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  1. I have Castle Crashers, but like everyone else here, I would like to give it to a friend. I promise to not sell it on ebay.
  2. What he said. The gameplay looks really fun though. Especially that "marking territory" thing that seems to be in it.
  3. I wasn't aware that Dan Paladin reported directly to you. He should definitely apologize for refusing to violate his NDA agreement to appease his impatient "boss". -Chewk I don't mind you freely expressing your distaste towards my post, but would you do so AFTER you read all the posts?
  4. Actually: That makes a lot of sense. I apologize for calling you guys inconsiderate.
  5. I've always been behind the games that The Behemoth makes, but I'm really starting to see that he Dan doesn't really care about keeping his loyal fans in the dark. I defended him when the patch took a long time to come out, but now that he's trying to hype up his game so much that I'm just too lazy to check his blog anymore because I know there's not going to be anything new there, I'm beginning to think that he just doesn't care. Sure if the game is good, I'll play it and probably enjoy it, but I am no longer a fan of The Behemoth.
  6. What is so wrong with the boomerang glitch? Maybe people don't want to spend hours and hours grinding. Some of us have jobs and girlfriends and other games that we enjoy playing.
  7. THIS! IS! SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Think I already did that one. Read the post.
  8. I'm not saying it's some sort of crime. I'm just saying it's silly to try to boost hype without anything for the public to chew on. Pay attention to the words I'm using.
  9. I've never complained about anything Behemoth has done. This is the first complaint and I think it's legitimate.
  10. Metroidvania. Four players searching a 2D platformer labyrinth for items and stuff.
  11. Just seems kind of cruel. They could have posted one screenshot. One teaser. Even a bullshot would have made this forum feel more appropriate. You know: A screenshot of something in the opening cinematic. Even if it's blurry. It would make this whole thing a lot less silly. PS: I hope that this game is going to be a four player Metroidvania style game. That'd be awesome.
  12. Look. I've been behind Dan from somewhere to the middle (when Castle Crashers first came out) to the end. I've patiently waited for the Title Update and the Downloadable Content without a complaint or ill-feeling. When people complained about having to buy Alien Hominid to get the character in Castle Crashers, I bought Alien Hominid, played it, and loved it! But this is silly. To announce that there's another game and have people nerdgasm all over a forum called "Game #3" without ANY CLUE WHATSOEVER as to what the game is about is completely and utter silliness. You have to give people something to chew on. People are just making polls and guessing games without any meaningful thought what so ever! This is madness! THIS IS SILLY!
  13. Holy macaroni! How much does the pack cost in dollars? One? Two dollars? Stop whining about it and be grateful for another character slot.
  14. Probably has something to do with how much the devs can bribe M$ with. Fable 2 got patched quickly because it's a bigger company, but with these guys it took longer. I think it's a money issue.
  15. Look: The Behemoth has been working on the TU and it's taking longer than expected. Whoop dee do! He's not lying or lazy. There is just has a small team working through mounds of bureaucracy. It's going to take a long time. On the other hand, anyone who is not satisfied with their purchase should have the right to return their game and have their points refunded. I'm pretty sure that "not having a return policy" is against some sort of consumer law and the team/Microsoft is actually risking legal action by not allowing people to return "defective" downloadable games. So both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. Lets all just eat some pie and be happy or something.