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  1. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the iguana-lizard from the Swamp Village Store was playable?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCYXCC3eos1Wn963Y0hPCWQ A collab channel with nine of my other friends. Like and subscribe if you enjoy the content.
  3. I'm pretty pumped for this. Castle Crashers has always been my favorite Behemoth game because of its amazing co-op experience, and the way co-op is supposed to define Game 4 makes me pretty excited. I'm also a fan of how you can customize your team and stuff; that will probably shove in some more replay value for rare unlockable items. EDIT: Now that I have seen the post from the guy who actually went to PAX, maybe I have the wrong impression. Strategy is fine though; that's what I thought Game 4 would be anyways.
  4. Never thought of it that way. Given the trailer, this is probably the most likely option. Maybe some sort of 2D Rust that could only be pulled off with next gen.
  5. I sure hope so. To get the best of both worlds, I made my decision after E3 last year to keep my xbox 360, but also buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox One. Since that E3, the Xbox One has gotten a lot better though, with my favorite game companies making exclusives for them. I know Halo will never come to playstation, but I sure hope that at least Game 4 will. If Microsoft won't let you do that, maybe a Xbox 360 release? Please? Feel free to discuss below.
  6. [sorry if this is in the wrong forum category; I had no idea what to post this in.] So here's something to think about: What if the Behemoth released a digital or disk game that is a collection of every game that the Behemoth made on Xbox 360 for next gen consoles? With the power of next gen, the consoles could easily handle the challenges behind releasing such a demanding package. Any thoughts?
  7. So she thinks all the thieves and stove faces are black... XD Yep. Hey, I thought the thieves were vampires when I first played the game back in '09.
  8. I've seen that one too. I wish the Behemoth would release that demo publicly for download, just for the heck of it.
  9. I was browsing through YouTube when I found footage of an old GDC demo of Castle Crashers. It looks really cool; I thought some of you might want to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiV3dcHZBhs
  10. We don't have a book, but have you checked out the Development pages of our blog? http://blog.thebehemoth.com/category/development/ I've seen all of the art videos, and the sketches too. I just thought it would be interesting to compile all of it plus never before seen things into a book/documentary. I doubt it will happen because of how much Behemoth shows us for free; I just thought it would be interesting to discuss.
  11. This could apply with any Behemoth game, but I would like it the most if it happened with Castle Crashers. So I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I came across a book called "The Art of Halo". It basically shows a behind the scenes look into the art of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. I was wondering if this would ever happen with a Behemoth game, out of curiosity. Or, better yet, a book giving us a behind the scenes look at the game development of all three games out currently. Would anyone else like to see this?
  12. (There isn't a playlist promo topic for BBT Steam yet, so I thought it might.... maybe go here?) Playlist Name: PDA Games Co-op Author: Henryo To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Alien Hominid's first console release, I recreated the first fifteen PDA Games levels (Gamecube version) and brought them to BattleBlock Theater! Reconstructed as accurately as possible, these levels should provide all of the frustration and fun that PDA Games once did. Here's a link to the Steam Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265878024 Enjoy!