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  1. PSA for everyone who owns SFV: when the store finally lands in game later today, you can login and buy Chun Li & Ryu's story mode outfits for free (80K Fight Money value). TODAY ONLY. Also until the Zenny microtransactions are fixed and implemented, all DLC characters will be playable on an 'indefinite trial' basis. Basically, until microtransactions are in, you can play as any DLC character that releases before then.
  2. I looked at the finished product and it looked like some cheap chinese knock-off of what some other people have done in terms of this idea. So I decided to treat it as such and call it "火杯子" (Literally translating to "fire cup") I hope it somewhat met your expectations. I think it has become somewhat of a rite of passage for artists here to draw the lock-face flaming paper cup. As MSPaint lock-face flaming paper cups go, I think this one is pretty neat. Maybe I should have a go at drawing one.
  3. Chris


    Whooo, March 31st release date! Man, can't wait to try this out. I gotta' add as many people as possible.
  4. "into Spiral Knights for a bit" The time we all spent playing that game was like a gateway drug for me and a buddy of mine. Together we played all the way to endgame and even a bit of PvP when it finally released. The game has changed waaay too much for me to get back into properly now (it is much better for people who aren't prepared to spend a little cash though), but I still enjoy going back to it and running a few dungeons every few months or so. The problem is finding another game that grabs all our attentions like SK did. Multiplayer LoZ style dungeons had us all hooked for a little while, but I can't think of any other F2P MMO that offers something as unique that we could all just jump into.
  5. I bought a SNES this year since our family never had one when I was a kid. So far I've beaten SuperMarioWorld and played a lot of StreetFighterII (because they're the only games I have for it yet). I'm still mostly playing Street Fighter V though. Its far from finished and the lack of content is concerning, but god damn is playing online fun...when it works. I seem to get matched with bad connections a lot so I've stopped playing ranked games recently (because there's nothing more frustrating than losing because of someone else's connection or having someone rage quit on you), but casual mode is still pretty fun. Waiting on that March update to drop right now. Also today I played a little F2P MMORPG on Steam called Dragomon Hunter. It's nothing original (basically just PokemonXMonsterHunter) but I got a couple hours of fun out of it. I probably won't be going back to it though:
  6. I heard good things about that show. I might check it out one day.
  7. Would I need to have played Danganronpa 2 to catch up on all the story before the new anime comes out? I loved the original anime but haven't really touched the games at all.
  8. Same here. All I've been watching recently is Gintama since there aren't really any new shows that have grabbed my interest. But new Jojo & Berserk this year, yeah! Super excited for those.
  9. Chris

    I Made A Thing

    Nice knowing that you've kept up your creative stuff. I'd also nearly forgotten about that rad Morgwalker piece we worked on too but it still looks great imo. Good to see you around again.
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    Toonami US is different to Toonami UK, which has been shut down since 2007 and only had a run of 4 years (3 if you dont count CNX). It started out as CNX and showed adult anime & martial arts movies at night. After just a year it was then rebranded as Toonami and the programming changed to mostly american cartoons, with anime slots in the early morning and late evening (from what I remember). Toonami UK is still dead, but Toonami US came back recently. Although it didnt last too long over here, those 4 years helped shape a lot of my interests today and I'll always remember them fondly. Waking up super early to watch Tenchi Muyo and marathoning DBZ movies during summer holidays was awesome.
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    Maaan I can't wait for this to come out. Fingers crossed its as successful here in the west as it has been in Japan.
  12. I played the demo and was pretty underwhelmed. From the stuff I'd heard I was expecting more depth from the 'Duel Phase' gameplay (the bit where the game turns into a 2D fighter), but its just standard normal/counter/throw combat on a flat plane. The 'Field Phase' feels just as unbalanced as I thought it would be too. Just like other 3D arena brawlers (see any anime fighting game produced by Bandai Namco in the past decade), staying back and spamming strong projectiles wins almost every time. I'm not sure if it's just easy demo difficulty, but I managed to win with Charizard nearly every fight this way. It surprises me that there's no 2 player mode included in the demo. Pitting the player against an easy mode AI isn't enough to convince anyone to buy a fighting game, right? 2 Player mode would probably have given me a better idea of how the game is meant to be played too. Nevermind, the game looks great and has a lot of content. The fighting itself seems a bit stiff and simple at first but probably has a lot of depth given more (quality) play time also. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Smash; easy to pick up, but potentially time consuming to master.
  13. If you really enjoy playing fighting games with other people/players, then yes (maybe...the full price is a bit too high for just a couple of decent modes). The SF gameplay has never felt as satisfying as in V. If you really enjoy fighting games for the story/survival mode/arcade mode/gallery collecting/challenge mode, then no, you won't find much to enjoy in SFV yet.
  15. Hey whoa did I really say that last year? SHUT UP PAST ME YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. In all seriousness though I'm really glad I gave SF (as a series) another good go. About a month and a bit ago I started playing SFIV Vanilla again as Ryu (for the first time, until then I'd only played Ibuki & Guy) and the game finally just clicked for me. Them fundamentals, yo. And then the other day I finally bought SFV and I love it. I was hesitant to get the game at first, because there's not many good singleplayer modes and unlocking character colours is tough and I don't have a PS4 arcade stick to use, but I think the gameplay is solid enough to recommend despite all that. It probably helped that I got the game for half price, though, and that I play online fairly regularly also. Can't wait for the rest of the game to finally release...and the subsequent 30+ characters...and modes...and versions...all as paid DLC.
  16. Super Saiyan Rajang can go suck a lemon... In G-Rank there's nothing more satisfying than killing a monster on your last life after running out of every damn potion you took with you...but there's also nothing more frustrating than getting 1HKO'd by nearly every single monster's strongest attack. Dang fun, though, if you like that sort of thing. Also if anyone gives a poop or doesn't know yet, me and Adam started up a weekly gaming podcast where we talk about stuff for a short while, and I'm going to use this thread to shamelessly promote it. Here's this weeks video: Much love to anyone who even gives it a chance!
  17. I like the idea of creating a community project or something, but they've been attempted before and never really got finished (although completion was never really the point, I guess, and they did do a decent job of bringing the community together). Also I suck at coming up for ideas for stuff like that. I guess the most successful one I can remember was the 64StarHeadsBy64Artists thing. Maybe we could take that idea and apply it to...something else?
  18. Honestly I think it's just a combination of BBT losing steam and people chatting over on the Skype group instead. Once Pit People releases things will pick up again, I hope. It's just a matter of waiting it out and checking in every few days or so to see what's going on.
  19. Just thought I'd post this short video from GaijinHunter on Youtube (awesome guy, started off the 'MHXForTheWest' hashtag on Twitter) explaining a little more about the changes MHGen makes to the MH formula and what you can look forward to seeing over the next few months before the game releases.
  20. At this point it's probably worth waiting until Generations, yeah...unless you can find MH4U cheap before then, because 4U does a great job of introducing new players to the series and I'm not sure how well Generations handles that yet. Also, as GoldenGhost said, it's probably better to shell out the extra cash for a N3DS at this point. The N3DS is just a better console than the 3DS. The CStick is much better than the touchscreen for camera control in MH4U, but the touchscreen is still pretty functional, and the game has a button for sweeping the camera around to face monsters anyways. Also so we're still on-topic:
  21. I know. It was supposed to go in the Random Post Thread instead I'm sry plz no ban. EDIT But while I'm here I might as well post the official announcement trailer! GIT HYPE