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  1. I didnt get mine and my friend is a tattoo artist.
  2. Can I have the 10 points? I have 150 lol. I know you can't trade points but I really want to buy this! Soon!
  3. Since last night this game only gas been lafay for just ne and 2 friends. No other game lags like this, anyone having this problem?
  4. Someone I met yesterday playing Call of Duty said he was number 6 on the leader boards and his character is the Necromancer, and he used the LVL 256 glitch. Think he'll get banned?
  5. Lol, i'm a an art collector, plus I like tattoos. I have a few friends right now drawing me custom stuff. I can't just go on google, find a cool crab and get it tattooed. Im picky about that stuff
  6. fantasticninja

    Woo Hoo

    Lol fiiiinally but better late than never. Hit me up sometime when i'm on and I can give you some rare weapons and we can co-op.
  7. I hope arcade games go back to just 800. But if its 1200 It won't bother me. You'll be supporting a great company. But hey Dan wheres my tattoo at?
  8. The trailer was great. The game looks like a lot of fun. I'll keep an eye out.
  9. Just found this. One of Major Nelson's co-workers got a sweet CC tattoo the other day. ... -xbox.aspx
  10. Google it. Could probably find something you can use there.
  11. I have definetily seen an improvment since the update. I'm just no good at the arena still lol
  12. I like my orange knight to have the flame sword and burly bear. He's just cool looking.
  13. I'd buy a few stickers. As long as they are a few bucks or in a pack. Like a 4 Knight pack Princess pack Baddies pack #1(archer, barbarian, Eskimo, snakey) #2 (corpse, alien, fire dude, and cone head knight) Boss pack (Ice poss, cyclopes, necromancer, and painter)
  14. I was actually really happy to find out the glitch was fixed when I played after the patch.