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  1. haha i cant believe this thing is still going on
  2. haha i saw some familiar faces like the goat/ram thing and tha robin guy from CC hehehe cant wait guys!
  3. cant wait till friday!!!!!!!!!! ps my dragons are growing so slowly!!!
  4. SWEET DUDE! u should breed it and u have so many dragons
  5. lol banned for having a ruined wedding in ur sig
  6. thats cool, but i hate that booooooooosssssss
  7. does ninjas special jump do any damage?
  8. i hate to have to triple post but how come noones been talkin on this topic anymore? ps im gonna save my url sig spots for my fav eggs
  9. im trying to abandon an egg i dont want but it keeps saying i havent had it long enough to abandon it?whyyyyyyyyyy!!!???