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  1. I really really hope that our characters cross over. That would certainly be a lot of work for us to get all of them back.
  2. After receiving the Lava Lamp Head, it is now missing. And no, I did not trade it away.
  3. Yeah, same here. Was really weird having the trophy on my back while playing the last finale tho.
  4. Nice work. What grades did you get? Did you try to get A++?
  5. Mine game me a grade and I never ever played the level.
  6. Ok I got to section 8. And right off the bat it says I have an A in the first mission of the final time trials. Don't think It's supposed to do that. Also when I walk up there it will let me play it. Here is a picture of it.
  7. i play blindfolded and only use my hearing to navigate through the levels. I'm stuck on 1-1.
  8. Yay! Does that mean that when you go into "learn to play" it doesn't show the xbox controls anymore?
  9. Trying to remember what your gamertag is dan. Just danpaladin?
  10. Creator: Reliable Random Title: You Will Die Arena Mode: Muckle Basically it is a set of levels that get increasingly dangerous to battle in. You must be agile and on the top of your game to survive. But remember. You will die.
  11. 5 in ball game! well i was last time i checked.
  12. It's pretty tricky. Just takes some practice. Not everyone will be able to master it tho.