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  1. It should be DadnMe guy he is cool the looking. Or it should be the blacksmith he is the bestest knight ever but what would purple magic be?
  2. It would be awesome to have a weekend of everyone playing and starting with lvl. ones I would be on every hour of theweekend. It would be lke the party kelly has been talking about.
  3. I think it would be snakey their vines would piss me off in arena also the eskimo is the worst character in the gane but the ice arena is hard to. P.S. Is the peasant the hobo?
  4. Lol i would buy a wizard ball any day if he bounced and stuff but the wizard is wierd and the necro looks sick so i put him on plus more people like him
  5. I know I just think it is funny cause i used to look at him kinda like knight then when he was the exact same im all like man that was a waste of 4 hours oh well i love his portrait though.
  6. He's my favotite character with his awesomeness.
  7. That is cool. I think plushie crasher stuff is awesome and this one is easily the hardest to make and i think you did great
  8. I like legos too I was thinking about making a crasher person but none of the heads are big enough so it wouldn't look right
  9. Well I recently beat the game with the peasant to get the civilian cause he looked so cool in the marsh but whenI got him he was different he just had a peasant body and no hood i know his portrait is like that but in the marsh he has a different body and it almost looks like a periwinkles body did anyone else notice this???
  10. Illegal imigrants lol that is funny and saracenlikes volleyballlol and sorry for bumping I just like seeing what people come up with and like this thread.
  11. Well i only put on figures that would be rreasonable. The industrialist seemed to detailed and stuff to be a cc figure they are simple. And the beekeeper he is my favorite character ever besides blu knight but he is barely in the game so i left him out.
  12. Thats cool and....... WELCOME TO THE FORUMS
  13. Well we need more CC figs because well we do so our knights have someone to fight with and barbarians aren't enough. Lets think of what some new ones should be!
  14. kraytor you get mad to much it makes me lol "The red robin finds the boomerang." "I thought it was a Cardinal?" "I thought you were a nerd."