its all just for fun right?
  2. A generic type of vampire guy could be cool, also, what about a new colour of knight; like a PURPLE one?
  3. Has to be the Blue one, this whole thread seems a little sad to me; but I'm a sucker for girls with blonde hair and blue eyes
  4. Uh, I guess...but not quite what I'm after But still, thanks for your contribution
  5. Okay. So the title pretty much sums it up, really It cant be any simpler so I'll start this off: PWNAGE Here are the top 15 so far: 1. FXUHippie - 'Honorificabilitudinitatibus' 2. Professor Choak - 'Stompic' 3. danp - 'SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS' 4. Jake - 'Antifloccinaucinihilipilification' 5. Lycaon - 'Fantasmagorical' 6. Phoenix Angel - 'Retrifection' 7. Valter - 'Conflagration' 8. phoenixc4 - 'Glitchastic' 9. Tim is not a mormon - 'Superbanftasmal' 10. Khronik - 'Scrumtrelecent' 11. kellybehemoth - 'Smitey' 12. JackOfBlades72 - 'Fulparistic' 13. Bendyhead - 'Exuberant' 14. CastleCrashingGuru - 'Majestictifictastic' 15. Mr.Nature72 - 'Vibrendanpy' Think you can make it into the Top 15? Find (or make up) a word I like and it will be posted into the top 15 I am looking for creativeness and an awesome use of the English language when choosing the words: So be creative NOTE: If I see another 'EPIC' I will have to EXPLODE!
  6. Pink toilet Was that a direct connection to what happened at PAX? Very subtle my friend...very subtle
  7. Say whut? Ive totally lost this thread totally
  8. On the trial Ive seen the Red knight's projectile and I have to agree that yh it does look like sperm LIES! This cannot be! Now, would this projectile be different from all others? Dunno' Have only leveled the Red knight so far so I've only seen the Red knight's projectile... OMG I wish I had the full game
  9. On the trial Ive seen the Red knight's projectile and I have to agree that yh it does look like sperm
  10. the beekeeper has me curious and I think im going to try and unlock him soon Do all the unlockables have their own special abilities like the knights? I know its a pretty obvious question but I really don't know
  11. I'm sure Ill be fine, I have next weekend free
  12. BUY IT NOW GRAH! don't hurt me, I'll get it already!
  13. I don't actually have the game yet, but I'm really looking forward to using Thief and Blue knight.
  14. I cant yet, Ive got to wait a couple of weeks for some money to come in. You've heard of the credit crunch going on in England, well its affecting everyone right now
  15. Are we thinking RGB from Sam & Max Season 1? No. Wrong Roy. Tee hee
  16. 2 words BUY IT...I dont buy xbla games but I love this game as far as questions pls read the FAQ post it will A: everything you need to know Well the only other xbla game Ive bought is N+ which I loved until people stopped playing it online
  17. best arcade game + one of the best co-op games ive ever played, thumbs up Sweet, thanks for the help. Its a shame I can't get it for about a week though, with the whole credit crunch thing going on Im a little short on cash for microsoft points
  18. Okay, this is my first post here, so forgive me if this is in the wrong section. Anyways, I was just wondering if Castle Crashers is a full-blown arcade game with tons of unlockables, online game-play and the like. Iv'e played the trial and I am seriously considering getting it and from what Ive played the game is a huge success, but does it last long enough?