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  1. Boom! Zwoosh! Ker-pow! Solo Feature Zaplosion_V6 by Swirly Kalen What did you think a Zaplosion would sound like? Buzzzipew POW!? I actually like that one. As you can see, perseverance was key to Swirly Kalen's success in making an amazing playlist. They had not one! Not two! Not four... or five... But SIX! There were six iterations of this playlist to reach level design bliss. So, let's go ahead and pat Swirly on the back, because they deserve it! In this playlist, there will be plenty of mechanics and sequences that will leave you saying "Wow, that was cool! Now I need a bath," because of how incredibly unique they are. There will be moving duck platforms to traverse deadly spike traps, one time boat sequences to reach that A+ yarn, and frog bombs. Please don't make me talk about the frog bombs. This week's re-release is good ol' Toasty Toast. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a flock of toast catch fire with one swoop from a laser beam. That, my friends, is the essence of Zaplosion. [FEATURED SOLO 21-MAR-2014]
  2. *NOTE: This is NOT the end of Furbottom's Features! This is it everyone. I'm pulling the plug. I've always wondered what it looked like outside these white walls. It's going to be so beautiful. We've had a great run, I will surely miss you all. Solo Feature: Game Over by Konster Monster Oh. Umm.... this is awkward. What are you all still doing here? What happened to Game Over? Oh, god! Am I stuck in Creditory!?!? Whelp, might as well make the most of this then. Playing through Konster Monster's Game Over will give you a sense of completeness and fulfillment. You will feel a calmness sweep over you and, for a brief moment, you will be at peace with the world. That's how good this playlist is. Now only if we could get the world's dictators to play it. Hmm.... But, unfortunately, at the exact moment of enlightenment, a buzzsaw will come smashing into your face. Every emotion you have every experienced from completing a game will come flooding into your brain, overloading your synapses until you collapse on the ground in a fit of depression and ecstasy. I just sent chills up my spine. And then giggled... And then cried. But, as you have seen at the end of BattleBlock Theater (and if you haven't, shame on you), there is always something mysterious lurking around the corner. There is always a new adventure waiting to be discovered. So, NO! This is NOT the end! I will now quote a song by a band that is named after half a blue hedgehog: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" Holy hotdog! I forgot to mention, I found this little guy while in Creditory. He must have gotten lost on his way from Honey Huggleton. Stay classy my furry, horned friends. Enjoy!! [Featured SOLO 28-FEB-2014]
  3. Friends! Foes! Friendoes! Wait, that’s not right… Arena Feature: Frenemies by MisterrQuentin Arena is back this week, so get ready to relinquish your sense of comradery! Yes, you’ll have a teammate. But is he or she really on your side or just out for that elusive MVP badge? There’ll be opponents on the battlefield, but are they rushing to hurt or help your cause (even if it's accidental assistance)? If there's anything I've learned from BattleBlock Theater, it’s that the only person you can count on is yourself. Woah, that was deep. Or depressing. Or deep? Aren't they the same thing? Anyway... If this playlist was a Tom Clancy novel, you’d be Jack Ryan and… um… I don’t know what else, because I’ve never read one of those things. The point being, you’ll be able to utilize that betrayal-jitsu you’ve been honing in co-op campaign and exact your revenge on those poor, poor friends of yours. Muahahahaha! Or, you’ll be triple teamed to death, because you made all of your friends hate you. I’d say it’s a coin flip. Good thing we're re-releasing this handsome auto-mo-buddy out of the prisoner box we call Prisondora this week. You'll need some real hot WHEELS to get away from all that betrayal and tragedy. Just visit the Furbottom's Feature Section of the game to pick him up! No need to complete a playlist, but there is much need for you to be signed in to Xbox LIVE.
  4. Like mixing a bottle of Coke a popular flavored tonic with a bag of Pop Rocks exploding stone shaped candy, this playlist is going to leave an impression. Arena Feature Deadly Mixture by L4D CH4RG3R You want Ball and Soul? Sure. How about Color and Horse? You betcha. Even Muckle, Ball, Horse, and King!? Holy MeltedCow! My brain just exploded onto the back of my chair, please hold while I scoop what is left back into my head. Last time we featured an awesome new game mode created by EC Nebur. This week, we have another special mixture of playlists. Some would even consider them deadly, but, you know, death is subjective. While everyone is waiting for the large horses to battle the less frightening sea birds in the snowy tundra coliseum known as the “Super Bowl,” we have much more excitement to be had with square shaped animals and balloon like souls. You can’t step on someone’s head and steal their soul in football, can you? I didn’t think so. Here is a pro tip for your arena adventures in the form of a poem: He who is king, is not a baller. He who is a baller, is not a king. But to win, one must rule both courts. Coming back for release this week is CatControl! [Featured Playlist 24-JAN-2014]
  5. This playlist was discovered via The Behemoth Playlist Promo forum. So yes, we do read your posts.
  6. The solo feature was actually Grandporeum by cmoneyno23. This playlist was already featured a few months ago, so this may be a glitch. I couldn't remember if the name was Grandporeum or Grimporeum, and when going back to Furbottom's Features, it says the service is not available, so maybe Behemoth recognized the mistake and are patching in WackyWorld as I write this. I'm glad it I got to play Grandporeum again. The last time it was featured, I said something really mean about it. Now that I have more experience, I think it's the best set of levels I've ever played. EXTREMELY challenging. 5/5 stars. Even in Normal mode, getting A++s took awhile. I'm going to give Insane a shot, but first I'm going to need to recover from the hernia Normal mode gave me The eyes and toothbrush prisoners are ok, but far from my favorites. There was a mix up for the solo feature of the week. Grandporeum was the original solo playlist featured. We featured Grimporeum on 6/28. Wacky World is now the solo feature of the week, but I would recommend people to play Grandporeum by CMoneyNo23 too. Very well made and creative levels.
  7. Welcome back! After a fun stopover at a little convention called PAX, we're ready to entertain you some more! Solo Feature: Wacky World by DrKatz99 Coop Feature: Mis Adventures by ps3guyguy The Wacky World by DrKatz99 It’s a wacky world out there. Especially when someone named Dr. Katz is running the show. It's even worse when you're facing down 99 droll psychologists. As the saying goes, crazy never sleeps. And in this case the saying is true, because DrKatz99 has come up with some insane puzzles for you to figure out. Including, erm… one with a flying block…. and… another one with boat! A boat! Can you believe that!? Puzzles aren’t the only thing that make a person crazy. You'll be navigating through some intense sections with precision timing. Don’t worry, though. DrKatz99 is a kind and merciful level designer who has provided pockets of calm for you to catch your breath in particularly harrowing times. Those pockets may be filled with spikes though. You can’t win them all, eh? Mis Adventures by ps3guyguy Grab a friend, and let me introduce you to this creator's lovely Adventures. Mis Adventures, that is. (She removed the extra “s” because she’s classy like that.) Mis Adventures will keep you on your toes and out of raccolope's mouths -- if you're lucky. You’ll have to keep your mind sharp as you hop on this momentous ride of momentum that brings you to a full stop so hard that the inertia will cause you to give Manbirth with your mind!. (Remember our old Prisoner friend?) Every now and then, you’ll hop off that rollercoaster of emotion and have a nice relaxing time figuring out puzzles with your best friend in the entire world--a tiny monkey. Apparently. If our screenshots are any indication. Here are the two prisoners for the week: Freebie Creepy [06-SEPT-13]
  8. Wowza, you can still see straight after yesterday's 4th-of-July celebrations? No BBQ-smoke-in-the-eyes syndrome, or fireworks-flash blindness? We're impressed! Let's celebrate (and unwind from all those festive festivities!) with a no-holds-barred, good ol' American-style Battle Royale! This week's Furbottom Friday features an all Capture-the-Horse Arena playlist, so our American friends can bolster their patriotism by pretending to be Paul Revere all week long! Playlist: Steal Da Horsey Creator: AVENGER350Z The name of this playlist couldn't be more direct. Just STEAL DA HORSEY to score points and win the game! Or is it a pig? ...Tofu? Whatever. Just grab that colorful, wandering square and bring him back to your stable! We picked this playlist because it's simple and clean. AVENGER350Z built up a wide variety of Capture the Horse maps that gamers of every skill level can enjoy! We're also rounding out this week's patriotic celebrations with a new Prisoner. Now, he's not actually linked to this playlist, but you can pick up the Prisoner Sausage by logging into the game! He's your newest, bratwurst-bedecked buddy, available for the next week. Maybe you can lead the opposing team's horsey by the nose with him! Who needs carrots when you've got Sausage?! Featured Arena [05 June 13]
  9. Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there! I feel like you’re a little early. Or am I late? No, I’m never late, you’re definitely early. The holiday must have confused you, but while you’re here I might as well present to you the new Solo and CoOp features of the week! And, as you know, that means a new, unlockable Prisoner! So, please scroll down to the bottom if you just can’t WAIT to find out who the new Prisoner is... NOW! And once you’ve had your eye-fill, scroll back to HERE. Are you ready? Good. Solo: Playlist: Fun Intended V3 Creator: Lt Hudders Representing the brave men and women who fight for this country, Lt. Hudders has created a playlist that was intended for fun… V3. We had a blast playing this playlist at the office, and needed to spread the joy to all of our community. The playlist is challenging, but forgiving when it needs to be. You’ll be floating down on a boat enjoying the scenery as cannon blasts go whizzing past your head. It’s a dose of serenity with a splash of chaos. I like to call it... Charenity! Don’t try to order that at a restaurant though. I even took a quick nap on my pig/horse/refrigerator while going through this sequence. CoOp: Playlist: MindBenderCoOp1 Creator: KMKHunter Mindbender is exactly as it sounds-- a total mind blitz.. Think This playlist is full of clever portal blocking puzzles, trigger block sequencing, and laser baths. If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “I recognize that playlist name,” then kudos to you good sir or madam! If you don’t, you should head over and watch the stream! Ryan, Aaron, and I (we’re the level designers here if you haven’t caught that) break down 3 playlists from the community, one of them being KMKHunter’s first iteration of Mindbender. It’s great, I promise! Kiss My Kit-kats (as KMKHunter has now been dubbed) took our advice into consideration and applied our critiques to their levels. They have climbed the highest of mountains, crossed the widest of rivers, and braved the harshest of winters to make it to this point. Now, what do perseverance, dedication, and a healthy diet get you? Featured, that’s what! Class dismissed; don’t forget your homework. This week’s prisoner unlock is the infamous Lava Lamp! Last seen in your parent’s bedroom circa 1978! [Featured 5-31-13 - 6-14-13]
  10. I like this idea. The Behemoth Recommends is similar to this, but it would be nice to have a dedicated feed
  11. Hey @KMKHunter If you haven't checked out the twitch stream, we played your MindBenderPlus1 if you want to get our tips and opinions on it. That and we gave you a new nickname. So.... enjoy that..
  12. Welcome Theaterettes, Theaterees, Theateroes, and Theateroines! Yesterday, we talked about and played through three CoOp candidates for Fubottom’s Features in our Design With The Devs Twitch.TV stream. Today, we’ll reveal our FINAL CHOICE (can you feel the excitement!!) at the end of this post. You can watch the video here: I can see your drool dripping onto your keyboards, so I’ll make this short and sweet. And tasty. Like a chocolate filled dwarf. I’d like to welcome you to this week’s features: Solo Playlist: Welcome Home Creator: m4dmuffinNL At first glance you might be thinking “Aww, look at the cute butterfly! This is going to be gentle and caring!” You would be wrong, so very wrong. Through a cipher I found on the information highway, m4d does not stand for “Money For Dough,” but instead it is code from this so called “Leet speak.” I believe it is derived from a language used by lentils that predates modern human language, hence the numbers, because, you know, that's how plants talk. Anyways, that would mean their name spells MAD and that’s the perfect word to describe this level scientist. This muffin has taken inspiration from in-game sequences and created never-seen-before mechanics in this MAD house. There are grenades turning off fans, horse-fridges trampling cats, and mind mashing puzzles. So come inside and kick off your shoes, because you are welcomed here. Welcome Home. And now, the moment you have all been waiting for! The winner of yesterday’s Design With The Devs is: Co-Op Playlist: CantCompareLove Creator: Lieutenant AI After much debate, we, the level designers, decided this playlist had the greatest level of polish and best usage of CoOp mechanics. Lieutenant AI does a great job of teaching new mechanics and then ramping them up later in their campaign. With massive portal puzzles, shuffle blocks labyrinths, and rocketbot death-runs this playlist will keep you on the knuckles of your toes. All the playlists we played yesterday were fantastic and just because the other playlists didn’t make it this time doesn’t mean they can’t be featured in the future. You can relive our decisional experience by watching our Design With The Devs video and join us next time to win prizes, chat with us live, and have some good ol' fashion fun! For completing either (solo or coop) Furbottom's Features this week you'll receive this little guy: Isn't he cute!
  13. Once again, it's Furbottom Friday! If you haven't noticed the trend, it happens every Friday. And that's today, Friday. Fry day? Now I want French fries. Here at The Behemoth, we are very aware how much the community loves Ball game. So we thought it would be totally cool to find an all Ball playlist from the Community Theater. So we started digging through all the Ball playlists we could (and do you guys and gals love your Ball playlists) to bring you some of the very best of Ball game. We would like to present to you: Playlist: Connball v1 Creator: Conntraband Judging from the creator’s gamertag, we're guessing this playlist was conceived in the depths of an unnamed South American island. Deep within the jungle, with hours slaving over an Xbox 360 controller, Connball was being made. Cold sweat was pouring from his (or hers, eww) damp armpits and dripping off the tip of their elbow. Finished, the contraband was then saved onto a thumb drive, strapped to a GPS locator, and tied to a balloon. It was released off a ship in international waters to be caught in the wind and landed safely on American soil where it was located by Mark Wahlberg and transported to a safe house in San Diego. What were we talking about again? We chose Connball for the innovation in Ball level design it brings. Tired of trying to intercept shots with your big block head? In Connball you can use bridges to cover goals. That means you can just stand there and you’ll be All Pro Laziest Defensive Player of the Year! Oh, the glory! Conntraband also negates the “tower of power” around the ball dispenser with another creative solution: more bridges! Well, it’s more about the spikes, but whatever. Seriously though, I love bridges. They are so versatile. Featured Arena [10 May 13] - [24 MAY 13]
  14. There is no prisoner unlock this week, but the unlocks for Solo and CoOp Furbottom's Features are still available.