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  1. Ahem..... Anyways. DLC's gotta be free to free us from complications of DLC compatability. BTW, I can't crop skulls out of screenshots of youtube videos taken with print screen. Your not supposed to reveal the small text!! I made my own by what I saw. My "ScoreCard" is coming soon.
  2. Try to get it from someone who has recorded it from the game directly... its on youtube somewhere... Thanks. He does know that roygbiv is the colors of the rainbow, right?
  3. oh, so that's how roy-g-biv got his stuff. Odd....
  4. ...wait, what? I'll have to go rumiging through the FAQ... because I never heard that.... Edit: Where did you hear that? Standard XBLA procedure. Not to mention the sprite sheet with the extra characters/weapons/orbs Standard... standard... XBLA has stadnards? I did not find the sprite sheet on (I didn't expect it to, actually.) Was the sprite sheet found on the site or somewhere else?
  5. ...wait, what? I'll have to go rumiging through the FAQ... because I never heard that.... Edit: Where did you hear that? Edit2: User 2 has the DLC. User 1 does not.
  6. I've been thinking this over for, oh let's say, twenty minutes. I heard the DLC is coming out soon. And so is a Title Update. I was thinking: "What if I'm playing with someone who has DLC, but I don't, and they use a DLC Character?" Well, what if? I've though of a solution to this. Instead of automatically dening the player the use of DLC Characters, the Title Update should include the data for the DLC characters, but they aren't playable by the Non-DLC user. (As if the DLC Contained a patch, or an unlock method the original game did not, but the Sprite Data is still included in the Title Update.) Let's say User 1 does not have the DLC, due to money problems, complications, excueses, etc. User 1 plays online with User 2. They game starts, and bother users choose thier character. While User 1 chooses the Ninja, Because, they're Ninjas, you can't pass them up, User 2 selects the Necromancer, because, he is also, the Necromancer, you can't pass him up either. Instead of the game freezing due to unusable data, or Disconnecting, the player play normally, until the server spontenusly disconnects them anyway. (Or that's they way it seems on my side, as of Last week.) OR a more simple solution, have a "DLC Yes/No" Option on the Matchmaking menu. Whatever the case may be, it would be nice to let people watch the others use the characters they can't afford. I love doing that with "Noobs" Who just got the game, not that we call them that not in the microphone, at least. Thoughts?
  7. They have days off...? I didn't know fictional characters could have days off thier daily lives... odd. Emil, did you escort him to those places? I don't he'd survive on his own... you know, with all those Knight figures roaming around. Play nice, you guys.
  8. We know, It's more a disscussion forum on what to do now... rather than just a "Who supports this????" forum, since the idea has gone "down down down, and the flames get higher."[/music], but you get the point, I thought someone in the admin/staff already told us about this...?
  9. O hai. My online name is Nin10doWii. Don't ask any questions about my name, I don't ask why your name is "Chris." or "Chicken Lover" or "Other Name Here" People pm Halo 3 have, people on Castle Crashers... do not. ANYWAY... I'm glad to have joined these forums somewhat and I hope I don't quit within a month, because I'll just be at my Xbox... All day... after school... yeah... I hope i don't quit. So... I now use the Saracen since I didn't know the Green Knight unlocked him. (After the Royal Guard of course. So many colors....
  10. Your Welcome!!!11!!1!!!!!11!1!!!!1![/hyper][/attempt_to_Humor]
  11. I don't think that is true... Isn't the Saracen's Magic the Splash-Arrow Rain and Projectile Bombs? I played as the Royal Guard, and we share the same Magik and it DID hurt the wizard, but it did not hurt me back, so unless you can confirm this... it's fine as it is. [/stupid_text_effects.asm]
  12. The REAL question is... Do you want to play as the Alien or not? If [yes]: -Go buy it If [no]: -Go play online and WAIT.
  13. Hi! Yeah, me and my friend, SuperShrimp4 have been helping people on Matchmaking getting weps and animals etc, and they seem like nice people... at least, to me. Anyway, add Gamertags "Nin10doWii" and "SuperShrimp4" and I'll alert him that we will be helping people on the forum get weapons and stuff, along with getting a weapon we may not have (I.E. the septor, alien gun, half or less of the rest, etc.) and get them whatever. Thanks!
  14. Well... I did pay $30 for an ITouchDS and I never have to pay for DS games ever again... and It's not my fault all games are $50 or more (the good ones) on the storefronts today. Plus, I already legally bought it on the Xbox 360, and if they aren't going to do it, then why should they be concered...? I've already figured out tons of ways to save people money. Or time. Like not doing the retarded interviews in spanish class...[/off-topic]
  15. You would have to re-write a game engine to port it another console? Huh... I would still like a homebrew, I have an ItouchDS, so I don't pay for games anymore. Yeah sure, It would be a cool idea, but with the evidence you've shown me, it DOES seem like something behemoth wouldn't do. Also, for Virtual Boy? I assume that was sarcasm, correct?