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    E3 2016

    I just want Monster Hunter Generations news. Although by that time we'll be in summer already and the release will be close anyway (hopefully!)
  2. Been on a Megadave Megadeth kick the past few days. Their new stuff is surprisingly just as good as their old stuff:
  3. ALL THE FIGHTING GAMES. SFV online has gotten worse since the Guile update though imo. Connections dropping left right and centre, 5mins+ to find a match, etc.etc. Maybe one day SFV online wont suck... Also still Warframe. And Rhythm Thief, since I finally picked that up. I recommend both.
  4. I'm so jealous of your luck. I still can't believe you didn't find them earlier!
  5. I put a lot of time into it when it first released and still go back to it every now and again. As a PS+ member it was free though, and I'm not sure I would have paid full price for it. If I didn't have it already I'd wait until it was on sale to get it, but that's just my opinion. I know some people here who would probably recommend it more.
  6. Gave me a great excuse to finally get SSFIV and Rhythm Thief on my 3DS. SSFIV3D online is broken as hell. You can just map supers to the bottom screen and tap/spam your way to victory. Rhythm Thief has great mini-games, but the rest of the game is kind of boring. The animation is neat, though, and looks even better in 3D. I was going to post an example...but I couldn't find any decent footage on Youtube :c
  7. Currently trying to grab all the trophies in Warframe. Nearly there now. just a few of the weapon levelling ones to go! Shame there's no Platinum trophy for this one, as a F2P title it's a great game.
  8. BiPolar Bear is still my favourite orb, too. Welcome to the forums!
  9. I have done nothing all day but watch the Red Bull Kumite stream Infiltration is unbeatable, yo
  10. Moments like this are why I still enjoy playing Destiny. I almost felt bad for the guy after this hahaha.
  11. Went ahead and edited the title for you OP. Also I haven't played Arena in quite some time, but when it first released on 360 I used to play it quite a lot. I agree with a few choices on the list, but I myself never had much luck with the Red or Orange Knight in arena.
  12. I loved DS1 but I experienced a similar thing when I was playing through Bloodborne. I just lost interest. Those games don't really respect your time as a player either, so if you don't have much of it to spare they can be really irritating.
  13. The gameplay in this one plays much differently to the others so I'd say it's probably going to be a good jumping in point. I'm going to wait for some reviews before I decide to buy or not, though. I still don't really trust Squenix.
  14. I enjoyed the Platinum demo. It definitely seemed like a short preview of some the game's features and graphics (which are pretty stunning), but it was presented in such a way that I had a lot of fun with it. Looking forward to release.
  15. Coming months? Pit People June release confirmed? Probably not, I'm in the dark as much as you guys. What I meant was we'll probably see some new faces and a spike in interest later this year because that's when the Pit People closed beta starts.
  16. Whoa wtf? How did this guy even get a high res version of this? My deviantART has been closed for aaages.
  17. Pit People will be soon, no doubt (or another year maybe idk). And we're not entirely dead, just resting up for the coming months.
  18. I heard that show was okay, not great. I was going to check it out eventually maybe. So you wouldn't recommend it?
  19. GREATO DAZE So glad Jojo is back.
  20. Nice to see this thread getting a lot of attention. It's always interesting to see the face behind a username that you've just associated with an avatar for so long. I finally took a photo for this but I prefer this old one instead:
  21. Yeah I think I remember that too. I know for a fact most of the older members (who aren't here anymore) have seen my face. Then we had that avatar theme a few years back where a bunch of people posted their photo also. I've changed a lot since then, though. Lost a load of weight and cut my hair. I might post a photo here later if I get chance.
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    I'd add you, but we have to be following each other on Twitter first, because Nintendo is weird like that :c. Still, at least Miitomo shows they're trying to get with the times. Maybe soon we'll get a competent friend system across all Nintendo services...maybe.
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    hmu @ChrisTheNinjer on twitter!