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  1. Banned for being lazy and having an awesome music video in your sig
  2. Banned for your COG logo looking more confused than scary
  3. This is what makes me to believe it's a troll. It's fashioned like the other trolls in the game except it's 20x bigger
  4. Banned for making the joke last too long.
  5. So... it's been a year since I've done any serious pixel art, so I'm getting myself back into the swing of things with a giant project. I'm going to attempt to remake every boss into pixelly goodness. I'll post updates as things move along and I'll hopefully won't lag behind too much. Giant Troll Started: September 19 Total Time: ~4 Hours Tell me what you all think so far (P.S. Yes, I know my dithering is crap... but it's been a year so I still haven't gotten back into the swing of things )
  6. Banned because Chuck Norris is over-used
  7. I like it, but you mis-tagged it on dA. You currently have it placed in a category for 3D models(like for video-games and movies). Better than anything I could do
  8. Imma take the bear if that's alright :B
  9. The guy looks creepy though and I think he plays it a bit too fast.
  10. SoupNBread

    Death knight.

    Wow, too much WoW for me Anyway, I really like this. Looks REALLY good
  11. According to my tuner, it is in tune My tuner is crap though and I can't tune by ear
  12. Please move if this is in the wrong forum(not sure if it's 'fan art')
  13. Depends on the phone. I have a Sony Ericsson W580i and like most of their recent phones, it uses themes. I'm thinking about doing a CC theme for the phone which then the theme can be re-done for other phones pretty quick like. If your phone has USB(most phones nowadays do) just grab a standard jpg or gif and upload it and set it as a background. If not you could always bluetooth it over(if you have a dongle or laptop with built in bluetooth)
  14. EDIT: banned for banning him before me
  15. Sorry that it took me a couple days to get these up. Did the spider and the panda. Plan on doing the llama soon. I'm also going over these in flash