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  1. I always figured it was a father/son relationship due to the pictures hanging in the halls of the caves. Then again good friends can also go fishing together. But I'm still more likely to believe a father/son relationship.
  2. Extended story would be great. Animal orbs with chance to proc effects upon melee/ranged weapon strike, or upon magic strike, possible stat penalties as a trade-off. Possibly animal orbs with purely cosmetic effects, whether they be applied to parts of your character, your character as a whole, your sandwich'd character, or even your projectiles. A mini painter character could be fun. Magic could be a wave of paint for Y, wad of paint or a paintbrush for B, and so on. The wizard minions could be fun, but it might look kinda goofy with them flying through the air with an axe, tearing enemies a new one without touching a spell. *shrugs* That's all I got.
  3. I'd like to do a few personal projects involving images of various characters and was wondering if artwork exists for all of the characters. High quality would be great, even better would be (a long shot, I know) some vector art in EPS format or something similar. I could even settle for screenshots of the characters. Cutting them out of the backgrounds is definitely do-able. Thank you!