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  1. I can see it being a possibility, but it did take two years before CC was ported for PC gamers, so we may have to wait a while.
  2. 1. Bees/Wasps/Hornets etc. 2. Demonic Fluttershy 3. Wounds getting infected
  3. Beautiful That's actually some really good artwork. It'd probably take me several weeks to get the body looking below-average.
  4. So I assume you made the Bear plushy in your avatar picture as well? It's awesome Think you could upload pictures of Hatty, the Golden Whale, the Duck/Shark and Raccalope please?
  5. Any idea what the guy is saying (if anything) at 7:00 in the menu music? This video should probably be taken down considering that The Behemoth/the creators of the music should be making money from the soundtrack but I don't expect you all to count seven minutes in on the game:
  6. *Cough* Windows Phone *Cough* *Cough* Smartglass *Cough*
  7. Is it possible to remove the trophy once you've unlocked it or change between silver and gold?
  8. The Cat Guard mask is unlocked by completing the Furbottom's Feature playlist. It also unlocks you a cool prisoner By pressing the Xbox Guide button and going to the left, underneath where it says Achievement it will say Awards. On there it tells you the requirements for unlocking the avatar awards.
  9. Complete the Furbottom's Features featured playlist.
  10. I had this same problem with Hatty's sword. Thanks for the fix I found this picture regarding the weapons from the Can't Stop Crying pack. The claw weapon, the lightning bolt and the two on the right have been unlocked for me, yet the one next to the lightning bolt shaped sword has not. I do believe the club on the left is unlocked from another DLC/found in the campaign though, so the image may be false. Any ideas anyone?