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  1. Hi Swardy27, Sorry to here about the trouble you are having with getting your Golden Whale, when you have time please try these steps and let us know if they fix your issue. Please verify that Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater appear in your purchase history before you begin these steps. If either of the games do not please contact us via this forum path before you begin these steps. 1. Delete Battleblock Theater and Castle Crashers from your Xbox 360's Harddrive.(You will not have to repurchase these titles you will just have to redownload) 2. Then Delete you profile from the Xbox 360 make sure you choose the option DELETE PROFILE ONLY.(You will not have to make a new gamerprofile, you will just have to recover it) 3. Redownload your profile but selecting download profile from the Xbox Guide. 4. Once your profile has been recovered redownload Battleblock theater. 5. Once Battleblock Theater has been downloaded redownload Castle Crashers. 6. If possible earn an achievement in Battleblock Theater, if not simply boot the title and complete a stage, then exit to main menu. 7. Launch Castle Crashers select Hatty and proceed to the animal ark. This should return the golden whale to your ark without any loss of save or profile data.
  2. Hi, I have been choosen for the beta but when i click on the link i was given for the beta but it says i dont have permission to view it. How can it be fixed or am i out of the beta now?