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  1. 2 minutes ago, Morg said:

    List of known changes:

    -Signatures are gone

    -New content is gone

    -Unable to see who likes your post


    -Faster transitions between page numbers

    -Faster instant updates to threads you're viewing

    -Nicer looking profile designs and UI


    Don't just focus on the negatives lol. This is day #1 I'm sure stuff can be changed eventually. :-P

    Also, let's face it, the old forums were technically outdated and needed this upgrade. Compared to a lot of other forums out there we were trailing.

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  2. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore Digimon fan, but I nearly 100%ed Cyber Sleuth (besides grinding out the last few medals) because I enjoyed it so much. It was just a fun, well made, classic style JRPG. 


    Since I had such a great time with CS I'll probably end up picking up Next Order, too. I managed to find CS pretty cheap on release so if I can do the same for Next Order I'll be happy to get it asap. Also I was awful at it and never got very far, but I loved Digimon World on PS1 as a kid. If Next Order can refine the gameplay and tweak the difficulty of that game I'm sure it'll be a hit.

  3. 2 words everybody. COLLECTOR'S. EDITION.




    As of right now, it's 'murica and Canada only. No word if Europe is getting it too.

    This CE is awesome, no doubt about that. And for $70 it's pretty good deal, too.

    It's a big shame there's no plans for an EU release, but I guess the nostalgia factor of the figure won't be as high for EU users, which might hurt sales a bit. They'd have to remake the figure so Sonic is standing on an EU Mega Drive instead of an NA Genesis or something:


  4. The forums had its climax years before even I joined. Unless one of the future games changes things, I don't think the forum will ever be as popular, thought provoking nor quality contented as it was during it's zenith. Which is fine. If it goes out in a whisper, instead of turning into the psuedo-youtube comment section like it once was, then I think that's a much more graceful way to go out.


    In all seriousness though, looking through these forums, there's no avatar contest winner and the random topic thread always deserves a good name. When the forum does come back to life at the release of the new game people should be coming back to the old culture. Get on it mods.

    The only way the forums are going to "come back to life" is if users start posting here again. Besides keeping on posting ourselves, there's not much  that us as moderators can do either. We're users, just like everyone else here; we can't talk if there's no-one to talk to. Being a moderator doesn't make us magically able to make users vote on avatar contests or post in the random post forum. We will always be here though, biding our time until we are needed again. :-) 

    If every person reading this just came back and posted once every couple of days, we'd be golden. But I'm afraid that might not happen again. Like many other forums on the internet, this place is seeing less and less activity year on year. With programs like Skype and Discord (especially Discord, given its gamer-centric branding and advertisement strategy) and more people having cheaper access to faster, stable internet, talking to users over the internet has never been faster. To get people posting again, we'd have to give people a reason to come back to the forums and a reason to ignore faster and more efficient and instant ways of communicating. Like many other forums on the internet, we might be struggling to find that reason, I think.

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  5. I'm descending further into MonsterHunter/fighting game hell with MHGenerations (which is still holding my attention 2 months after release) and KOFXIV.

    KOFXIV is great. There's a story/arcade mode with different cutscenes (actual CG animated cutscenes for some teams, and ending slideshows upon completion), a great trial & tutorial mode, and I hear the netcode is pretty good too (but I haven't had chance to test it yet because no PS+). I can't recommend it to everybody, but for people who were maybe disappointed with the lack of content in SFV, KOFXIV might be what you're looking for.

  6. Steam closed beta is coming after the Xbox :)


    (un-announced dates)


    The beta running from September 8th-15th 2016 is Xbox One only I'm afraid. Hopefully the full Steam version releases kinda' soonish after the full Xbox One release so I can play too!

  7. I'm collecting a list of god-tier DS games that I need to play, so far I have:


    -Ghost Trick


    You all should gimme some suggestions, or offer a recommendation on which one to play first. For the sake of simplicity, assume I've never picked up a DS before

    Animal Crossing: Wild Worlds is pretty good, Super Mario 64 DS, Dragon Quest IX

    Dragon Quest IX is super overlooked in the west imo; FFIII & IV (which are also both good, simple JRPGs) get way more attention over here. DQIX even has a neat co-op feature once you hit the 2nd major town! Only the host can progress the singleplayer story, but both players can level up and collect loot, meaning that once you've both beaten a part of the story mode together you can go back and complete it for the other player much faster. Also the player character is fully customisable in signature Toriyama style.

    I'm going to recommend all the Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan games, and Megaman Zero Collection/ZX/ZX Advent. MMZXA is easily the best MMX style action platformer I can think of, but the others I listed are good too.

  8. Lately I'm jumping back and forth between Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.


    Nahh but seriously, I should give the SMT/Persona games a look sometime; they sound right up my alley but there's so much lore and backstory to the series. I feel I'd be jumping in at the deep end and that seems a bit overwhelming.

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