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  1. my dude hope you're doing well my man. hope you're eating good my guy
  2. Hi I just played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. I liked the story but found the combat system kinda boring. Ok that's all bye.
  3. I'm always watching.
  4. The first Darksiders game is free on XB1 for Gold members, I downloaded it and started it tonight. I mostly got tired pretty early on and had one of my roommates play while I watched (my favorite way to play video games these days tbh). But I was pleasantly surprised and my roommate had played it on PC years ago and said it was better than he remembered. We played for about 4-5 hours. Fun little game. Ryse and Evolve are both also free this month. Two other games I remember thinking I'd like to play eventually. Pretty good month. I also just RedBoxed and beat Final Fantasy XV last weekend. Boy that game would have been so great if they finished it.
  5. Morg Likes Shinies
  6. I remember being so excited when they announced that and reading up and hoping they do all my favorite comics. And then I haven't thought about it until just now and they're already 3 episodes in. Come to think of it, I still haven't played Walking Dead Season 2 I'm scum.
  7. Yeauch, I don't like any of the final starter forms. But Cosmog looks dope. Hopefully that one's part of a 3-stage evolution. Give me Gaslaxy.
  8. Hey have you heard of putting bacon inside of a grilled cheese????
  9. Dexide


    One of my favorite gaming experiences was banging out the Mass Effect series in a little over a weekend on my old really big, nice monitor. I had played the first game up until you meet Ashley (or as I call her, bae) and got lost and confused and angry as I often do with videogames. I tried it again a few months later and was blown away with how fun it was. I instantly got 2 and then 3. I remember being really frustrated with having to figure out what the hell Origin was and installing that to play 3 because I was SO excited to play it. It was my first time playing the games and they remain some of my favorites. Even 3. Fight me. So excited for Andromeda. P.S. doesn't this belong in Other Games?
  10. I'm gonna go ahead and double post since my last post in this thread was almost three months ago, and say that we should all change our avatars to circular things in celebration of the new format. Feel free to ban me for this, mods.
  11. Is there still a way to see who liked your post/gave you a reputation? I'm narcissistic and want to know who likes me.
  12. Circles for avatars? What a crazy place!!!!
  13. Dexide

    Pokemon Go

    So am I just the only person on Instinct in the world? Also where are the Gastleys and Haunters? I want a GENGAR
  14. Sun/Rowlet master race. I mean, he has a little leaf bow tie, you guys. Come on. I don't think I've been this excited for a Pokemon game in a while. The last one I played was Black & White so I think this new one will have 2 gens that are entirely new to me. I agree with daikon about too much water. Hopefully you learn fly early in this game because going back and forth in that water is gonna suuuuck.
  15. That's actually a really good point, I love Smash because it has a silliness factor and I complain because there are too many Fire Emblem serious characters that all look the same. I guess this game could stand a bit of silliness.
  16. Yo but honestly Great Detective Pikachu actually seems kinda rad and it looks like it might be set in Boston oh yeahhhhhh
  17. Listen to this while browsing the forums edit: I can't figure out how to post a video on mobile. It's Mad World. Okay bye
  18. Anyone else kind underwhelmed by the playable Pokemon in this game? I know they can only fit so many in a game like this but off of the top of my head I can think of like 5 that deserve spots before freaking Chandlure. But of course all the Pokemon I want are G1/G2 so maybe I'm just nostalgic scum. Also where is Scyther and Snorlax and why is Dragonite only support and WAHHHH WHY DIDN'T THEY PUT THE POKEYMANS I LIKE IN THE GAME I DON'T HAVE TO BUY
  19. Dexide

    Super Bowl 50

    No Pats who cares 0/10 will go down as worst Super Bowl ever
  20. Hahaha, start back at 1, guys! Oh, wait. 20, I guess.