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  1. Thank you for asking. Unfortunatly i still have it. However its much better. Still on 20mg prednizone but im almost done tapering it off. once thats over with i just have to wait. shouldnt be long now. prednizone is also giving me wierd side effects. Most noticable is sudden mood swings. I could perfectly fine at one point then suddenly im extremely Also even though im eating and feel full i still want food..which isnt usual of me i dont eat much XD. thanks again.
  2. dude...i gotta say...that is freakin ballin! what program did you use?
  3. I'll be fine. the only thing that worrys me is some people with BP have had strokes but i think thats at an older age. I also had blood taken to test for lyme disease or any other type of infection, as well as a cat scan to make sure i dont have any brain problems (like a tumor as that is sometimes one of the causes.. )
  4. its a rare condition where half of the face is paralyzed. It is speculated that a viral infection causes this and there is no true cure or way to prevent it. There are a few symptoms and as the doctor said to me i have "classic" symptoms so its not a serious case. As of now i cant completely close my left eye, and if i try to open my mouth or smile, the left side of my mouth does not move fully open. its also called "bells smile" and looks kinda funny but its not. my eye and mouth are also vey dry. I have trouble saying certain words (most noticiable is "open" sounds like "ophen"), eating, and drinking. this is only temporary and i am on prednizone steriods for about 2 weeks to help. i have to heal myself though. look here for more info:
  5. thats my desktop size. the thing is that if i were to make these 1680x1050 i would have to resize everything to make sure it stays a the best quality and does not distort. if you want to you can take these images and put them into photoshop or some program like that and hold shift and resize in a 1680x1050 canvas. Photoshop will anti-alias it and will smooth out the pixels. it may look good and it may not. as for your request..i guess the most i can say is i will try my hardest. on top of always being busy, my finals being this week, and the fact that i have just been diagnosed with Bell's Palsey...yeah..drawing, art, and making these images a certain dimension (not to sound like an balloon or anything) is the last thing on my mind right now..sorry..i hope you understand.
  6. just what Fiddler said. If you want to make a new thread with a new peice some people find it annoying to see continuous threads from people. it also may show they just want attention and like to hog space. obviously youre not like that. so i would say do what i did in my wallpaper thread. Edit the title saying "updated" or "new art added" or something along those lines. People will look when it says that.
  7. the last Update..: So here it is, my last wallpaper. Since the pink knight is not an official character there is no official artwork of ittherefore choosing some colors and effects was quite a difficult decision. I thought about adding hearts or something like that in the back like how Alien's background is with the stars. Ah well. Like i said... Hope its what you wanted. Enjoy! Edit: ok so for some reason after trying to add the pink knight i hit submit and it tells me it cant determine the size of 2 images. i noticed that Iceskimo and Skeleton were not appearing so.. obviously thats the problem right? no i reupload those and replace the old links with the new. However the problem still existed. So i thought f it ill just reupload all the imageshack is being extremely retarded! So in a little bit i will try again. Sorry for the very much uneeded, stressful inconvienence!
  8. dont take it wrong im not done drawing you will see more from me but im just done with wallpapers. thats all
  9. anime red princess is freakin hot! awesome job! id like to see the blue knight and princess as well cause blue is blonde and i like blondes
  10. Yes it is finished but i have to say i think im done making wallpapers. i just dont have enough time. im always busy and have no time to draw. so ill add the background and effects to pink knight probably this weekend and post it this weekend too. sorry but i just dont think i can do it anymore. it was fun to make these and i really truly hope you people enjoyed them for what they were worth. thank you everyone for liking them and requesting more while this was active. i hope these arnt lost forever in the abyss of the forum pages so more people can enjoy them as we get more and more Castle Crasher fans. Thank you everyone. I hope you like the last wallpaper when it comes.
  11. that sounds like an idea, however one, i just returned the game (yes i rented it), and two, i was only able to download that free suit called the elite with 360 colors. I'm not sure what the red scorpion suit looks like. If you can find a picture i could do it
  12. No its not and i feel thats a good thing. Dead Space just doesnt seem to be a game for multiplayer.
  13. Ha ha! its not..that scary.. it has its jump and i do my fair share of yelling and jumping. at the begining yeah i was scared as hell. Necromancer!...i mean.. Necromorph!
  14. thank you guys. i might do more. perhaps on different characters from games. Lol, i tried doing the big daddy from Bioshock and failed misserably XD