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  1. We're revisiting the year's favorite playlists while we hang out during the holidays with some of our favorite people. And hey, I'm sure some your people are pretty good too. But can they play ball?? Arena Feature: Hatty Cup 2014 by KLJF22 Ball game has rarely felt so official, the field so well-tended. Manicured even. Wait, has anyone seen the cats watching Pay-Per-View? Has anyone considered what would happen to BattleBlock Theater ticket sales if the cats on this island got access to a decent cable package?? Well... probably nothing. Hey, I'm just not sure mainland television is sadistic enough for cats. You keep your scripted dramas and reality show kerfuffles; every match of Hatty Cup 2014 is an in your face, life or death competition. Does your favorite form of media have a splash zone? WE HAVE A SPLASH ZONE. Get back to me when they add live hand grenades to your cooking contests. This week's arena contains a futbol in need of a good noggin to score it with! None better than the one on this prisoner's shoulders! Toro toro! [Arena Feature Dec 19 2014]
  2. We're gearing up for the holidays here in little ole Behemothtown, and that means a wholesome helping of holiday cheer! Of course, the cats at BattleBlock Theater know nothing of your quaint traditions, so the only cheers you'll be getting are for blood! Human blood!! Still, I'd like to think that this time of year has a way of bringing out the best in us, which may be why Furbottom is featuring some of this year's Greatest Hits! Arena Feature: Duckshark Arena by Obama's Mama You know, the only thing more difficult than corralling ducks is sharks. And the only thing more difficult than THAT is corralling Ducksharks! Yet, despite the challenges involved in rangling an immortal, explosive, man-sized beast that walks up walls, this playlist's designer managed to make every single level depend on the critters. Whether they're your goalie, changing the battlefield by stepping on triggers, or acting as mobile, omnivorous stepping stools, you'll need to master this most powerful of power animals to win! If BattleBlock Theater does have any traditions, eating things whole has to be one of them: Raccalopes, Ducksharks, Cats... well, they devour the popcorn whole at least. This week's prisoner must feel right at home! Was he drawn by the buttery sweet smell of salty snacks, or did his journeys with a certain Alien bring him to this long lost island? Who knows! Well, he does, but that's his business... [Arena Feature Dec 5 2014]
  3. Anyone else still in sugar slump recovery mode? All part of being a trick-or-treat victor, you know. But next week? Oh boy. Before we drown ourselves in carbs and turkey-flavored tryptophan, I think we could all get some exercising in... Arena Feature Jump 'n Slam! by Pannox Oof! How invigorating! A variety of different modes to play, all tied together by the need to get up, get up when you're down! No really: you will die if you stay down there, or at the very least, lose. Lot's of up-and-down space (we in the snooty BattleBlock Theater biz refer to it as "verticality") can often mean a no-fun disaster in Arena Mode, but Pannox has given you prisoners a couple of solutions. Either, "A: There's always more than one way to climb", or "B: You have your own space to climb". And that means you get to enjoy the platforming you're oh so good at, while avoiding any pesky head-stomp spamming by you or your enemies. Genius! We all know that all of this exercise is great for your heart, but so is letting her out of her cage every once and a while! Of course, I'm talking about this week's prisoner, not taking your heart out of your rib-cage. But at least if you make that mistake you'll know that you've done something wrong. Immediately, in fact. [Arena Feature Nov 21 2014]
  4. Cats. Mysterious in any context, but doubly so in this venue. No, triply so! Like all of their breed, the cats of Battleblock Theater are vain creatures, so focused on their own egos that they somehow still manage to attend shows bedecked in top hats and tiaras- on a stormy isle, no less! This week's feature creator certainly knows his audience... Coop Feature El Gato by reridse Difficulty: Intermediate Reridse's second time on Furbottom's illustrious podium, this week's playlist is a welcome mix of coop-centric acrobatics and doodlesome whimsy. Timing and communication are key throughout, with success often tied to how well you can balance your own survival with the desperate needs of your partner. Can you stand on that over here so that they can not die over there when standing over here is about to make you both die everywhere? I don't know! But luckily for you, the cats will enjoy watching regardless... Communication between partners can come in many forms: a friendly shout, a digital punch in the arm or even an oh-so-subtle brain implant. Or, you know, you could replace your face with a siren... that always get's peoples attention! (obnoxious siren horn sound effects not included) [Coop Feature Nov 14 2014]
  5. You know, I'll be watching those ball players playing ball when suddenly they decide that the best way to hit the ball is with their face, and then I'm like, "Hey, ouch! You've got a perfectly shoe'd foot down there if you were feeling like hitting that. Two of them!" I mean, if it seems like hitting the ball with your face is going to become a habit, I would at least invest in a shoe for your face. Or a boot! This is just one of the many reasons I am taken with this week's Arena playlist and its creator. Arena Feature: BattleBall by Le Bootiful Face Unconventional at ever turn, each court in BattleBall forces you to deal with its own random act of chaos, whether its because the ground is entirely made out of teleporters, or because there IS NO GROUND. Early on, you'll find yourself faced with a free-falling shot at greatness; later, an unidentified flying object of another sort will provide you with some unique scoring opportunities... Just take a peek at the bootiful screens below! If you decide to stop by BattleBlock Theater this week, you'll also get a little RNR with your ball game (that's Random Net Rewards)! How does the ball disappear when it goes into the net? Why does it vanish if it stops moving? F.oot B.all I.nvestigations are serious business, and the truth is still out there... [Arena Feature Nov 7 2014]
  6. Tis Halloween, and while you carve your jack-o-lanterns and dream of pumpkin pie, we have prepped something even more delicious... Solo Feature Hodge Podge Pie by Sir Robo Difficulty: Intermediate Now, I've had hodge before, possibly even a bite or two of podge as well, but Sir Robo must have mixed in some new spices when he baked up this level-pie, because there were loads of flavors I'm sure I've never tasted before. And considering how many levels I've played, well, that's impressive. Innovation aside, you should find that your serving is light and flakey, but with enough pepper in the gravy to keep you sweating. A layer with acid bubbles and buzzsaws is an early stand out, but I was also partial to some of the more unique fan-shenanigans at work as well. Take a peek beneath the crust! What a unique aroma! Wait, no, that would be this week's prisoner. Fresh from the medieval bayou, we bring you... Smell ya later! [solo Feature Oct 31 2014]
  7. BattleBlock Theater is always a bit of a never-ending horror show, so when it's time to up the spooky, there's not a lot of options. Thankfully, there just so happens to be a mode where people steal the living soul right out of your body. Which is, you know, pretty scary. We ALSO just so happen to have a great playlist that is ghost grabbing at its very best! How convenient! Arena Playlist Symmetry Battle by Archidamus And while you may not think that symmetry sounds spooky, you've probably never had identical twins talk to you in unison while dressed in matching outfits! But, creep factor aside, what we're looking at this week is an optimally arranged assortment of soul mode arena levels, each with plenty of room for jumping and juking out from under those oh-so-deadly head stomps. Teleporters play a significant role in many levels, but catapults and lava blocks also do their part to keep the chase nice and fluid. Observe some choice chases, and then meet me below for this week's new release! Now, I wouldn't want to question your BattleBlock skills, but if you want to be flat out awesome, you may want to invest some time in a recently released prisoner... Sure, he's not the most aerodynamic option, and no, we don't know where he keeps his brain, but it takes real gumption to keep performing after this happens to you! [Arena Feature Oct 24 2014]
  8. You know things are about to get serious when every level is dressed up in its finale-day best. Red and black, as far as the eye can see! Coop Playlist BoomerLands by Syntaxx Difficulty: Expert Syntaxx has created a frightening series of puzzle boxes that force you and a buddy to twist and contort yourselves in tandem. Tough to be sure, but the truly impressive thing here is that Syntaxx has somehow managed to create these sorts of intricate, coop-mandatory designs while still keeping most of the levels feeling very open and exploration based. Sure, you and your partner will need to solve each section in just the right way, but by not force-feeding us challenge after challenge, the higher difficulty rarely felt too abusive. Wait, did I just say that being burnt up or shredded by buzzsaws "didn't feel too abusive"? HMMM. Well, perhaps it's only fitting that this week's Feature Reward is another BattleBlock Theater enthusiast who doesn't mind being burnt up: it's Toast! (Just kidding: Toast will die almost immediately if you let him get burnt. Please take care of him!) [Coop Feature Oct 17 2014]
  9. This week's playlist was one of the absolute strongest contenders in our recent Arena Creation Contest, a clever and varied take on Ball Game with striking, retro stylings. We are very pleased to present to you... Arena Feature: Hatty Cup 2014 by KLJF22 KLJF22 is no stranger to BattleBlock Theater's workshop, having made bloody waves twice before with the Furbottom's Features, "Friendly Forest" and "Black and Blue". Aside from not falling into one of the more common Ball Game design traps (too much clutter, too many hazards), the levels in Hatty Cup also take smart advantage of some of subtle block interactions in order to create unique matches or extra smooth game play. Check out the careful ways Mystery/Hidden blocks are used to keep the ball from getting plugged up in awkward places, allowing for some more intricate court designs without worrying about the inner workings being clogged up. Also, whew, those are some beautiful looking levels alright. Love them clean lines- so sportsmanly! And what to do before the big game? Why not enjoy a tailgate party with this week's free prisoner! Yup, just pull this grill up to the grill and enjoy some pre-game hotdogs! [Arena Feature Oct 10 2014]
  10. Grab your clubs but leave your caddy behind, because this week's solo playlist is called "A Round of Golf"! Not that it's anything like Golf, but some clubs would sure be handy when you're facing an army of cat guards! Solo Feature: A Round of Golf by Sir Robo Difficulty: Intermediate Now, to be fair, it's been some time since I last... you know, "hit the links". I do remember there being less lasers than this, though. Cannons too. That said, the groundskeepers hired by Sir Robo have clearly been hard at work, because this is one cleanly constructed set of challenges, ripe for the solving! Everything is in its place for a reason, whether it's an out of place boulder or a strangely isolated explosive block. Thankfully, you'll just about always have the time and space you'll need to take in your environment, size up the factors and then take a clean shot at it., that actually does sound a lot like golf. Well played, Sir Robo... well played. I know I said you should leave your caddy behind, but boy howdy would this week's prisoner make a perfect one! Ah well, Tiny Monkey, maybe next time we'll get a Co Op golf playlist... Until then! [Arena Feature Oct 3 2014]
  11. It's Arena Feature Friday! Jump on in, the water's fine! I mean, full of sharks, but totally fine! Arena Feature: Duckshark Arena by Obama's Mama Claims to presidential parentage aside, this week's playlist was a runner up for our Arena Creation Contest last month. Why? Well, aside from creating a bunch of great levels in a variety of modes, each level also includes a unique mechanic involving that most carnivorous of web-footed friends, the Duckshark! Whether he's helping out with buttons creating handy platforms, or he IS the handy platform, the Duckshark keeps the fight fresh and dynamic. And that's not even counting his role as a one-duck catapult crew! Getting beat to a pulp? Just take a quick trip through his digestive tract! I mean, just look at all the places you may be launched... Yep, getting launched by a duckshark is a great way to see new things. Not to mention smell new things. Gah! But hey, if your really want a good whiff of what makes them tick, try taking this week's prisoner for a spin! [Arena Feature Sep 26 2014]
  12. Nanobots. Really, really small robots. Now, everyone knows why Giant Robots are super cool and useful, but robots that are so small you can't even see them? I mean, how would you even ride inside of one? Well, the thing is, nanobots are really good at working together. One nanobot? Yeah, pretty puny. A million? Super awesome. And if they can cooperate with a million friends, surely you can keep just one of your buddies alive! Right?? Coop Feature: Co-Op Chapter by nanobot Difficulty: Easy (Easy: Playlists of this difficulty will be a smooth experience full of interesting ideas more so than relentless challenge. These will generally be easier than the original Story mode campaign.) This week's feature is heavy on the cooperative sequences, requiring both players to work in tandem to unlock separate sections of the level or to disarm any number of deadly mechanisms. Of course, you can always run off on your own and cross your stubby little fingers, cackling as you make the challenges even harder for your hapless partner. You know, like SOME PEOPLE I KNOW. (You know who you are. Roll Screenshots) Whether in your honor for being man's best friend, or because your partner is a jerk, and you could really use a best friend, I give you Winston! [Coop Feature Sep 19 2014]
  13. Greetings from Behemothtown! Thanks to the recent Arena Creation Contest, we're still flooded with great content over here, and every other week we'll be trying to bail ourselves out by chucking bucketloads of great Arena levels your way! Incredibly well executed and inventive as all get out, this week's feature was very nearly our winning pick... Arena Feature Gold & Glory by Mini-Suite for Duke We don't know who "Duke" is, but we're grateful that he inspired such a great Grab the Gold playlist! Even when someone designs solid Grab the Gold levels, they can often feel too similar: make them too open, and random headstomp deaths become too common, create tightly confined spaces and the Whale or Safe can get trapped, turning the match into an irritating tangle. Due to some clever layouts and creative uses for special blocks, this playlist contains mechanics that are immune to being gummed up, while also minimizing arbitrary deaths. Some of these elements are a little too subtle to capture in screenshots, but we hope you enjoy the view anyway! Got your golden fill? Enjoy your wealth like a true fat cat with this week's prisoner unlock! He's... lighter on his feet than he looks. Promise. [Arena Feature 12-Sep-2014]
  14. Theme, solid mechanics, puzzles and challenges I haven't seen before? Yup, sounds like we have another great Furbottom's Feature on our hands! Solo Feature: Heaven to Hell by SnakeBD This week's feature starts in the clouds and ends somewhere... well, a bit more painful. Although challenging, the early sequences in this playlist keep everything nice and out in the open. A quick sashay down the fluffy ferdinands here, a rocket ride through the spiky skies there. More terrestrial life joins you on the grassy green earth, with some very crafty duck and tofu puzzles added to the mix. Even later on, the tricks get even trickier once all heck has broken lose, with impossible situations at every turn, and no guarantees on what is real. Sure, those spikes are covered by solid ground. Why wouldn't they be? Yet, despite the playlist's theme giving SnakeBD a license to torment his captive audience, there's always a hint about the dangers hidden up ahead. Speaking of hints... What better way to travel as high (or as low) as you need to go then by UFO? Of course, it will also be attached to your head, so flying might be out of the question without some additional propulsion... [solo Feature Sep 4 2014]
  15. Greetings performers! These are exciting times in Behemothtown... the first Game 4 teaser was just released, PAX Prime is next week and the Arena Level Design Contest conclusion is just around the corner as well! Its times like these that you want to share with your very best bestie, and Cyanite and I have just the thing to pass the time... Coop Feature: Cyanile by Cyanite Now, I know what you're thinking: wow, the name of both the designer and the playlist sound a lot like cyanide. And yeah, sure, cyanide does have a reputation for being a little poisonous. Or a lot. But little known fact: cherries have cyanide in them too, and cherries are delicious! I mean, the cyanide is in the pit and you don't eat that part, but that's beside the point. Still, if playing this week's feature causes symptoms like headache, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, and/or vomiting, please take a breather. Just make sure that you're someplace safe when you do: this playlist is pretty deadly. We've got two scruffy buddies ready to join your prisoner menagerie this week: Littlefeets and the Barbarian! They're both pretty rough around the edges, but if you can look past the animal stink, we think you'll find they have what it takes to be leading men! To Unlock: Just show up! To Unlock: Complete the Feature! Good Luck!! [Coop Feature 22-AUG-2014]