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  1. my friends are making videos about games on their youtube channel called tvrubberduck (random) so i was wondering if all you awesome people could check it out http://www.youtube.com/user/TVRubberDuck also what do you people think of the upcoming splinter cell? i think it will be awesome
  2. do anyone know if cycerin of waterflame have postend anything yet?
  3. Y says hold for relif and x says push/ slide attack just see here http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/k ... game_3.jpg
  4. well the frogs from the catfish level
  5. i know how you fell man but CC is not coming for any other console as far as i can tell.... sell your wii? or perhaps not since madworld out now^^
  6. I kind of like this idea. Makes me think of a Defend Your Castle game. Here's another idea: Robot Siege! You and your friends have gotten home after a nice, long, game of soccer. However, you see a shadow of a man outside. IT'S A ROBOT! You quickly board up your house, and run to your upstairs balcony. But wait! There's a whole horde outside! So you have two teams here: Robots Human/animal things Human/animal thingy Gameplay So one group has a large block fortress. But, it's able to be destroyed, and you have a whole horde of robots outside, ripping at it. There's the usual weapons, but be aware that you can be robotified IF: You're outside your base too long (air pollution) You get pulled into the robot pit You are killed The robot pit is exactly what it sounds like. A little machine that people are thrown into to be turned into robots! The base can be repaired if you can find little toolboxes outside, and you can kill the horde from atop your battlements. You have a little health bar, much like in the last game mode I made, which can be replenished by finding little first aid kits that can be given to team mates as well as yourself. You can be hurt by robots, but you can't be killed unless there's a group, due to the low damage output of a robot. Robot Gameplay: Congrats! You got robotified! You'll be spending the remainder of the game trying to kill the little guys in the fortress. You'll probably spend some time trying to destroy the door, but you can also roam around trying to kill some survivors, thanks to your happy AI teamates doing the work for you! Robots can: Respawn! Laser! Grab survivors to throw into the Robot pit! Claw! However, you don't do very much damage, so attack in groups! You'll eventually break through the wall, don't worry! The laser, as I'm sure you're worried about game balance, is a stun gun that does little damage. You mainly use it to immobilize survivors so you can convert them to your team! Since you're a robot, you can also grab some the little toolkits meant for base repair to repair yourself! You dirty little cheater! Winning Conditions The timer goes all the way down to zero, meaning the survivors win. The survivors are all eliminated, meaning the bots win. But wait, there's more! TEAM ROBOT SEIGE There's those dirty little punks in that other fortress! They've been stealing your supplies left and right! It's time to go show those punks who's boss! Yep, it's pretty much the same thing, but now you're working together to kill the other team as well! Out-survive the other team! Same rules, but now you can bust down the other team's door to let the robots into their base. Winning Conditions The robots eliminate BOTH teams before the timer expires. One team out-survives the other. The game goes into sudden death when the timer expires, meaning that both of the bases doors are busted down. If you survive the Robot onslaught, your team wins! The last team standing wins, by the way. Hope you like this one! I put a lot of thought into it. why not zombies instead of robots? Race Each player has a tofu (Horse, refrigerator... choose your own adventure) of their own and has to race to the finish much like the windmill run in CC but you can punch each other and get power ups. The one on the lead has bigger chance oh getting weapons since he's in the first position however the rest of the players have 30% increased speed so that they have a chance. The power ups will be picked up from multiple locations while racing and there will be obstacles in the way that for example needs you to jump to higher places and stuff like that but the difference from this and the windmill run is that you wont be going in just one direction and the screen does not move constantly heres an example of the race track: ................................................... | Start here......................----............--| ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jump here jump here so you can get up the dots are ground and the hyphens are higher places.
  7. brilliant idea man, I would play all day long
  8. nooooooooo dont do this to me!! ARGH!!! i cant wait!!! BEHEMOTH PLUS + ONLINE AWESOMENEZZ? me head is exploding....
  9. believe me when i say you are not the first one to come up with this idea i promis you you can find another thread like this
  10. same here no capture card but very much intrested in making some