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  1. All you really need is full agility and defense, try using Meowburt and an agility increasing weapon as well. Hide under the cat on either side and spam arrows, shielding any projectiles. With 5 potions, you should have no issues doing that.
  2. I love any Mario Kart game, welcome to the forums!
  3. The only video game I have touched in over a month is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :/
  4. Interest in gaming in general is just currently in a downswing for me.
  5. Just got my shiny charm last week, so that's pretty good.
  6. Sure, I'll help sometime over this next week. Have it all off, @dransk<3
  7. As an admin on the wiki, I will be sure to delegate that to someone else As for your question, all I can remember is that it is in one of the insane mode stores.
  8. Not sure how I feel about this new UI.. Gonna give it a chance though
  9. Most likely just my childhood nostalgia, but check out Fossil Fighters (the original). Played it for 500+ hours on my DS as a kid.
  10. Sombra's upload rate is downright pitiful, I hope they add her before season 2 just to make comp as balanced as possible going in.
  11. Just got my E-mail for the beta
  12. Banned for insinuating that California has the best anthem
  13. Banned for being in Ogikubo.
  14. I have a gut feeling that Minior is the evolutionary chain for this region's pseudo-legendary. Also, I hope that the callable pokemon replaces HMs.
  15. Hazard

    Sonic Mania

    Definitely not pre-ordering, I've gotten screwed by too many bad Sonic games in a row. However, I will get it if it turns out to be good.
  16. I made a secondary playlist for moobot requests, and realized too late that they only run off of OBS. Not letting my playlist go to waste though https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd6lzUOr1NANjkbOz_zSlq0Hl7RCGzp9D
  17. Hazard

    Pokemon Go

    TFW you are on Team Instinct with no one else on your team.
  18. It was really depressing though, especially for Pixar.
  19. Can't let A C Cret show me up
  20. I feel like 6 months is too long to go between themes. My nomination is anything Kevin Durant themed