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  1. Level 50 Siren. Gamertag = TriCEVEN I'd love to play some Underdom Riot. Just send me a message telling me you're from The Behemoth Forums
  2. Right now I'm listening to Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. I highly recommend it
  3. It isn't connection, because I don't use a router, and Sully, thanks for the help. I'd rather have it completely fixed though
  4. Hey everyone. For some reason, when I boot up CC and go to play with a friend, I cannot join. After we start it up, I get stuck at loading for a few minutes, and then booted back to the Menu. Although, if I am with a minimum of 2 other people, it works fine. Anyone know a way to fix this? Help Very appreciated. ~IcedPea
  5. If you are trying to bash Castle Crashers/ The Behemoth, please cut it out. Also, the thing with most people is that they have to spend money. If you were running a company, wouldn't you want to make some dough?
  6. Haha, I'm sure you had fun making this, but little effort was put into it. Also, Paint is fine for making certain things, but it takes A LOT of practice! Anyways, nice!
  7. Really neat! Were these drawn by a mouse?
  8. Very good to let people know! I don't really check much, but I may start now
  9. Sucks that I bought it quite a while back, but still nice to see them give a deal on a great game. Great game when you have friends over, one of the Greatest little co-op games I've ever played
  10. I wouldnt mind seeing some insane mode achievements, since Insane was more for just levelling up faster once you reached the higher levels, like 50. But having the characters would be a cool achievement aswell!
  11. Really there's not need to point them out. Unless the level causes your game to combust into flames spontaniously, it shouldnt be a problem. Just Report them and move on. Try not to let it bother you so much
  12. Hey everyone! Long time no see! Just to let you know, my gamertag is TriCEVEN, so add that if you want to play! Oh! And send a message telling me who you are (mention that your from the behemoth forums aswell!)
  13. Seeing as the forum index picture is of a white cube, what if the game is "Create Your Own Adventure" like on the t shirts! You can be the squirrel thingy, and the tofu, and the sausage, and maybe you can draw what you want or something, and you play as that thing you drew!
  14. Ok so it seems I've been getting a little flooded by friend requests from the behemoth forums. If you guys don't mind, please send a message a long with your friend request so i know who you are! Thanks, IcedPea
  15. Sorry for denying some Friend Requests again! I'm just having a message/friend overload right now, so i need to clean up a bit! Sorry for the inconvenience guys! And please forgive me Or i'll cry