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  1. Lost Planet 2ooooooo. I haven't played that game in ages, and I hear the PC version performs much better than the original console release. Also maybe Holy Potatoes! and KOFXIII...and GuiltyGearXXAC+R...and BlazBlueCSE. I may need a few hours to think on this.
  2. Corrin I don't give 2 dangs about...he should put some shoes on or something. But Cloud & Bayonetta are the hypest. Shame we didn't see Shovel Knight, but I couldn't be more happy about Bayo's inclusion. I think its about time I replayed Bayo1&2 again after that Direct.
  3. Chris

    Nintendo Direct

    The Direct goes live in 10 and I don't have work tomorrow woot.
  4. You make me sound so mean. You could have totally posted in this thread and not gotten in trouble for necrobumping or posting off-topic, and it's only in extreme or repeat cases we hand out warning points too. I mean, as long as you aren't insulting anyone or posting anything against the rules, you're probably fine. Don't let us mods scare you off posting, is what I'm trying to say.
  5. I bought the Destiny Taken King expansion this morning in a 50% off sale, but all I've done for the past hour and a half is play the Sparrow Racing League event.
  6. Just as I feared, they changed one of ym favourite things: the combat. Seems like it's sadly going to have to be a pass. :/ If Squeenix had decided to not update the combat then I guarantee the game wouldn't have gotten this far in development. Personally, I'd much rather play a final product that tries something new, even if it fails miserably, than have another 'remake' that fails to do nothing more than update the original graphics or slightly alter gameplay. It's one of those "everything's gotta' change to make an impression" kind of deals for me. On some level though, I totally agree. I love turn-based JRPGs, and it is sad to see that style of gameplay dying out. This newer style of combat is probably one of the main reasons I dislike the newer FF titles so much...but maybe the FFVII remake will change my mind on them. Maybe with a story and characters I can actually get invested in, I'll come to like the newer FF combat style. Maybe.
  7. As someone who only played through FFVII for the first time last year (so it's all still fairly fresh in my mind), this trailer makes me very curious and kinda' excited. Curiocited.
  8. I kinda' feel similar. When I first bought Dark Souls I spent a few hours trying to get into it, but I just couldn't. A few months later I went back to it, and spent the next 2-3 weeks trying to beat the dang game. In the end I did and had a lot of fun, but it just took me more than a few hours to get invested into the game. I feel like the same will happen for me with Bloodborne eventually. I bought it 6 months ago, played it a little, but haven't gone back to it yet. Soon.
  9. Huh, I always wanted an excuse to get into Maplestory...buuut I'm a little busy playing other games at the minute
  10. I passed out at work today and hit my head. 6 stitches later and I'm totally fine. wtf brain?

    1. Chris


      Nahh I get plenty of sleep, I honestly don't really know why I passed out. I did hit my knee before it happened but it was fine a few minutes after :S

    2. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      You better hope the boss didn't see you sleeping at work ;)

    3. Chris


      She was the one who called the ambulance hahaha

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  11. I showed that GameFAQs tool to Adam a few nights ago, but didn't post my results I did it again. Nice to see MH4U on top again, and my top 5 pretty much the same the second time around too (although last time I think the MGS games were a bit lower down the list): Interesting to see which games are most popular with users here on the forums. Smash4U seems particularly popular.
  12. If you wanted to follow her art I think she's still active on Twitter. Not sure about her deviantART though since I don't use it any more.
  13. Destiny year 1 was pretty terrible. Getting good loot and leveling up your light would take weeks, not hours compared to now. The loot system was completely random, meaning my friend who just got the game could level up higher than me in a weeks worth of time, and he did. That pretty much resulted in me quitting the game. A game should never have a system that is completely random so new players can't just magically get everything. The game has improved a great amount, with loot and light leveling being Story mode is still a joke, even with the taken king campaign it doesn't really add any substance. I would recommend it for people that left Destiny because of the sour taste it had year 1 and want to give it another shot, but unfortunately they only bundle taken king with the base game, which is absolutely stupid. Why would I want to pay for something I already have again when I could just get the DLC seperate? Yeah from what I've heard/read it's a much better game now. Glad I held out a year to hop into it tbh. On the whole I've enjoyed my time with Destiny so far. Story is okay, if a little short. Crucible is brilliant, and it serves as a great alternative to Halo PvP since the two games play basically the same (but Halo 5 is Xbone exclusive and plagued with microstransactions, so I won't be buying that ever). I will say though, that I regret not shelling out the full £50 for The Taken King expansion to begin with. Unless you have TTK, once you hit the level cap of 34, you are literally stuck behind a paywall. You can't even get Legendary Marks to earn better gear with. The only Exotic I've managed to get my hands on is a set of gauntlets for my Titan (by trading with Xur) that I can't even equip because they're lvl40 gear...a level you can only reach with TTK. I do agree that bundling TTK with the base game is a dumb idea...but I understand why the decision was made. The game is a hell of a lot better with the expansion. I'll still probably buy it anyways after levelling a character of each class to 34 and taking a break from it for a few months...I just wish there was something left to do for non-TTK players post-story. Also, as much as I hate Team Ninja's business practice of slightly improving a game/adding a few new characters & mechanics/stuffing a game full of on-disc DLC and re-releasing it every year or so, I still went ahead and bought Dead or Alive 5 again...for PSVita this time. Along with the original 360 version & DOA5:LastRound on PS4, this is now the third time I've bought the game. It was on sale though...and I still enjoy the heck out of it.
  14. Glad Cloud made it into Super Smash Sword Guys 4. Kirbopher predicted the future. In all seriousness though, Cloud's stage looks awesome and he seems pretty fun to play too; kinda' like Ike with an added projectile. I said a while back we needed more 2H sword users in Smash, but I never thought I'd see Cloud joining the roster. Cloud amiibo when?
  15. Is it too early for a Christmas theme yet?
  16. Good to hear you're keeping busy, CG. And I'm still working most of the time. With Christmas coming up soon I've been putting in a lot of extra hours, and it only gets busier every week. It's kinda' fun though, in a weird sort of way.
  17. I saw them at Download Festival a few years back. Can confirm for AWESOME.
  18. Apparently Destiny is good now, or something like that I don't really have any experience with Destiny 1.0 to compare to, since this is my first time playing, but I'm enjoying the game so far. I can see myself playing PvP a lot; it reminds me of Halo.
  19. Recently I decided to buy Platinum Games' Legend of Korra, cause it was on sale for PS+ users. If you love Platinum's other hack and slash titles I strongly recommend you try it is incredibly short, though. I managed to 100% it in just over a night. Yesterday I caved in and finally decided to start Destiny, too. It's been a long time since I played an FPS title so hopefully I'll enjoy it (despite the grind)
  20. Because I haven't seen it yet...and probably won't because I don't really like Daniel Craig's Bond. A friend of mine saw it the other day though, and he said he enjoyed it almost as much as Skyfall.
  21. I can't remember a time I got so mad at a game I caused any real damage to probably has happened though, I just don't remember it. A buddy of mine once got so mad at a game he busted his 360, 360 controller, TV & guitar in one fell swoop. I recommend shouting into/punching a pillow if you're that mad at something, instead. Much less expensive.
  22. #CHESSBOIS I heard the tourney got pretty salty after I left ('cause I had to get some sleep before work). I had a lot of fun though, even if the Fiddles didn't do so well... But NEXT time we'll be ready! (and by that I mean we'll actually get some practice in next time) Anyways, thanks to GoldenGhost for hosting, and to everyone else for the matches and laughs and stuff.