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  1. I have an old Hori EX2 that I bought used for £25 years ago. I've been told the parts aren't stellar on it (and switching out the parts isn't worth the hassle with it either), but its still my controller of choice for fighting/arcade/retro games on PC/360. It has good weight and is comfortable enough for lap play, I'd recommend it to people wanting to try out a stick for the first time if you can find one cheap enough. Damn Bloob those RAP sticks are awesome. I've only done a little soldering in the past with Guitar Hero controllers and it worked out well for a while but only caused more problems in the long run, so I don't think I should be giving advice on modding sticks...although it would save you a lot of money instead of shelling out for a new RAP4. Paying somebody else to mod your current stick might be cheaper too.
  2. I'm sure there are still players on Xbox too. If not you can always ask around on the SF reddit for a sparring partner. Those guys love SF. Also in this thread we should talk about fightsticks. Anyone here thinking of getting one/have one already they want to talk about?
  3. I've heard Ultra SFIV on Steam is still fairly active (and when it's on sale you can get it cheap), but most of the playerbase has moved over to SFV. SFV is the superior game imo, and with the game's recent updates it finally feels like a complete package. The story mode, trials mode, improved matchmaking and (mostly) free DLC have added a decent amount to the bare minimum that was offered at release. I play a bunch of fighting games, but right now I can only play those I have on Steam online...because I'm too stingy to pay for PS+ right now. So if you want to play MK9/X, Injustice, Skullgirls or KOF13, just message me.
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    Yeah I did, I'm so sorry you chose the wrong one there I don't play Sploon but even I know Callie is best squid
  5. Chris

    Sonic Mania

    That title screen animation is super slick and I love it. This game looks great. I'm really glad they gave us some actual gameplay to get excited about and not just the usual CG/cutscene crap that SEGA usually puts out for new Sonic releases (*cough* Sonic 2017 *cough*). Also I'm also glad that Christian Whitehead is on the team for this one. That guy did a brilliant job porting SonicCD,1 & 2 to a bunch of platforms, all with bonus content and bug fixes. We should be wary, though. The Sonic Cycle is real, and there's only been like 2 games in the past 10 years that broke it. Hopefully Mania & Sonic17 can break it, too.
  6. This is the first year I've started watching fighting game tournaments. I work most weekends, so I miss a lot of them, but I made sure I caught some of this years EVO finals, and caught up on those I missed. If you want to catch up all the full streams are on the EVO Twitch Channel and shorter clips are available on Youtube on channels like Capcom Fighters and Mortal Kombat Nation. It's never been easier (or more fun) to start watching this stuff than right now because 2016 has been amazing for fighting games so far.
  7. Chris

    Pokemon Go

    I went out with my mom and played it today. My battery drained after approximately 3-4 hours. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, so I can't speak to those who have newer or older phones than mine and I especially cannot speak for iOS. I'm sure newer phones don't drain as fast, but it also depends on battery capacity. This new phone i'm looking at has low battery, but lots of performance. So it might handle the game better. I just wish I could play it! My phone handles the game pretty poorly. I'm not sure if it's the app or my phone (since most other 3D mobile games work fine on it), but I get a lot of lag while playing sometimes and the app crashes fairly often. However my phones battery capacity is great and PokemonGo doesn't really impact it at all (I have a MotoG2). I think I prefer it this way since I use my phone a lot on my way to/on my way back from work. I'd rather have the game be a little unstable but still have battery life left for music & internet than the other way around.
  8. I haven't played Smash in a while so this might be fun NNID: ChrisTheNinjer Timezone: BST (UTC+1) Free Time: Monday evenings, Tuesdays & Wednesdays Skype: ChrisTheNinjer Discord: ChrisTheNinjer#0370 Summer Plans: Monster Hunter erry day
  9. I bought Band Hero on 360 the other day for 90p. I just beat Career on Expert Guitar in an afternoon as a break from DragonAge. It was okay. None of this will matter come Friday, though. Monster Hunter approaches...
  10. Chris

    Pokemon Go

    Damn you guys in the US are wayyy ahead of me. Between work and server issues, I can't play this game all that much. Although today I had to go into another town for work and, even though the game hasn't released here yet, I saw like 4 people playing Pokemon Go; 2 nerdy guys and a couple of doesn't sound like much, but it's more video-games than I've seen in public in a long time. Also I just reached lvl5. Team Valo(u)r ftw!
  11. Interesting to hear some of you guys' thoughts on this topic. I guess most of us started gaming around 10+ years ago before microtransactions became more common practice, and so are less likely to buy into the idea. I myself still have trouble deciding whether to buy DLC or not, let alone microtransactions. But there are a couple of F2P games I have spent money on, although these games only come around once every few years. The first was Spiral Knights. I had already put roughly 70+ hours into that game before putting any money into it, and at that point I wanted to support the developers in some way anyway. In the end I racked up ~240 hours in Spiral Knights and only spent ~£15. More than satisfied. The other game was Warframe. I was really into that game a few months back, but unless you're willing to pay $$$ you hit a brick wall at end game if you want to keep playing (well you can keep playing, but advancing your Frame is pretty much halted until you buy more inventory slots). In the end I think I racked up about 70 hours gameplay and only spent £7. I only stopped playing because any longer than that and the game would become more about ticking boxes for me than its good gameplay. I definitely had my fill of Warframe in those 70 hours so I don't regret spending the £7 because it gave the game a little extra longevity towards the end.
  12. Chris

    Pokemon Go

    I'm in the UK so the game hasn't officially launched here yet, but since PkmnGo uses Niantic's location data from their other game (Ingress), the UK is already totally populated with Pokespots and Gyms, so I downloaded it anyway. However, I've only been able to log into the game about twice because the game servers are about as stable as a buncha horses, so all I've managed to catch are 2 Drowzees (they seem to show up at my house a lot), a Weedle and a Spearow (that I caught on my way to work). Seems alright. I'll probably replace Miitomo with it as something to do on work breaks if there's no one around to talk to.
  13. I nominate Power Rangers. I don't know why.
  14. Furi is awesome, and currently free for PS4 PSPlus subscribers. It's an almost perfect mix of Bullet Hell and Hack n Slash. I've been playing it recently
  15. Honestly I think it was Battleborn's similarities to Borderlands that killed my interest in it. I played the first Borderlands through a bunch with friends, but I never really liked the game for itself. I think all of my enjoyment from that game came from the friends I played it with.
  16. I lost hours just playing this game with friends in general. Good times.
  17. Have you seen the first 20 minutes of pit people on youtube? I think he was being sarcastic hahaha. This guy knows whats up^
  18. This is the first year I didn't buy anything in the sale. All the stuff I wanted to buy wasn't quite cheap enough for me to impulse buy, so my wallet got away unscathed this year (if you don't count the £20 I spent on Dragon Age Inquisition GoTY Edition for PS4)
  19. PSA Street Fighter V story mode is out now, for free, and all Season 1 DLC characters are playable in it! The story is dumb and a lot of the characters come across as goofy, but back in SFII that was kinda' what Street Fighter was anyway. The presentation is great though, and there are some genuinely awesome moments worth watching. The whole thing reminds me of one long saturday morning cartoon. Speaking of, the English dubbing team actually did this. This actually happens and I love it: (for reference, jic you weren't into stupid youtube videos ~10 years ago:)
  20. Drampa is like the silliest looking one so far imo...except maybe Charjabug...but its evo is cool so I'm going to overlook it. Here's the trailer since no one posted it yet:
  21. A lot of people say fighting game mechanics are way too deep for indie developers to perfect in just one iteration, but there are plenty of examples of indie fighting games that have far better gameplay than even some Capcom & SNK titles. A fighting game starring Behemoth characters (or even original characters idk) would be pretty dope, even if it was a platformer/fighter hybrid like Smash. Whatever genre The Behemoth work on, they seem to make a great game every time, so seeing how they'd tackle a fighting game would be interesting.
  22. We shouldn't get too serious on here, but what happened in the EU referendum, happened. Even if you agree/disagree with the outcome, I think it's more important that we, as a country, focus on what happens moving forward rather than what might have been had the decision gone the other way. True. I wasn't trying to be serious, though. I was just trying to express my opinion without saying something like "Now we'll ____ because of ____ and don't get me started on ____!". "I hate ____! Always ____ing our ____! "
  23. We shouldn't get too serious on here, but what happened in the EU referendum, happened. Even if you agree/disagree with the outcome, I think it's more important that we, as a country, focus on what happens moving forward rather than what might have been had the decision gone the other way.
  24. Chris

    E3 2016

    Kind of E3 related; if you wanna get the Monster Hunter Generations demo they showed off @Nintendo Treehouse in NA before its public release on the 30th, you can try getting a code from somewhere on the internet (I think there's people on the MH subreddit giving codes away), or you can wait patiently for an e-mail from Nintendo containing one, or you can buy the Humble E3 Ticket for $4 for instant access. If you're in the EU, just go to this link, login to your Nintendo account, and click the 'Download Now' button. The demo has a basic tutorial mode, separate tutorials for each weapon type and style, a prowler mode tutorial AND 3 hunts for you to try out (using any weapon and any style). There's a lot of content for just a demo!