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  1. I remember a topic mentioning this.. but yeh, would be pretty cool to play with TB!
  2. Hey, I just want the unlockable characters to have different magic animations, especially the magic jumps. Like, for the skeleton, a giant bony hand will push him up or, something like that.
  3. This made me laugh for some reason; maybe it's because the epic blue knight is riding a diarrhea deer. I like it
  4. what? what source did you get this from? also,
  5. Ah, Professor Choak, loved his sigs. "Did you have normal weekend?"
  6. because microsoft can comprehend how awesome cc already is. or not; maybe they're just waiting for more to people to buy the game first or something. I mean, there's people complaining about how DLC was given out for some xbox games just recently after they released them, while cc got DLC after alot of months. but that's because more people buy xbox games, compared to xbla games, who people rarely look into. All just an hypothesis, so please dun hurt me.
  7. Yah because if it wasn't no one would be able to play it.
  8. congrats TB for goty, & thank you for your awesome games.
  9. Granted. Your braces will come off on May, year 2020. I wish for no school.
  10. That'd be very time consuming lol But it works
  11. Why would you want to totally delete everything anyways? I mean, what's the point of trashing all that hard earned gold?
  12. I can't imagine going as far as the have with this and then ditching it. Why is this even a concern? He said it was just a prototype, and considering some of the horrible reception it got from some. (THE LEVELS ARE UGLY!!!!11!!!) Kinda reminds me of the horrible reception castle crashers got when it was still in its prototype stage. Oh, how it changed... So yeah, I doubt they'll trash it. Once TB gets some feedback we'll know what game3 is really gonna be like.
  13. I feel like playing that game now This is the best art I've seen since jouste.