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  1. NODAK

    Star Head Giveaway - Hooray!

    Just out of curiosity, what do you need Probably the same (more or less) as most other people finishing up their collections: Cecil, FBI Agent #2, King, Thief, and Unicorn
  2. NODAK

    Star Head Giveaway - Hooray!

    Nothing I need, but thank you for the offer.
  3. NODAK

    The Trader's Plaza

    I msg'd you on Xbox Live.
  4. NODAK

    The Trader's Plaza

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking for currently looking to add Barbarian (thanks, BlueNinja!), Cecil, FBI Agent #2 , King , Thief, and Unicorn (thanks, Behemoth!) to my collection. In exchange, I'd be happy to trade my undying gratitude, gems, yarn, or any of the following star prisoners: 25 % off 50% off Alien Boot Cyber Monday DuckShark FBI Agent #1 Furbottom Giraffey Hatzilla Hoosmand Knight Last Unicorn Little Feets Manbirth Meebs Moose Mr. Bobbins Paul Peeps Rammy Santa Sausage Snakeface Star Steamroll Victim #2 Stubby Swamp Bro The Dad Tiny Cyclops Turkey Tooth Brush Winston
  5. NODAK

    For Anyone Dying To Get The Chicken Head

    i will be doing the same thing for 5 gems gamertag: Chaotic PEPSI Looks like we have some competition in the marketplace here. At this rate I'm holding out for the guy offering me 25 gems for the privilege of helping me beat Furbottom's Feature.
  6. Yep, you called it. Everything works fine when playing via the Community Theater.
  7. Okay, thanks for the reply. Don't know why I couldn't access the secret level I created for the playlist task then. I figured that maybe I needed to link the block to level or something.
  8. Thank you, RJP! & ElTipejoLoco, for those extremely useful posts! Btw, anyone know where can I find info on how the secret block works?
  9. NODAK

    Why Do You Like Castle Crashers?

    Artwork. Humour. Genre nostalgia. Accessibility.
  10. NODAK

    What game are you playing ATM?

    JRPGs make up the vast majority of my video game backlog. I'm currently playing thru Borderlands 2 and Spelunky. Also Pinball FX2 and Rock Band 3, but those two are always in rotation no matter what else I'm playing.
  11. NODAK

    Ask a stupid question. Get a stupid answer.

    Incrementally. Where's the beef?
  12. Oh, well...that's disappointing. I wonder how recently was this looked into? I don't know the particulars of the limitation in question, but I do know Microsoft has been making exceptions and changes to many of their (short-sighted) XBLA restrictions.
  13. NODAK

    Battleblock Theater Beta

    Just signed up for the beta and can hardly wait for my BBT arcade cab to arrive.
  14. I seem to be having the same issue that Stickman had. Still awaiting validation email. Hope this doesn't adversely affect my Battleblock beta approval.