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  1. TheAristocrats

    DLC Ideas Thread

    In the name of Zeus, let there be more campaign levels.
  2. TheAristocrats

    New levels

    For the love of all thing holy, please please please please make more campaign levels.
  3. TheAristocrats

    The Official DLC Characters voting thread

    The character I want to see is the in DLC is the "PINK KNIGHT" He would look the same as the original four knights, but just a bit pinker. His (or her) magic power would be the power of love. His standard magic (RT + Y) would be a giant spray of liquid rainbow. (a drippy paint-like rainbow) His projectile magic (TR + would be flying pink hearts. An new weapon would have to be created in order to mach this new character and that weapon would undoubtedly have to be a fairy wand. As for attributes for said fairy wand I would recommend - +3 Agility, +4 Magic, -1 Defense, -2 Attack. i hope every likes my love-magic-fairy-wand-pink-knight.