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  1. Granted but she devours your soul. I wish to become God and take over the world with an army of the undead!
  2. A REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY easier way to avoid the "Undead Groom/Conehead" on Cyclops is just let him smash you into the ground for 5 dmg. You just sit there till he calls him back into the coffin pop up and start killin it! Necromancer....KNOCK DOWN THE MINIONS OR FREEZORS THEM! If your Red Knight you can catch almost all of them.
  3. Well when do you think we can expect an update? Do you think you will finish it before January 2, 2009?
  4. GT: Sitrax Im live almost between Eastern and Central <,<
  5. Necromancer - Solo Ice King - Group <,< Corn boss is bare-able when you have those 2 peasents out helping lol
  6. Chicken but I voted Other by mistake <,
  7. Do you need help with anything besides pictures?
  8. He should be like a Temp ally like the Peasents/Grey Knights then turn on you at become a boss 0-0
  9. Awesome 0_0 You should be like awarded a prize for this
  10. Oh Yeah Uhhh I can help you with my Conehead character right now GT: Sitrax
  11. Well you could always just simply invite someone like lvl 78+ characters to help you.
  12. They need a white-ish Conehead with a red saber!
  13. Why are you doing insane at level 35...? Its easier once you max out all stats using Gir and Catfish or Bat if you want to use cheap way to level.
  14. Uh TRUTH? If you jump toward throne you either hit a wall or fall through the doorway under it on accident <,< And ya I have every known weapon so far thats in the game <,< Alien Gun, Scepter, Rubber sword thing etc. etc.