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  1. You have become a true baller. I am proud of you. You have ascended through the alley-oops of life and the slings and jump-shots of outrageous fortune.

    1. Dexide


      All the world 's a court, and all the men and women merely players. They have their dunks and their jumpshots; And one man in his time scores many points

    2. Da Milk Man

      Da Milk Man

      Two ballcourts, both alike in dignity,
      In fair Bostona, where we lay our scene,
      From ancient grudge break to new games,
      Where civil balling makes civil hands unclean.
      From forth the fatal kicks of these two foes
      A pair of star-cross'd ballers take their shots;
      Whose misadventur'd piteous half-courtthrows
      Doth with their win bury their teams' strife.