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  1. My 99's are Ninja Barbarian Beekeeper Industrialist StoveFace Bear conehead Fire Demon
  2. thats wierd. real wierd. I have like 7 lvl 99's also and ive never seen a lvl 256 but have heard about them. I actually would like to play with one to see what it is and if it is super jacked
  3. ive been p-laying cc for awhile and am willing to play with anyone. I have several 99's and tend to use the bear alot(who is 99)
  4. Is That legal!?(5 points)- Kiss a Princess as the king Not too loud(10 points)- Beat a boss only using the horn. How did you do that?(10 points)- Dig at the X under the thief's arrows in the barracks after you rescue the last princess. Where you goin'?(5 points)- explore the back of the weapon frogs mouth Seeing Double(10 points)- As the king, meet your doppleganger.
  5. im guessing do a seal-like move where he spits fire instead of ice.
  6. always has been and always will be the barbarian.
  7. barbarian-99 ninja-99 beekeeper-99 industrialist-99 conehead-99 demon-99 *working on stoveface-88
  8. ehhh i dont really agree with this list(except icekimo) my best is barbarian and he is low tier. I pro with him in arena and have seen some nasty saracens too. barb is also good in single player as his arrows do muuuch more trap damage than the demon(believe me i have them both 99 and tested with the same equipment) the industrial knight is crazy good but he doesnt deserve to be that high on a list where it puts both arena and story into consideration(as his RTY tends to "trip" enemies and not cage them).
  9. before the hack was there i was 54(and highest barbarian in teh world ) but then, all of a sudden when the update came out i was bumped to like 2000 or something so i am pretty unhappy
  10. lol people who call others in castle crashers noobs, really really are balloon knots. i have 4+ lvl 99's and i dont call anyone a noob(cept for my cousins )if anyone gives you grief ill give them a piece of my mind in teh arena
  11. Barbarian for sure. i also started to like the conehead but i dont deem his as my favorite because he is denivire's
  12. bear club cuz its the best melee weapon
  13. it was a pastrami with no relish. Or it was the hybrid of pastrami and corned beef. that = super massive