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  1. I've been playing The End is Nigh and Nier Automata. I'm not very far in Nier yet (I spent way too much time figuring out how to even get it to run on PC); I just beat the desert area, but I'm very intrigued by the story. I'm at like 93% completion in The End is Nigh and it's been a ton of fun. Everyone compares it to Super Meat Boy, but I'd say that comparison only goes as far as the controls and general themes, the gameplay is actually structured very similarly to VVVVVV. Also both of these games (Nier and TEiN) have really great soundtracks. Nice, you played any of the other Etrian Odyssey games? I've only ever been able to play demos for a few of them but they were all super fun.
  2. I've been playing SMT Nocturne, I'm gonna finally jump into the Persona (3-5) games afterwards. ↓ Screw this guy ↓
  3. I'm still playing through Breath of the Wild on the Switch. Everything that needs to be said about that game has already been said, although I don't see enough praise for the environment design in it. I was totally blown away when I realized you can see just about every main objective in the game from the first tower you get to. I'm enjoying every minute I have with the game and I'm glad it's taking me so long to finish it. Yikes dude, I feel bad for ya I've been watching my roommate play it, I absolutely love the visual style and the gameplay looks really fun too. It might be the game that pushes me to buy a PS4.
  4. Sure dude, if we can get 6 theme nominations then we'll go forward with it. I'll nominate pixel art!
  5. I've seen a few reviews for the Ghost in the Shell movie that seem to make it look just okay, which is certainly much better than I would've expected. Might check it out tbh Also I wanted to give Gundam a try last year but couldn't figure out where I was supposed to start with it, I figure it's a pretty important staple for the mecha genre and I've had only good experiences with those. But there's been so many shows of it that it's confusing to find a good place to jump in.
  6. Been almost two months since anyone's posted in here... now I know yall weebs are watching anime, so you better share what you're watching or else Personally, I recently finished watching a show that got recommended to me called Kaiba. It's a hi-fi sci-fi show about people who store their memories in data chips and can transfer them between bodies. It's trippy as all hell: the visuals are wild, the environments are surreal, and the technology is very fantasy-like. Kinda reminded me of Space Dandy. Overall I liked it. I give it somewhere around a 8/10 (the show starts very strongly but suffers from Death Note syndrome where the last few episodes get kinda messy) but I can easily recommend checking it out if you want something that's psychologically heavy to depress you but also looks rad.
  7. The Steam version got the Remastered update for free! So getting Castle Crashers on Steam includes the Remastered version.
  8. Sounds like a technical issue. Sorry I can't help you out, but I can move this thread over to the Support section if you want the Behemoth staff to see it. They might be able to address it.
  9. I just played a few hours of Resident Evil 7 in VR and it completely sold me on full-length VR games. The VR controls work great for exploration; I would say they aren't very ideal for combat or being chased down a hallway with corners, where you need to turn your head quickly, so that was just a tiny bit annoying. It's so so worth it just for that immersion though. I can't say it enough, horror in VR is surreal! Also I didn't get any disoriented feeling from playing it like I have from a few other VR games. The gameplay itself is really great too, thank god Capcom did a proper job on this game. Might be a little short judging by how quickly my roommate was able to beat it (~10 hours). I think everyone who enjoys horror games should play this though, this game is a major triumph for VR
  10. Sounds this would be better noticed in the Support section, so I'll move it over there for ya. There should be a way to report bugs in-game as well (maybe)...?
  11. Is is some quality stuff man, thanks for sharing! Real shame I'm gonna have to ban ya for it
  12. Thank you for sharing, but the link doesn't work :/ Maybe try sharing it again
  13. I just marathoned 999 on the DS in one sitting, and damn that's some good VN right there. I know we've got a few Danganronpa fans cruising on the forums and I fully recommend 999 to anyone who enjoyed those games, it's got the same quality characters and an equally dark and twisted narrative. Had me on the edge of my seat and constantly trying to math out what was going to happen the entire game. Multiple endings is rad too; I got a pretty awful ending but thankfully I can play through the game at least one more time and choose entirely different puzzles to hopefully get a better one. Overall 9/9, would 9 again
  14. It's a busy time of year for everyone, but New Years is right around the corner (good riddance) and that means it's time to talk about video games! Take a few minutes away from the holiday rush and join me by the cozy fire below in discussing the best and worst games of 2016. To start us off I'll share my top 5 games of the year. It's actually quite difficult for me to narrow it down to 5 since I played more games this year than I usually do but here's what I've got (in sort-of no particular order): - The Witness (probably my overall GOTY) - The Witness is the best puzzle game I've ever played; it's a game that really sparks your interest early on and continues to captivate you to the end. The puzzle design is brilliant and starts off very friendly to beginners but frequently challenges you to think in new and creative ways. The environment design is both peacefully picturesque and deviously clever. The Witness is very good about leading you through everything it has to offer without ever pulling your arm. There's plenty to explore on your own, and the secrets to discover feel genuinely rewarding. You'll feel smart, you'll feel intrigued, and you'll feel surprised. You'll feel frustrated every once in a while - puzzles can be hard sometimes - but at the end, you'll feel very satisfied. - INSIDE - Talk about a game that sticks with you! INSIDE is a prime example that video games can be powerful forms of art and even inspire horror in ways that other forms of media can't. Everything about this game is so perfectly crafted, and it's truly an experience to behold. The puzzles aren't anything special, but that's not the focus of the game at all, and overall it shines incredibly in all of the places it wants to. INSIDE is on sale for $14 on Steam until January 2nd and I encourage you to try it out. You're really missing out on something special if you don't. - Fire Emblem Fates - FE Fates was on my GOTY list last year when I played the Japanese version and it's holding its spot on my list this year for the US release. It's a damn good strategy RPG just like FE Awakening and has a ton of replayability in its multiple storylines. Fates improved on a lot of things from other FE and introduces some cool new features as well, and it has some pretty rad Amiibo support too. The characters are fun, the story is engaging, and the gameplay is tight. It's easily one of my favorite games for the 3DS. - Kirby Planet Robobot - This game reminded me why I fell in love with Kirby games as a kid. It's been a while since I played a really fresh Kirby game but this one pulled me in deep. The Robobot feature is awesome and really adds some depth to the gameplay in ways that past Kirby gimmicks have really failed. On top of that the music is amazing and the story has some surprising depth if you're willing to dig a little bit for it. It isn't very long, but it offers the usual Arena and Meta Nightmare modes which are fun challenges if you want more out of it. - Overwatch - I didn't spend much time with Overwatch but I can't even imagine making a GOTY list without this game on it. I'm not even a fan of Blizzard but this game is incredible. The characters are all unique and fascinating in their own ways, from both a narrative and technical standpoint. The gameplay is simple enough that new players will pick a favorite character and have a lot of fun with them, but experienced players can find deeper engagement through learning and strategizing using every character. And the whole thing is designed so nicely to make sure that you as a player are completely aware of what's going on around you so you can feel smart making decisions. Blizzard knew exactly what they wanted with this game and they knocked it out of the park. Other games are going to look to Overwatch for inspiration and design for years to come. Honorable mentions for me include: - Owlboy - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - Hyper Light Drifter - SUPERHOT - VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Here's a list of games from 2016 if you need to refresh your memory: Now share your thoughts! By the way don't forget to vote in Morg's forum awards if you want your voice to be heard!
  15. Now that I finally have a chance to play some games before classes start again, I've decided to challenge myself to play one new game every day for at least an hour. This started about 3 days ago. First I played Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend. I was looking forward to playing this one after I bought it during a sale during the semester, but honestly it's not really clicking with me for some reason. I played the tutorials to learn the system and tried maybe half of the characters but absolutely none of the characters really interested me. I'll probably give it a few more chances but I might just pass it up. Next I played Super House of Dead Ninjas, which was pretty alright. Very fast, pretty easy to learn, and pretty short for one playthrough. I was able to make it through Normal mode in one sitting but it seems like there's plenty more to try if I wanted to. My biggest complaint would be that a lot of the unlocks were tied to kills or deaths or stuff that just requires time investment. Not much opportunity for player agency on that front, just a lot of linear grinding. Yesterday I tried Killer Is Dead, easily my favorite of the bunch. The game just oozes style, it's very flashy and interesting to look at and it's super fun just to run around slicing up bad dudes and checking out the neat environments. The narrative is just okay, the characters are a little boring in their personalities and plenty of stuff just flat-out doesn't make sense. It's a Suda51 game so I was kind of expecting that but it did a pretty terrible job of introducing the setting and time period. Unless that's supposed to be sort of a mystery? I don't know. Also the game gets away with some pretty gross sexism in its character costumes (the game lets you change all the female characters' outfits into skimpy clothing right from the beginning of the game) and the "Gigolo Missions" which aren't even any good on their own merit. The idea of seducing women so that they give you weapons of mass murder, like a huge drill arm, makes me chuckle though. Overall the game reminds me a lot of Deadly Premonition but with actually good gameplay and visuals. And no driving. (UPDATE: I spoke too soon, there is driving) Tonight I'm probably gonna play Strider, might go back to Killer Is Dead for a little bit too. I've also been playing a lot of Shadowverse lately but bleh, I kinda dislike that game the more I play it...
  16. Well then you did in fact "Beat That ©"
  17. Aw snap dude, having to keep track of 3 conversations at once to look for logical contractions is crazy Looks good as long as they keep the narrative from DR1 and DR2 far faaar away from it
  18. Neato, that's almost enough extra goodies to make me forget what a train wreck DR3 was. Also be sure to avoid those spoilerinos when the game comes out in Japan, dudes
  19. Hey, there's gonna be a short break from the Weekly Creation Challenge while I finish out the semester. They will resume two weeks from now on December 11th. In the meantime, I'm interested to hear some feedback and find out what kinds of stuff you guys want to see out of this. The themes have been pretty simple so far, should they stay simple? Should they focus more on building skills and techniques? Would you guys want to see more themes for writing/music/game/other things? Let me know what you want!
  20. Good stuff my dudes. It's fun to do easy stuff now and then... but it's time again to get serious!! The new theme this week is your favorite music! Show us what you jam to by drawing the cover art for your favorite album, or draw an image from your favorite music video, or do something else cool and creative for whatever you enjoy listening to. I decided to draw the cover for my favorite album: Alive 2007 by Daft Punk! Feel free to make something musical too!! Sticking with the Daft Punk theme, here's a short chiptune ringtone I made for an electronic music class in high school for some inspiration: Now show me what you got! EDIT: and don't draw me The White Album or you're lame
  21. Alright last week was a little slow, so this week we're doing something simple and fun. This week's theme is Random Line! Open up an art tool (or use pen and paper), close your eyes, and draw a random squiggle line like so: Then, without erasing any part of that random line, turn it into an artistic masterpiece!! Behold... Red Scarf Dancing Man! Easy as cake! Now go out there, draw something better than I did, and share it here!
  22. Boo! A double post! You know what's scarier than a double post? It's this week's Halloween theme: something you're afraid of! Face your greatest fear and create something related to it! Make something so scary that I dread opening this thread to look at it My fear isn't particularly creepy, but it certainly freaks me out: heights!! (Based on the Sutro Tower in San Francisco) (If you're not feeling brave enough to draw your greatest fear then that's fine; instead, tune into the Joy of Painting marathon at and relax to some Bob Ross paintings!)
  23. I'm feeling this for sure, I think I'm gonna be picking Litten but not evolving him into his final evolution. Fire cat is too rad.
  24. I'll move this over to Technical Issues. I could ban the account but I'll see what our other options are.