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  1. Whoa the Monster Hunter wall scroll I ordered finally came in the mail today. It's huuuge.
  2. Dang, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is great. Its a turn based JRPG with a battle system very similar to that of FFX. You control up to 3 Digimon at once and can switch them out between a party of more (11...I think). The PS4 port has super fast loading times and there's an auto-battle mechanic, making grinding levels and farming Digimon super quick and satisfying. The story is also great. This isn't the Digimon you knew from the 90s, this one has a deeper story with a lot of plotlines to follow. If anything, especially in the early game, it feels like the whole Digimon collecting and evolving stuff (probably my favourite part of the game; the Digimon character models look amazing on PS4) takes a back-seat to the story and detective work of the main protagonist. Also the game has a very clean, modern aesthetic throughout, with a great soundtrack to match. I can't wait to play more of this game and would definitely recommend it if you're an older Digimon fan looking for a new story in that setting.
  3. Yeah this guys videos are pretty great but I could totally do without all the YT drama stuff. They do raise some noteworthy points, but I subbed for the comedy, not the drama hahaha.
  4. Here's a video from that one time MGSV totally broke on me and the crash nearly burst my eardrums. Costume spoilers that kinda spoil the ending if you haven't finished MGSV yet:
  5. I love fighting games and have tried several times to get into SF4, but I just can't. I don't know what it is about SF games, but I can't just sit down and enjoy them like most fighters. SF5 is looking freaking sweet though. Also I've been playing more Monster Hunter, FF9 (£4 on the PSStore) & I just started Helldivers (free with PSPlus). Helldivers is fun...but the servers are broken as hell right now with the influx of PSPlus players, so I can only play it solo. It was not designed to be played solo...
  6. I just bought Cloud, Nintendo. You want more money from me already? For Bayonetta? Done!
  7. Bumping because I've been on another MH kick lately and there's actually a lot going on in the franchise at the minute that I think is worth talking about. Firstly, there's the MH MMO that went into open beta last month, Monster Hunter Online. I actually completely forgot about it until the other day and finally got around to setting it all up this evening. It looks amazing. It doesn't play quite as well as games in the main series, but the gameplay and feel is definitely close enough to them to be satisfying. If I could understand Chinese I'd keep playing it up until the beta ends, easily: Second, Monster Hunter X finally released in Japan last December and is selling really well (big surprise) and I'm totally jealous. The main differences in gameplay are the new "Hunting Styles" & "Hunting Arts", which help mix up the way each weapon works in combat. Depending on the Style and weapon you choose to play, you can equip certain Arts, which include different power-ups or crazy special attacks. You can see some of these in action in the announcement trailer: Finally, uhhh, the rest of the free MH4U DLC dropped through July-November last year, including the crazy OP Star Knight armour...which I still haven't gotten around to earning along with most of the other stuff. Maybe I'll work towards getting it all whilst we wait on a western release date for MHX ( )
  8. Cloud is a lot of fun to play. His recovery is awwwful though. Like, even the little horizontal dash from his netural b air doesn't help. 'Dat Limit Break Cross Slash tho. So satisfying.
  9. Danger Time was such a fun and balanced mechanic in GGXrd and no one hated it ever.
  10. Pokken Tournament is a largely untested and potentially unbalanced game at the minute (in the west at least). I'll bet the main reason it made EVO is for advertisement purposes. The sad fact is most 3D arena brawlers just aren't deep or balanced enough to be competitively viable. Bundling the game with a Pro Gamepad isn't going to fix that, either. I don't think we'll be seeing it return after this years event imo. But it will probably still turn out to be a great game to play casually with friends.
  11. Shorelock Holmes is my favourite fictional detective.
  12. Starting Youtube stuff back up soon. No commentary, just gameplay (for now).

  13. Space Dandy rocks. Not a dull moment from start to finish in that show. Hey anyone watching Gintama at the moment? How about that Shogun Assassination arc eh? Pretty crazy stuff.
  14. I remember seeing the original series get a bunch of awards and stuff in the old Newgrounds days, but I never actually sat down and watched it throughout. Would you recommend watching it now the remake has started? 30 minutes seems too long for something like this for me.
  15. This thread went off-topic fast. Unless you wanna' talk about how quiet we are, keep it down. Wait a second...
  16. Mine got bumped to January 8th, which is tomorrow... But it arrived today! Thanks, GAME.
  17. So, what were people's Game of the Year for 2015? Without a doubt, mine was MGSV. I played the heck outta' that. Even though it has some flaws I was fully invested in that game for at least a month, and I still didn't beat all the missions after all that. I guess second would be Guilty Gear Xrd. Besides DOA, I don't think any fighting game has ever kept me playing for as long as GGXrd. That game is dripping with quality & content...despite the developer's total lack of support for the EU version (still no Leo DLC for us ). I'd also include Dead or Alive 5 Last Round & Destiny The Taken King, but they're expansions so I'm not going to count them.
  18. What these guys said^ Resolutions aren't everything, but New Years is a great time for a fresh start in anything. Hope everyone has a great 2016!
  19. Bought Astebreed on PS4 for £5 earlier. It's a short but very replayable title, with an awesome soundtrack. If you like casual arcade-style shmups, I'd recommend it.
  20. Happy New Year everybody, another year down! It's been a little quiet recently, hopefully 2016 brings some fresh faces!

  21. I know a bunch of people who hate on Win10 just because it's different, but in my experience I've never had any problems with it. If anything, my PC seems to boot up a lot faster since I upgraded to 10. I could do without the Win10 "apps" and live tiles in the Start Menu though.
  22. Hype Is Not Crash I like that they're changing the art style again.
  23. In the end I just bought Lost Planet 2 (which looks amazing in 60fps) & KingOfFightersXIII. I've never really played a KOF game before (which is why I bought it over GG&BB), but for £3 I figured it was worth a good go.