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  1. Have you ever heard of the boomerang glitch?
  2. Wow! Thats really pro stuff! Real class finish and looks awesome! the scrolling map is uber! Keep up the good work! Gratz!
  3. Diglet I've seen your edits on the first post and I realy'd like to apologize. The problem is that my availability is weekend only! I barely have time to have dinner during the week, so.... PS: I could swear that the AH Gun was a shooter weapon.......
  4. I've got every weapon and will be helping anyone that wants them! Bad thing is that I'm only available at weekends.....
  5. The idea on how to get it is just SOOOO 1337!
  6. Yeah, they sent a message telling they were having technical difficulties!
  7. What didn't work? I'm telling that is very dificult to find a player with Hominid that doesn't have the Ray Gun!!!!! The pitchfork is located at HOME CASTLE, First room, on upper left, right when you leave the "Party Room" !!!! But do NOT WASTE your Ray gun! lol! Do it online with someone to pick the gun..... its really a waste to drop a weapon like that! lol!
  8. OOOMG! You are so lucky to find a Hominid W/O pitchfork! is that the only way to drop the Ray Gun??? despite from buying Alien Hominid HD ??
  9. Rubber handled sword, Bloodstained Rubber Sword, whatever its named..... Can anyone post me a pic or a vid of this weapon???? Thx!
  10. I have the scepter.... I want this other 2 weapons as well! Can anyone show me a picture of this "Bloodstained" something? thx!
  11. Its an AWESOME 15 dollar game I must say.... But they have a point there! Its gonna be awesome to have new DLC expansions and new features....
  12. Yeah... it sucks its down.... BTW.. Tragedyv1, your avatar is the best ever!
  13. Is a DLC content even confirmed yet??? I think a story expansion would be awesome too!