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  1. Last bug report said there was a desync glitch,yet it was fixed by resetting the connection.

    Today,that happened again.

    BUT it didn't happened on other maps.

    Today we played it again,with my sister who also owns CC,in same house.

    (so there is NO POSSIBLE CAUSES related to network problems)

    Network was really fine,no lag occurred anyway.

    We picked Alien Ship level,because it was needed to unlock further maps.

    Same thing happened again.

    Right after the timer started,the desync glitch occurred(3 second delay).

    While my sister is playing like normal on her computer,she was deactivating the force field(or laser curtain).

    But at the same time on my computer,I already deactivated it and I was preceeding to steam pipe part.

    So the timer here ran out,and I lost the game,but on my sister's computer,she was having 4 seconds left.

    She didn't had any lag,nor her computer's LAN card is bad.

    I am sure this is a bug,because on other maps,it didn't happened.


    If this is common on this part,please tell me the link to the solution!




    Hmmm interesting.  Have you already ensured all necessary ports for Steam are open?  Even though you and your sister are on the same network, all the network stuff still works the same as if she was somewhere else.  If you've already got the ports for Steam set, take a look at this article which should help.




  2. Thanks for the report!  We're seeing a few of these issues pop up and are working hard to find a solution.  Could you please create a ticket in our Support ticketing system so we can go back and forth with you a bit more easily? 





    Tell 'em Ryan sent you. You can even just copy-paste a link to this forum thread for your background info.  This will help us track all this stuff and get in touch in a timely manner.

  3. When I try to play Furbottoms Features, it says "a signed in user is not allowed to download user created playlists. What is the problem?


    Yikes, sounds like your privacy settings are keeping you from playing Furbottom's Features.
    By default, Member Content (which is a fancy Microsoft term for user-created playlists like Furbottom's Features) is disabled if you're underage. In the United States, this is anyone who's 17 or below!
    ** QUICK DISCLAIMER BREAK: If you ARE underage, please ensure you have your parent or legal guardian's permission before attempting to make changes to your privacy settings. **
    To check your privacy settings, start at the Dashboard. Highlight the Settings tab, then select the green Privacy box with a picture of a lock. Make sure that the words "Member Content" appear under the "Allowed" header. 
    Now that I've told you all this, there IS one other thing that could be giving you trouble. 
    Any active players who are NOT signed into an Xbox LIVE profile will also keep you from playing Furbottom's Features. This means that you can't play the Feature if your second controller is a Guest!

  4. Blog_DesignWithDevs.png


    Hi All!


    Exciting stuff!  This Thursday (5/16) from 3-5pm PDT myself, Aaron and Kyle will emerge on our channel to play and discuss this week's CoOp Adventure candidates for the next Furbottom's Feature!  During this stream we'll be playing through 3 CoOp Adventure Playlists that we think could be the next Furbottom's Feature and talking about stuff.  Stuff we like, stuff we don't like, stuff we're looking for, and probably plenty of random stuff.  A must watch if you've ever wanted to be Featured.


    While we hope everyone can make it and chat with us live, we realize that might not be possible for some.  If that's the case for you, feel free to add questions/comments/discussions to this Topic and we'll try to talk about them in the stream!


    Check out the DevBlog post HERE

  5. Challenges won't actually change their 'mode' - It will just split up teams based on the teams chosen before entering the playlist.  For example, a full 2v2 in the Lobby will play as a 2v2 in Challenge.  A 1v1 and a 1v2 will be the same as well.  Arena playlists aren't divided up into Solo or CoOp , so your fine on the Lobby as well - no waiting for the host.  It's all pretty free-form.  


    That being said, make whatever you want with challenge.  My only suggestion would be to label it if it's CoOp in the Level Name - players can skip it if it's just two people in the game.    


    Hope this helps! 

  6. Hello all,

    When playing co op, local or via live, the camera will focus on the person I'm playing with. I will jump off screen, it won't zoom out or anything. It only happens when we join a scene, when we are in the store or just outside of a level the camera will follow both of us, and zoom in and out depending on distance, in a scene it focuses on just my friend and not me. Any ideas why?


    It sounds like you might be having an issue with your controller.  When you click down on the right stick the camera will zoom in on your CoOp buddy if he's a certain distance away from you and it sound like that's stuck down on your controller.  Try pulling up and playing with it some, and if that doesn't work try another controller.  


    Hope this helps!  If it doesn't let me know! 

  7. also do you think it would be a bad idea to name my playlist Newerthmode? like for copy right reasons or something?

    same question for the first two challenge levels in my story mode playlist to be "shoot to thrill" and "play to kill"?


    It's always good to be cautious of copyright stuff and better to error on the side of caution.  If you think something might be questionable, switch it up some to ensure people get the reference, but it's not a direct rip.  And always make sure to back up your playlist!


    As for the other things, it's a good strategy to have as many people test sequences as you can.  You might want to upload that level or section you have a question about and ask people on the Forums to check it out and give feedback.  Heck, I'll check it out if you want.


    Good Luck!   

  8. Sounds like all good ideas.  The only thing I would add is to keep in mind that the Finales and Encores in an Adventure Playlist use the same time slider for their level times.  It's a good idea to not make these perfect run times; people get discouraged if they have an unreasonable low level time.  Instead, make the level times for these reasonably challenging but fair, and make the A++ difficulty come from hidden and/or side Strawberries and Pie, and more challenging sequences.  


    And keep up the good work.  We're having fun playing everyone's levels!

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  9. Level editor minor issue


    Step 1 - Place two teleporters

    Step 2 - Block one teleporter with the button-based disappearing block (row 3, 5th block down) 

    Step 3 - Go through the other teleporter - The teleporters should be blocked but aren't


    Confirmed, is this the intended behaviour? My solution at the moment is to surround the teleporter with said disappearing blocks, that way I can decide which paths are open and which are not, but a cleaner solution would remove the need to try a few times before going through the right exit. Any thoughts?


    The Triggered Block will indeed not block Teleporter Output, although you can't enter a Teleporter with a Triggered block in front of it.  


    Some tricks to blocking the Teleporter Output are Bridges, Boulders, Explosive Blocks, and Movable Blocks.  It take some doing, but it's possible to make some advanced Teleporter Sequences with these combinations - just be sure to test your level thoroughly to ensure things don't break.  If you play through the game (especially the Encores) you can see some of these strategies demonstrated.  If you wan't to get more into tricks and strategies for this look through the Level Creation Discussion subtopic.

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  10. Hey guys, I have a couple of technical questions about playlist file management.


    I've uploaded two playlists so far, and in each case I have done so from a backup file on an external memory unit.


    If I go to my memory management, I still see the "dead" files there on the memory unit.  As far as I can tell they are useless, but I want to be sure they're okay to delete.


    Also, I'm wondering if it's safe to copy playlists back and forth willy-nilly.  Are the playlist files internally numbered or anything like that?  Like, could two playlists, both created in the first slot of different storage devices, end up damaging each other or making only one readable?


    I had a problem losing a playlist in the *coughcough*beta*cough* and I am pretty sure it was user error... but I'd like to know what specific things to look out for during file management.


    Hi Hudsucker20XX,

    Let me preface this by saying that you should make sure to be careful when manually deleting playlists.  It sounds like you are though, hence the questions.  On to the answers!


    Dead files are indeed alright to delete.  These are the empty shell of an uploaded playlist and don't really do anything except clutter your once pristine file list.  Make sure your deleting the right one though!  It can get confusing if you make a copy to an external then copy it back, because then you will have two files with the same name.  If you are ever not sure about which is which, move one of them to the external (make sure there's not one already there), go into BBT and check the Playlist Editor.  Look at each MU and the one without the visible playlist is your dead one.  


    It is indeed safe to copy playlists willy-nilly as there is not hidden numbering system.  If you have two live playlists by the same name the system will give you a "do you want to replace" message.  Like I mentioned before though, be cautious with dead playlists because the system will let you have two playlists with the same name on the same MU if one is dead, although there won't be an easy way to tell which is which.  


    That should about do it.  I hope this helps!