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  1. well im on cc right now on my Arondon account so if any one wants to join ill be on for a while just join my party...
  2. thanks wow if this wrks oh well.... its a pretty good idea but i would say that i made it up..
  3. Dan, My name is Arondon and i thought up an idea for dlc. my idea would be added levels and the story i have already came up with and a way to integrate it into the map. i think it would be easier to explain online but if thats not possible i will type it up for you. Arondon
  4. Mine is better p.s. i used the floor idea thanks!
  5. dude i know thats how i got the green hatchling and almost done white egg.
  6. no they actually say folded paper and look like an egg shaped envelope...
  7. dude have you seen a paper egg i want one but they always get taken... their probly uber tight tho...
  8. oh yeah, too bad mines full! can you'z clicky my blue on since it has hard egg? ya sure dude ill use his account also so thats 2...
  9. sorry my brothers doing HW so he cant thank you but thanks... plus 4 min till they release eggs!!!!!!!
  10. dude you should hide your dragons from the public if their sick...right?
  11. dude i just got some new dragons.... actually spent like an hour on it can you boost em?
  12. dude a tumor this games getting to realistic i quit.... jk
  13. i just meant that i want them to make a game for class im makeing a 3d rpg with a partner and i just wanted it to be kinda castle crashers themed not like id make a long game unless the teacher said that it could be my final project...
  14. dude it would be cool if you could upload the actual models to some site so we could download them and meby crank the polys up and put in some armatures... would be fun to drop it into gamecore and make some sort of rpg/multiplayer game...
  15. wow thats awsome... do you use uv maping for the modles or vertex painting.... sorry if those are wrong i use blender but i just got 3d studio max