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  1. Righteous shoes, jmack! Your son's enemies (Not that he has ever deserved any, but because there will always be fools in the world) will have no choice but to admit that you can beat up all of their dads. Probably all at the same time.
  2. That's pretty neat, actually. It looks very clean, and the photographed-television-screen process gives them an unusual (But interesting. I like it) bit of contrast and hue. Good job!
  3. Thanks a lot, guys! You're all the best. Oh, and I'm not Kelly, but I guess our avatars are pretty similar (I can't help it if I like the same princess she does! )... A couple of additional details about the picture: - The triangular spot of ceremonial blood on the mask is a tribute to a prominent figure in Barbarian legend. He pretty much started the whole "look cool in masks" fad for them, too. - The tiny dagger next to the carrot (Carrots are important! Eat them!) is baby-sized... because this Barbarian has had it since he was a baby. It's another time-honored Barbarian tradition to give babies daggers, and for those babies to grow up into cool warriors that use the baby daggers as push-knives (A knife that is seated in the palm of your hand, with the blade coming out between your middle fingers)!
  4. Thanks Ah, I've realized that I forgot to mention the flower in this barbarian's mask-strap. The flower is a powerful war totem that few barbarians feel worthy enough to bear, as it reminds warriors that the greatest weapon is beauty and peace. Crud, now I'm just seeing all sorts of details that I forgot to talk about. The triangle of blood, the broken horn... well, just assume that there's a story behind all of that stuff. Because you'll be assuming correctly; I just have to sleep sometime, and that time is now.
  5. Happy birthday, Castle Crashers! You're getting so big, I can hardly believe how much time has flown by!
  6. In honor of Castle Crasher's first birthday (Anniversary? Maybe if I loved it so much I got married to it... WHICH IS A PERFECTLY FINE THING TO DO, STOP JUDGING ME), I've decided to show off my favorite character from the game: The Barbarian. [attachment=0]Barbarian small.jpg[/attachment] Here, we see a particularly wise barbarian overlooking the scene of his next battle and thinking about what the next day may bring. Barbarians are hugely introspective; not many people know that. This barbarian is packing a generations-old axe that has split many skulls and sundered much firewood. He also has a little assortment of knick-knacks slung about him, which show off his personality just in case he gets the chance to try wooing a princess. His battle gloves are neatly stowed at his side, because his hands chafe easily. He's also brought along his favorite log pillow for the night. Yes, this barbarian is plenty prepared for war, and wise enough to look for omens that will give him a hint about the next day's outcome -- the cardinal is a particularly promising omen, as the barbarians consider cardinals to be particularly bloodthirsty (There's no bird that comes any redder!) and barbarian-friendly birds. Not much good in a fight, though. The deaths-head moth is also a good sign, but barbarians are always getting their finest war-torn tunics eaten up by those pests. For a larger (Which always means "cooler". I'm pretty sure) view, feel free to check it out on its DeviantArt page. Thanks, The Behemoth! Happy birthday, Castle Crashers! You've both been more than awesome to me.
  7. Jai

    Gouache Paint

    Maybe you should've gone with a pale blue instead of the dark blue for the ice? Still, I'd have given you a solid B, or a B+. Looks good!
  8. Jai

    Catfish Drawing

    Love it! Looks like we're sharing the cannon's point of view, too (Right over the King's head), which is pretty sweet. Very nice work!
  9. It's like the main character is unneccesarily making a 2D game out of his life-and-death run through the Complex. While that's pretty hilarious, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the game. I even think it's a good way of letting you see that the Complex really ISN'T shaped like an unrealistic 2D platformer -- there are stairs, hallways, all sorts of rooms that make it a realistic underground place... you're just playing through it like it's 2D (So you can't use those stairs, or go down those hallways), and coincidentally it all lines up perfectly for you to do that! It's weird, sure, but I'm surprised that a lot of people find it so off-putting. Having beaten it, my only complaint is that none of the boss fights are challenging. There's not much satisfaction in beating them, because you only BARELY need any strategy at all with 'em, plus the bosses aren't very interesting (Unlike most games. Certainly unlike The Behemoth's games)... it's more satisfying to wrack your brain trying to get 100% of the items in the Complex (Which is VERY satisfying. It's not very easy to get around the place; it's huge). Shooting enemies in the background/foreground is only difficult when you're not used to the controls... once you pick it up, it's second nature. Plus, you'll be leveling up as you play... and that gives you better accuracy (Gives you quite a lot of stuff, actually. Their XP and reward systems are pretty neat). It is, however, a really great XBLA game. Best of the summer, and really gives you your money's worth. It's like an action-packed DS game with better graphics, some cutscenes, voice acting, full tutorial and challenge modes, and it's only half (Or less then half) the price. I've put almost 10 hours into it, so far (Haven't finished the challenges, and I want to play through again while picking up as few items as possible).
  10. Jai


    Could be related to how rhinos will stamp out fires (True story). If rhino hates fire... rhino hates fire-breathers?
  11. Jai


    Well-said. I suppose I seem to have found the ambiguous (Not being sarcastic. It really is ambiguous) story to be a little more satisfying than you may have, but I totally agree with everything you said. It's a beautiful game with brain-bending, satisfying puzzles. Great music, too.
  12. Me: Expert SOME THINGS. I really haven't bothered with drums and singing, because I prefer to do my pretend shredding on a guitar (And, well, drums and vocals are entirely too close to actual drumming and singing. ). I should... but I only have the Rock Band 1 drums, which just flat-out don't work well (And I never bothered to try modding them or replacing them. Maybe I'll get the Rock Band: Beatles set... maybe). So I can get down with Expert on guitar or bass on almost all of the songs (Not counting DLC) when playing by myself, but if there's a band I'm with to save me then I'll give even the toughies a whirl on Expert. I share HeavyHorse's opinion on Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I really appreciate Rock Band's support for downloadable content and transferring old songs to their new games, as well as the entire interface of their games (Compared to GH3 and upwards).
  13. Jai

    Splosion man

    It's a great game! I love the humor, it's wicked hard (Sometimes), and there's a lot of content. Well worth it -- they put a lot of thought into creating it, as you'll see when you start playing menu sounds in time with the background music, or check out the controls section. Those guys are a lot of fun. And the donut song is fantastic. Everybody loves donuts! You can download the entire soundtrack (Missing a couple of songs, but that's it) for free from the game's website ( http://www.splosionman.com/ ), too. Those guys are awesome!
  14. Where the hell does one get a "real" lightsaber? Sign me up, please! From a toy store. It's more "real" than a digital lightsaber for your Avatar that can only be shown off to other people in a handful of games (Some of which are not worth playing). I agree that the prices are set too high. I can't imagine that the demand for Avatar items is currently high enough to justify them -- but everyone who buys something proves me wrong, I suppose. I am, however, intensely interested in the "Award" section of playing Avatar dress-up. Linking free new Avatar stuff to the games you play is a great idea! I'll be happy when that starts happening.