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  1. In the name of Zeus, let there be more campaign levels.
  2. For the love of all thing holy, please please please please make more campaign levels.
  3. The character I want to see is the in DLC is the "PINK KNIGHT" He would look the same as the original four knights, but just a bit pinker. His (or her) magic power would be the power of love. His standard magic (RT + Y) would be a giant spray of liquid rainbow. (a drippy paint-like rainbow) His projectile magic (TR + would be flying pink hearts. An new weapon would have to be created in order to mach this new character and that weapon would undoubtedly have to be a fairy wand. As for attributes for said fairy wand I would recommend - +3 Agility, +4 Magic, -1 Defense, -2 Attack. i hope every likes my love-magic-fairy-wand-pink-knight.