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  1. fantasticninja

    Castle Crashers Tattoo (serious)

    I didnt get mine and my friend is a tattoo artist.
  2. fantasticninja

    The Official Necromancer DLC Thread of Something Cool.

    Can I have the 10 points? I have 150 lol. I know you can't trade points but I really want to buy this! Soon!
  3. fantasticninja

    Lagging real bad

    Only this game lags though
  4. fantasticninja

    Lagging real bad

    Since last night this game only gas been lafay for just ne and 2 friends. No other game lags like this, anyone having this problem?
  5. fantasticninja

    Top 30 leaderboards ban...Microsoft banning people for cheat

    Someone I met yesterday playing Call of Duty said he was number 6 on the leader boards and his character is the Necromancer, and he used the LVL 256 glitch. Think he'll get banned?
  6. fantasticninja

    Castle Crashers Tattoo (serious)

    Lol, i'm a an art collector, plus I like tattoos. I have a few friends right now drawing me custom stuff. I can't just go on google, find a cool crab and get it tattooed. Im picky about that stuff
  7. fantasticninja

    Woo Hoo

    Lol fiiiinally but better late than never. Hit me up sometime when i'm on and I can give you some rare weapons and we can co-op.
  8. fantasticninja

    So 1200-1600 points

    I hope arcade games go back to just 800. But if its 1200 It won't bother me. You'll be supporting a great company. But hey Dan wheres my tattoo at?
  9. fantasticninja

    party crashers?

    The trailer was great. The game looks like a lot of fun. I'll keep an eye out.
  10. fantasticninja

    Castle Crashers Tattoo (serious)

    Just found this. One of Major Nelson's co-workers got a sweet CC tattoo the other day. ... -xbox.aspx
  11. fantasticninja

    Human eye?

    Google it. Could probably find something you can use there.
  12. fantasticninja

    Argh! People disconnecting! Oh...oops

    I have definetily seen an improvment since the update. I'm just no good at the arena still lol
  13. fantasticninja

    What animal orb/weapon combo do you favour?

    I like my orange knight to have the flame sword and burly bear. He's just cool looking.
  14. fantasticninja

    Castle Crashers faceplate????

    I'd buy a few stickers. As long as they are a few bucks or in a pack. Like a 4 Knight pack Princess pack Baddies pack #1(archer, barbarian, Eskimo, snakey) #2 (corpse, alien, fire dude, and cone head knight) Boss pack (Ice poss, cyclopes, necromancer, and painter)
  15. fantasticninja

    Boomerang glitch still works if you do this..

    I was actually really happy to find out the glitch was fixed when I played after the patch.