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  1. lol, wouldn't it be better to make things that would sell?
  2. I beat it with everyone... how many times is that?
  3. I hate it!!!!! It gives high levels a bad image....NOT ALL HIGH LEVELS ARE GLITCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though most are... *Faints from lack of breath
  4. Ding! Ding! Ding! The portable games are easly pirated. (I Should Know ) think of it this way, would you do somthing for free? why port a good game when it will fall into failure. now im not saying that its a -bleep- game but, many people wont buy the real copy... no real copy... no money for The Behemoth...
  5. The Red knight gets you the skeleten.... Orange night gets the fire demon...
  6. The Septer is said to be droped by the King on Flowery Feilds on insane when he gets killed by the BeeKeepers (try to get 3 friends, I think there will be less grey knights helping the king. I got it from a friend(much easyer )who has it) the bloody swords new to me.
  7. AWW man I would love to have the Painter as a gamer pic (Hes my fav boss ) and the others aswell
  8. Im on the first desert level after you get off the ship.
  9. Every one is going to be useing this now
  10. + Fencer - Royal Guard * Green Knight 8 * Red Knight 6 * Blue Knight 4 * Orange Knight 6 * Gray Knight 5 * Royal Guard 4 * Skeleton 6 * Industrialist 5 * Fire Demon 5 * Saracen 5 * Bear 5 * Fencer 5 * Ninja 5 * Stove Face 5 * Barbarian 4 * Thief 2 * Conehead 6 * Peasant 7 * Iceskimo 3 * Beekeeper 4 * Snakey 5 * Civilian 6 * Brute 5 * Alien 4
  11. Has anyone had trouble with the glitched troll that stands there even after you kill the boss... IT NEVER DIES!! I had to start over on insane.... very my self....
  12. It seems posible but, I personaly thought that I could do that myself. i spent mabe half a day the king would never die mabe its just me but he just wouldnt die... DIE KING DIE!!!!
  13. Yeah I really think we should get something other than a golden skull for beating insane
  14. It would be cool but, Wii's online play is the laggyest crap I've ever played (yes I own a Wii)
  15. OMG! Battle toads would ROCK! for CC!!! even though it wont happen