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  1. Its 4:47 pm I wonder if it will get here around 6:00 pm. I swore it said Monday because I dreaded today and held onto the hopes of playing BBT today. How funny that I beat the game three times, got featured twice and am still wanting more!! Update: Beta keys going out in a few hours from now to all chosen testers!!!
  2. That's nice of you to give away star heads!
  3. Right:D I'll be doing an insane run on Zaplosion_v6 on my YouTube channel Oh So Swirly in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled:) Thanks again everyone you are all awesome! If your having trouble with the playlist at all this will be a great video for you to watch! Also Kyle made me laugh with his article! You guys at Behemoth are so funny!! Here is the video as promised:) Hope nobody minds me posting this! I hope this helps you get the toast star head a lot easier!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJyc3-4u9nc&feature=youtu.be
  4. Thank you to everyone I couldn't have done it without you guys! You are all amazing:)
  5. I think its super cool for them to let us do that at all! So awesome!
  6. Yes you actually can this time around. Only beta members have this info. Update: There is a catch to streaming it though so please read your email:)
  7. Yes you can stream beta, check your email it explains the rules about it.
  8. I have also seen Cat guards who shoot balls, grenades, ect out their mouth so that's new!
  9. A sword! Put in a sword!!! I want it, why can't we have nice things?
  10. 99 years old and still gaming! I'm SO hardcore it hurts my bones.
  11. I'll give you 899 gems for your 900. Deal?