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  1. (sorry for late response) That's a very good question! What we know is that Furbottom was thrown in the ocean after death(this could imply he was alive or that hatty truly was dead) There are plenty of things that could lead to speculation for this question but i'll leave it at tradition for the moment.
  2. For those of you who don't know, Honey Hug is the name of the cosmic bear. between chapters 6 and 7, you will see a poster saying "HONEY HUG IS NIGH". There are a couple of meanings to this. like David stated, it could be a teaser for Game 4. It could also be some sort of "THE END IS NIGH" poster, HH(Honey Hug) being the end. Therefore, the whole entire purpose of this game was indeed to kill HH!!! THE REVELATION...IT'S COME! Edit: I'd also like to point out that none of the dudes had buckled pants. In fact, no one does. There's only one true buckle in the game...-insert twilight zone music-.....ON THE HAT! possibilities _________ 1. Buckles will turn you into mindless zombies (a reference to puritan culture?! HMMMMM!!!!) 2. the hat was pants the whole time and the narrator wants you to die!
  3. I don't think that's very possible since the ending shows that great big burst of light that kills the bear. another part of my theory is that the hat being green at the end reveals that it is purified or good now.
  4. It's all possible. I was intending on checking the dude room to see if any of the dudes had buckled pants but there are painters in my house :<
  5. So after about a week of thought, I'm going to take a whack at the meaning of the game. (I'm 16 so give me a chance here guise plz kay ya thx<3#swag#yolo) Alright, I'd like to start by stating a couple of details about the theater itself. In the beginning, the room with the large hat in the center has writings in blood (we can assume written by a cat since there are paw marks in blood as well) on the wall, you see "you will never see this." On the large hat, you will see "DO NOT PUT ON" and "STYLISH". By this, we can infer that the hat is stylish and not meant to be put on cats and people who are not stylish. This is as far as i'll go into the intro at the moment. Next, I'd like to take a look at the "Dude Room." In it, you see a couple of peculiar characters with the hat on and in the center you see Purrham Furbottom. As we all recall, he shat himself to death because he never left his seat...but could there be another reason? At the very end of the room, you see the cosmic bear that you see at the ending of the game- but without a hat! what could this mean? It's evident he's still alive, and NOT a vegetable. Perhaps Furbottom died from not buckling his pants? I'm gonna take a break from this for now, but i'll let this sit in your heads too. Why does the narrator insist on buckling your pants? why was it a puff fish that said no to doing so? could this all be some scheme to kill the bear? Are we looking to far into this? We'll have to see, won't we? EDIT 1 _____ So i re-watched the cinemas. We missed a thing or two. In the purrham movie, you can see the Titanic docked at the theater!!!! Also, for those new to the thread, the cosmic bear is actually Honey Hug, a space bear who is "NIGH".
  6. Thanks for the confirmation and sorry for confusing anyone; i was just passing on what i heard.
  7. Are you sure? If it's true, that's going to be quite a challenge... Not certain, i just remember being told that in the beta
  8. I recall that you got hatty's hat for being in the top 5 in a leaderboard.