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  1. That's hilarious... he just wouldn't let you go! XD
  2. we don't have anything new we can legally post about so we don't post. you have up-to-date information. every detail we possibly can give you, you have. that is the opposite of lack of communications. yea yea yea, I know. I never blamed you for the lack of communications, we all know why it's happening. That doesn't make it less annoying, both for us and you guys.
  3. Thank you so much for not closing kelly, I really appreciate it.
  4. I still think that referring to other games is wrong in this case. Just because others don't get fixed with minor issues doesn't mean BEhemoth should slack off the same way. Braid is nothing close to all the bugs CC has. You guys keep speaking of Online and Save Data, but there was so much more that HAD to turn out in testing, and it didn't. How did they not notice the Alien Hominid weapon glitch? How about the graphics issues many people experienced? Let's not forget how many bugs the game really has.
  5. Then what are you posting on here for? Go live your perfect and important life while we idiots waste ours on A GAME. Why should you care?
  6. I dunno. I would ask someone immortal to keep the look out for us... XD On a more serious note, we all agree how MS is NOT the poop and bla bla bla. In no way I'm trying to defend them, I work for a company that's in the gaming industry and I have to deal with Microsoft's shenanigans all day long because I work in customer service. MS blames everything on the products my company makes, even when everyone knows they're in lawsuits all over the place... -___- That said, it's easy to blame them for anything. Let's try to be self critic a bit and let everyone take their own responsibilities, in this case, Behemoth is taking responsibility, just not as actively as we would like them too. I'm sure even the people at TB want to have their holidays and all, but this situation is getting worse everyday, and there lack of communication on the devblog is pretty annoying.
  7. this was a great topic guys, get back on track before somebody has to close it...
  8. please do, I'm really interested in knowing if it works.
  9. Yeah I do, but a quote is a quote. I didn't come here to fight you, it's your opinion if you think i'm trying to come to their defence. I don't know anything about the netcode that they used in CC, quite honestly I don't care if someone did a better job than me. Understood, I appreciate your directness and your honesty, you're a rarety gentleman. : )
  10. MRvister, do you know how old that quote from Dan is? It doesn't matter who approved what or what didn't pop up in testing, that's long and gone now. The fact is that to fix these issues, it's been taking an excrutiating amount of time. I think you need to pull up some better points if you're trying to take their defense, there are fanboys around here that did a much better job.
  11. This is where I do not completely agree with you. I've never been here asking for compensation (other than the obvious and expected dlc), because I think that asking for a refund is wrong, even when its minimal. When you downloaded the game, you accepted the terms of use that state that the game is provided to you, AS IS. I don't agree with the policy, but I had to to buy the game in the first place. What I'm "fighting" for is not the compensation itself, but the time it's requiring. In confrontation with other top selling games like CC (let me remind you all that it's been a major success on XBLA, even though for some people it's being sold illegitamately because of false advertisement for the online mode), the patch, considering how severe the problems are, is simply taking too much time. Even taking account of all the factors in Behemoth's excuse: Small team, Hard certification process, "unexpected" issues, 4 months (now, who knows how many more) is simply too long. We're here discussing about it because it's a website about the game, but go ahead and checkout any gaming blog that's mentioned Behemoth, you will not find too many positive comments, most people stopped caring. The thing is, these people already spent their $15, patch or not, Behemoth earned that sale, and if they play the game or not in the future, on an economical standpoint, they don't matter anymore. This is not to say Behemoth doesn't care about the customers, it's just a negative factor that adds on to the bad rep they've been building in the process. It's not anger in my personal case, it's sadness. I've stated multiple times how much I loved Behemoth and how much I've supported them since I bought my very first Alien Hominid on the gamecube. But now, even after I buy there new game on day one, and feel my heart warm when I see the thank you note at the end of the game, I'm sad, because there's a thin line between being patient and understanding, and being angry and unforgiving. And everyday, more and more people are crossing that line. I just hope that everyone here realises that, and acts accordingly. I also hope that Behemoth themselves realise that SOON WONDER WILL BE ACHIEVED, simply cannot translate to "You need to wait another 4 months, at least". Just as every other over hyped and optimistic statement they've been throwing out there.
  12. Good job Apollo, I think you did well in expressing and explaining the origins of the frustration gamers like me and you are feeling. I rarely see someone express themselves that well around here, good job.
  13. I'm pretty sure he can't, beause when he sigend in after you, he was ultimately in there as a guest. Trying wouldn't do any bad, but I'm almost certain he'll have to start over.